Welcome to the wonderful world of Wyngro!

Welcome to Wyngro! This guide should help you understand all of the basics of Wyngro world lore, group mechanics, and important rules!

What is the purpose of the Wyngro Group?

Wyngro is a DeviantArt group based around a dragon-like species that can grow and gain certain “upgrades” from your personal participation as an artist. Many people in the DeviantArt community have used the term “Evolving Species” or “Upgrade Species”.


The Wyngro group was designed for artists who enjoy creating and developing fun and interesting characters. Our goal is to encourage people to be creative, have fun, and connect with other artists!

Your Wyngro starts as a basic, simple looking baby, but as you draw and care for them, you can grow them into a well developed character you'll love for years to come!

How can I join? Is it free? 

Wyngro originally started out as a free community where you could make an unlimited number of characters. The community grew very quickly during this time and became very difficult to keep up with. Unfortunately, due to the demand for moderation and limited resources, Wyngro eventually became a closed species. 

What's a Closed Species?

A Closed Species is a term that the community of DeviantArt invented. It basically means that a species an artist creates is not open for other people to create characters from. Because of this term getting muddled and having different meanings from artist to artist, we will clarify exactly what this means for Wyngro.

Will I get in trouble for making an unofficial wyngro? 

No, of course not. You are welcome to draw wyngrew, and any creatures or lore associated with them. Draw wyngro characters as you like and we won't ever bother you about it, but only "official" wyngrew are allowed and recognized in the group. 

Only officially approved wyngrew will be recognized by members, be submitted to our galleries, earn wyns for drawings, and may participate in classes, prompts and events. 

So how do I get an official Wyngro? How can I join?

Our group does not accept auto-invitations, so in order to join, you'll first need an official wyngro! 

Once your first wyngling is officially approved and added to the group by one of our staff, they will also add you to the group as an official member! After that, you may participate in the group, as well as register to our Discord Server!

There are several ways to get into Wyngro. Let's go over them one at a time below! 

MYO Tickets: Purchasing or obtaining a MYO (Make Your Own) ticket item will allow you to create your own Wyngro. There are still guidelines you must follow. Check the How to Make a Wyngro guide once you are ready to create one! MYO tickets are for sale in the Store!

Donated Designs: Donated Designs are designs that our artist create for purchase. They need to be purchased with Paypal or DeviantArt points. They come with unique, sometime rare upgrades and colors, an optional personality and gender. These get posted first on our $10 tier Patreon, so if you want a chance to nab one, sign up for that! 

Obtaining a Bred Egg: Bred eggs are official wyngro eggs that were obtained through our breeding program! (Two official wyngrew are needed to produce an egg) 

In order to obtain an official wyngro egg, you'll need to either know an artist who's already in the group that is willing to gift or trade it to you, or you can stalk the trading post to see eggs that go up for trade. 

Enter DTAs, Raffles & Contests! 

Sometimes we hold DTAs (Draw to Adopt) contests, which are contests held for a rare wyngling prize that you can win! These are mostly art contests, but sometimes you can win MYO tickets for participation, even if you don't win the character! 

Other contests we hold sometimes allow non-members as well. We also often hold MYO ticket raffles, if you're feeling lucky! 

What can I expect from joining this group?

You can be sure that we will keep you busy and keep drawing! After all, once you are pulled into “Wyngro Hell”, as they say, there’s no going back!

We constantly have new things to do in the Wyngro group. From new drawing prompts every week, to “magic classes” where your Wyngro goes to school and learns magic! We also have special events, plotlines with main Wyngro characters, and a whole world of lore!


We encourage you to do MORE with your characters! Don’t just let them sit around looking pretty and collect dust! We discourage “trading-card characters”, and push people to develop them instead!


Wyngro can be used both as a way to draw leisurely at your own pace, or it can be used to push you as an artist. We have several deadlines going where you will learn to schedule your time well and keep drawing! (Learning speed!)

But we also favor quality vs. quantity, and our mods are often helping members work on anatomy, different mediums, and color theory! (among many other artist skills)


If you are looking for a group where you can develop fun characters, make new friends in a positive atmosphere, and grow as an artist, you will thrive here!

What’s a Wyngro, exactly?

Let's start with some basic wyngro terms:


Wyngro - (WIN-grow) Name of the species, also how adults are addressed. (often nicknamed "gros")

Wyngrew - (WIN-grew) This is the plural way to say “many Wyngro”. There is never an S at the end of this (Wyngrews)

For example, a single mouse is a mouse, but several are called “mice”. (You don’t say mices)

Wynglings ( WING-ling) A Baby Wyngro. This is only referred to a Wyngro that has not “grown up” yet. All wyngrew start this way!

Despite their draconic appearance, wyngrew are actually mammalian! This omnivorous species lays eggs that later hatch into wynglings. Wynglings are born with eyes and ears open and ready to crawl around and explore. They will still travel in their mother’s pouch for the first month or so as they nurse, as wyngrew are monotremes (mammals that lay eggs, yet still nurse their young)!

They grow fast, and though most wynglings are born with just simple skin (no scales, fur, or feathers) along with looking quite simple, once they grow into young adults they can change form quite dramatically: acquiring wings, different tail types, growing fur, scales, or feathers, acquiring markings, changing colors: the possibilities are extremely vast!

But the most special part about a Wyngro is its ability to use magic! That black marking behind the eye of every Wyngro you’ll see in the group is called a “Magic gland”, and glows different colors depending on what magical element they are using!

What world do Wyngrew live in?

Wyngrew live in their own world, so you won’t see wyngrew with any humans (not canonically, anyway, though you could still draw them with other species just for fun if you want!)

If you would like to know more about specific locations and where your wyngro will be living, feel free to check out our WORLD pages! We have a couple major locations right now, but more will come as they are developed. 

Most wyngrew will start out in Wynsiph!

What level of technology are Wyngrew capable of?

The majority of wyngrew live with medieval-level technology or lower! They largely use their magic or base, unpowered tools to accomplish what needs to be done. So showing your wyngrew with things like cell phones, fridges, headsets, microwaves or other electronically-powered items is highly unrealistic and considered non-canon in our group!

Can I apply real-world items/food/etc. in the group?

Absolutely! Again, just remember not to use high tech stuff like iphones and coffee machines. Anything basic like real world instruments, foods, accessories, plant life even... can all be portrayed in your art! (You don't need to ask!) 

As for animals, wyngrew live in a world with fantasy type animals, so you won't find any wolves or horses here! 

While we are currently working to expand the amount of critters in the world, we realize that there's much work to do. So while we allow the occasional use of animals and other 'non-wyngro' species, it's considered non-canon!

How do I make my own Wyngro?

Got yourself a MYO ticket? Great! It's time to make your own wyngro!



Keep in mind you’ll still have to get your wyngling properly approved in order to join in group activities! 


Once you've read through the rules thoroughly, and are happy with your design, go to the WYNGLING APPROVAL JOURNAL to get them approved.

How can I ‘Upgrade’ my Wyngro?

This is where our Tally System comes into play!


Every Time you draw your wyngro, you’ll acquire ‘Wyns’.


     = wyn


These ‘Wyns’ are NEVER depleted or spent, but instead serve as a running tally that builds up and shows just how much effort you’ve put into building your wyngro’s design and character! This tally is account-bound, so you’ll have the same number of wyns for all your individual wyngrew characters!


To get a handle on how exactly wyns are earned, take a look at our Wyn Guide HERE, and feel free to ask if you’re ever unsure on how to count wyns for an individual art piece!

What else is there to do?

Weekly Prompts, Events, and learning Magic are just some of the things our group offers to help inspire art and character building while also offering members extra rewards for participation!


To really learn more about our group and the Wyngro world, feel free to look around the guides and lore pages of our website for more information!

DO NOT delete your approval images or Change Accounts!

Because our group is primarily hosted on DeviantArt, we use deviations and submission dates to track and provide proof of your Wyngro’s existence. Your DA account is your Wyngro account, and thus, getting it banned from DA will lose all progress on Wyngro, so make sure to follow all of DA’s rules as well!

We also ask that you do not change accounts if you wish to continue your Wyngro journey, as that will reset everything you’ve worked hard on! You cannot transfer characters/wyns/items to a new account very easily and it’s highly discouraged.


We also ask that you never delete Wyngro approval images! Deleting these essentially poofs your character from existence in our community, so please use scraps instead! Deleting deviations will NOT allow you to make more Wyngrew!

We do NOT allow co-owning characters or sharing accounts. If we find people using Wyngro on multiple accounts you will be auto-banned!

Rules & Comminucation

Our Rules & Etiquette guide, along with our Discord Guide, can be found HERE.

Please read it through so you can understand the DOS and DON'TS of Wyngro! It’s an easy read, and will help us keep things running smoothly!


We do not tolerate rudeness, bullying, guilt tripping, or any other kind of unsavory/unwanted behavior here, so please be nice and avoid starting drama or you will be warned/banned!

Our group also heavily utilizes Discord to help members get to know one another, discuss our characters, and generally have fun!
Check it out by clicking the button to the right after you've read through our discord guide! 

Wait, I have questions!

Take a quick look in our F.A.Q. to see if your question is already answered there! If it isn’t, feel free to ask in the F.A.Q. comment section!

Click the image to the right get to the F.A.Q!