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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Welcome to the magical world of Wyngro!

Wanna join Wyngro eh? Let's jump right in!

Introduction to Wyngro: How it's run!

  • Wyngro is run on multiple platforms. The first is DeviantArt! This is where we upload art needed to upgrade your wyngrew (the plural of wyngro) and is basically the "home base" for Wyngro!


  • The second is Discord! This is where we post announcements, get things officially approved, as well as just chat and hang out with other members! Never used Discord before? Time to sign up! It's FREE, can be run right on your browser (if you don't want to download it), and is amazing to use! Click here for a how-to video on the basics of Discord.

  • The third is this website! Our site contains all sorts of important info that's important to know for your Wyngro journey! We'll help you navigate it in this guide, don't worry!

Got an account on DeviantArt and Discord? (Click the links above) 
Sweet! Let's make a Wyngro now!

What is a Wyngro, exactly?

Let's start with some basic wyngro terms:


Wyngro: (WIN-grow) Name of the species, also how adults are addressed. (often nicknamed "gros")

Wyngrew: (WIN-grew) This is the plural of Wyngro. There is never an S at the end of this (wyngrews). For example, a single mouse is a mouse, but several are called “mice”. (You don’t say mices)

Wyngling: ( WING-ling) A Baby Wyngro. This is only referred to a Wyngro that has not “grown up” yet. All wyngrew start this way! Once a baby spot fades from the nose, a wyngro is considered an adult.

Despite their draconic appearance, wyngrew are actually mammalian! This omnivorous species lays eggs that later hatch into wynglings. Wynglings are born with eyes and ears open and ready to crawl around and explore. They will still travel in their mother’s pouch for the first month or so as they nurse, as wyngrew are monotremes (mammals that lay eggs, yet still nurse their young)!

New Members can make their first MYO Wyngling FREE!

If you've never been in Wyngro before, we offer NEW MEMBERS the ability to create their first MYO for free! 

Please do not abuse this feature by making multiple accounts. If you are found to have made a wyngro previously, you will be BANNED!

Account Requirements:

You DeviantArt account must be at least 3 months old with 3 deviations submitted to it in order to create a free wyngro. If we suspect your account is a duplicate or a troll account we may deny your approval.

What's a MYO? 

MYO stands for "Make Your Own"! You'll be picking certain colors for your gro in order to make it unique!

How to Make your First Wyngling!

First, go on over to the MYO GUIDE HERE! Everything is explained there. 


How can I make more than one wyngro?

There are a few ways to obtain more than one gro! Here are the options below:

MYO Tickets: Purchasing or obtaining a MYO (Make Your Own) ticket item will allow you to create an additional wyngro. There are still guidelines you must follow. It gives you the ability to make another wyngling, just like you did when creating your free one! MYO tickets are for sale in the Store!

Donated Designs: Donated Designs are designs that our artist create for purchase. They need to be purchased with Paypal or DeviantArt points. They come with unique, sometime rare upgrades and colors, and an optional personality and gender. These get posted first on our $10 tier via Patreon, so if you want a chance to nab one, sign up for that! Donated Designs get posted every Wednesday & Saturday!

Obtaining a Bred Egg: Bred eggs are official wyngro eggs that were obtained through our breeding mechanic! (Two official wyngrew are needed to produce an egg) 

In order to obtain an official wyngro egg, you'll need to either know an artist who's already in the group that is willing to gift or trade it to you, or you can visit the trading post to see eggs that go up for trade.

Check our Breeding Guide as well in order to learn how eggs are created!

Enter DTAs, Raffles & Contests! 

Sometimes we hold DTAs (Draw to Adopt), which are contests held for a rare wyngling prize that you can win! These are mostly art contests, but sometimes you can win MYO tickets for participation, even if you don't win the character! 

These are not scheduled events, so make sure to keep tabs on our Discord announcements and DeviantArt in order to see when they pop up!

How can I ‘Upgrade’ my Wyngro?

This is where our Tally System comes into play!


Every time you submit a drawing to the Wyngro gallery, you’ll acquire ‘wyns’!


     = wyn


These ‘wyns’ are NEVER depleted or spent, but instead serve as a running tally that builds up as you participate in the group! This tally is account-bound, so you’ll have the same number of wyns for all of your individual characters!

Wyngro Rules, Terms & Services, & Etiquette

By joining Wyngro, you agree to the terms and services linked in the button above.

We are adamant about moderating our members unbiased and fairly. We strive on communication and clarity. This is however, a 2-way street. We encourage you to read the Rules page so you fully understand what we expect in Wyngro. 


We do not tolerate rudeness, bullying, guilt tripping, or any other kind of unsavory/unwanted behavior here, so please be nice and avoid starting drama or you will be warned/banned! Making sure everyone in a community feels good and welcome is a difficult challenge, and we encourage our community to help in this process as well. Thank you for keeping this community fun and engaging for all


DO NOT delete your approval images or Change Accounts!

Because our group is primarily hosted on DeviantArt, we use deviations and submission dates to track and provide proof of your Wyngro’s existence. Your DA account is your Wyngro account, and thus, getting it banned from DA will lose all progress on Wyngro, so make sure to follow all of DA’s rules as well!

We also ask that you do not change accounts if you wish to continue your Wyngro journey, as that will reset everything you’ve worked hard on! You cannot transfer characters/wyns/novas to a new account!


We also ask that you never delete Wyngro approval images! Deleting these essentially poofs your character from existence in our community, so please use scraps instead! Deleting deviations will NOT allow you to make more wyngrew!

We do NOT allow co-owning characters or sharing accounts. If we find people using Wyngro on multiple accounts you will be auto-banned!

What age demographic is Wyngro's target audience?

Wyngro is mainly aimed at older teens and young adults, as many themes we explore in official stories contain darker elements, such as but limited to: injuries, blood, death, emotional trauma, discrimination, suicide, sexual themes, harsh language, ideologically sensitive topics such as religion, etc. Although none of this is meant to make a statement of the real world, and is meant to tell fantasy stories for entertainment purposes, we do want to be transparent that these themes do exist frequently in Wyngro (both from our community and officially).

Please keep in mind that everything crafted for this world are works of fiction and are in no way a means to promote any actions or behaviors displayed from the fantasy characters within it. If you are easily disturbed by dramatic actions of fictional characters, please be aware of what you're personally able to handle and step away when needed.

While we allow anyone to take part in the group who is 13+, our goals are not based on catering to kids or those who may be sensitive to these themes. So please, participate at your own risk.

With that being said, our official stories are not required in order to enjoy Wyngro, as this is an interactive platform where you may follow your own path. Some mechanics (such as quests or events) may hint at "spicier" topics, but members do not need to delve into lore in order to create and enjoy their own stories here. 

Monthly Prompts, Events, Contests & Magic Classes!

We constantly have new things to do in the Wyngro group! Let's look at what you can expect!

Monthly Prompts:

On the 1st of each month, 5 new Monthly Prompts appear to give you a variety of things to draw, as well as giving you extra bonus wyns! Doing all 5 in a month for a total of +25 wyns! Do any number of prompts you desire within the month they’re active!


Word prompts are extremely free-form prompts that only use one word in order to inspire you!


Lore prompts are more guided prompts that relate directly to the Wyngro world and its lore. 


Art medium Prompts encourage the use of specific traditional medium tools in order to create a piece of art. 


Palette Prompts limit an artist to a select portion of colors, challenging you to create an art piece with only the certain colors!


Doodle Prompts offer a squiggle of line work that you must somehow incorporate into a complete wyngro related drawing! 

Magic Classes:

That's right-- Once they are an adult, your wyngro can learn MAGIC! You can find out how magic works and how to learn it in our MAGIC drop-down list in the main menu! 

While your gro can learn magic on their own, Magic Classes provide a fun opportunity to learn along side other member's gros and make friends, learn faster, and go off of unique written prompts!

Runeboo Magic Site Art.png


Events are community driven projects that are big in scale and involve the entire group! Sometimes they gather all members up to achieve a common goal, or create a competition between them! Some are silly, some are deadly, and some are mysterious! 

Our biggest events are usually the following:



WARPTIDE: Wyngro's Halloween! Warptide is the time of the year when the magic tides are at the highest, and strange things can happen, especially on Warptide Night! (October 31st) Usually, we do events that are spooky or mysterious in nature, but it depends on the plot of the group at the time! We've had simple trick or treat games, as well as full blown town destroying monsters!

HEARTKINDLE: Wyngro's Valentine's Day! Heartkindle is run through the month of February, and offers a mail system where your gros can send Heartkindles to each other! There are always new fun things to do as well, and we often introduce new breeding mechanics or items to spice things up!

CAROUSEL OF MISCHIEF: Wyngro's April Fools! This runs through the month of April, but often is concentrated on just April 1st. We always do something really goofy on this day, and encourage pranks! We love a good prank. 

ANNIVERSARY: The Anniversary of Wyngro is on July 19th, and we're always getting something awesome going to celebrate the group! This is usually where we introduce new exclusive upgrades, mechanics, and even species and pets! 


We're always creating something new and exciting to do in Wyngro. Which events will your wyngro take part in?

For more detail on our events, click here!

What world do wyngrew live in?

Wyngrew live in their own world, so you won’t see gros with any humans or other species created by other groups. If you would like to draw non-canon art like this, however, you can upload it to our Fangroup! (Please note that anything submitted here cannot count for wyns or requirements) 

If you would like to know more about specific locations and where your wyngro will be living, feel free to check out our WORLD page! We have a couple major locations right now, but more will come as they are developed. 


Most wyngrew will start out in Wynsiph!

What level of technology are wyngrew capable of?

The majority of wyngrew live with medieval-level technology or lower! They largely use their magic or base, unpowered tools to accomplish what needs to be done. So showing your wyngrew with things like cell phones, fridges, headsets, microwaves or other electronically-powered items is highly unrealistic and considered non-canon in our group!


Can I apply real-world items/food/etc. in the group?

Absolutely! Again, just remember not to use high tech stuff like iphones and coffee machines. Anything basic like real world instruments, foods, accessories, plant life even... can all be portrayed in your art! (You don't need to ask!) Of course, Wyngro also has unique Plants and Items you can find as well!

As for animals, wyngrew live in a world with fantasy type animals, so you won't find any wolves or horses here! To see what kind of creatures Wyngro has, click on the Creatures & Pets page here!


What if I have more questions?

Join our Discord server today, even if you don't have a wyngro yet! You can ask questions, meet the community, and get a taste of what to expect! Plus our community is always happy to help answer questions and check legality of upgrades and such, so don't be shy! 

We're exciting to have you and see what you'll bring to the world! Our mods are always on the lookout for new talent to display for Member of the Month, Moderator Positions, Guest Artists, and just all around building this community to be richer and more developed! Create, develop, and grow!

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