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Creatures & Pets


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Below is a list of all our fantasy creatures and pets made for the Wyngro universe!

These creatures live alongside Wyngrew and exist to enrich the world.

Feel free to use them in your stories and character development!

You may also use these creatures in non-Wyngro related use, just make sure to give credit!


Here is a key to understanding each creature's stats!


Tamable: This lets you know whether or not the creature can be tamed by a Wyngro in order to be peaceful or friendly towards it. If the creature IS tamable, it doesn't mean that the species itself is domesticated to a pet-like demeanor. It simply means that it can be used as a farm animal or become somewhat friendly towards wyngrew. 


Rarity: This will describe how rare a creature is to come across.

  • Common - Easily seen often

  • Uncommon - Usually have to go out of your way to notice this critter.

  • Rare - Not often sighted at all. Very limited areas.

  • Mystical - Few have set eyes on something so rare.


Threat: This will describe how docile or dangerous the creature may be to your character.

  • Friendly - This creature is curious and possibly even friendly towards wyngrew. 

  • Non Confrontational - This creature will usually avoid you and rarely be threatening

  • Defensive - This creature usually won't bother you but can be territorial or prone to attack with reason

  • Aggressive - This creature will attack on sight. Do not engage or pursue, be ready to defend yourself.


What's the difference between Companion Pets vs. Farm & Wildlife?

Companion Pets (Or just "pets") vary in appearance and are bred solely to be pets for one purpose or another. Excluding beebs, owning a pet means you own one very specific design that no one else has!

You can see examples of all the runeboos that are owned by members of our group by clicking here! 

Farm & Wildlife are just that: meant as animals raised to be slaughtered or farmed in some way. This doesn't mean that your characters can't become attached to and be affectionate to their farm animals! In the same way, someone could still have a pet chicken, so long as they don't expect that chicken to do tricks and walk on a leash like a dog. (It might not work out so well if your gro decides to name and carry around a puckoo they expect to follow them around, but you're welcome to create stories of them trying!)

How do I get a pet for my wyngro?

  • The best way to obtain a pet is through our $5 or $15 Patreon tier, which gives first access to different pet sales ($5 tier unlocks Runeboos and Coatala, while $15 grants first access to Nocs and Ori as well!) Pets generally range from $30-150, depending on the design and rarity of said pet. 

  • The Trading Post is worth checking, as people will often post pets there as well, but you'll need to have items of value to trade for them! 

  • Pets can also be given away during events, as prizes, or randomly raffled. So just stay active and participating!

Tasty Personalities (Flavor Traits)

A quirk that most Wyngro have is describing the personality of an creature by what’s called a “flavor trait”.

These labels are used when purchasing pets or are used to help describe them to another Wyngro. Sometimes Wyngrew will even use these flavor traits to describe other Wyngrew.

“Oh she’s a spicy one! But underneath I know how mild and even sweet she can be.”


Sweet - Gentle, Kind


Juicy - Exciting, Fun


Minty - Perky, Chipper


Creamy - Nurturing, Affectionate


Crisp - Cool, Confident


Zesty - Daring, Bold


Savory - Wise, Seasoned


Fresh - Naive, Innocent


Tart - Snide, Witty


Mellow - Lazy, Laid Back


Mild - Apprehensive, Shy


Spicy - Naughty, Sassy


Tangy - Goofy, Idiotic

Salty - Crude, Awkward

Soggy - Melancholy, Scared

Rotten - Obnoxious, Troublesome


Sour - Aloof, Unpleasant


Bitter - Angry, Irritated


Toxic - Aggressive, Threatening


Companion Pets!

These critters can be tamed, trained and act as pets that will follow your Wyngro around!

Owning one of the following pets will also register you as an owner of a certain pet in our masterlist! Pets can be gifted and traded between members as well. (excluding beebs) 

Runeboos are the most popular pet in Wyngro society, mostly because of the fact that they can use bits of magic to enhanse a Wyngro's own skills.

These little guys expell magic so frequently, that they must expell it onto a small item if it builds up too much. Once magic has been expelled, they leave a "rune" on said item, which is where the Runeboo gets its name!

Runeboos are extremely loyal pets that can be easily domesticated and tamed. They can even be trained much like a dog, and bond very close to their owners.

They come in a rainbow of colors and sport a hard shell that protects their soft skin.

They are a friend for life if you are lucky enough to bond with one!


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Non Confrontational


To find out more about Runeboos, click here!


Coatala are independent and much larger than Runeboos. They are predators, climbing to the high treetops to drop onto their prey. They are known for their fluffy necks and skin flap that resemble a "coat", which is where they get their name.

They are used as hunting partners, as well as bred to show off their coats.

Although not as high maintenance aside from brushing, Coatalas aren't as willing to please as Runeboos, and thus aren't as easy to train. Although their independent nature makes them easy to have around the house and care for.

They have no magic.


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Defensive


To find out more about Coatalas, click here!


Nocs are squishy, huggable little pets whos only purpose is to be a nice companion. 

(They're useless in the wild and it's unknown how they survived before wyngrew found them)

Nocs are very sensitive pets, easily startled and become shy and distressed easily when yelled at or left alone. They are also extremely clingy and cry a lot if not properly cared for. 

They have very large arms, perfect for hugging, but they will also commonly use these arms to walk with, seeing as their legs are so small and pathetic. 

Nocs are easy to take care of and are loving and friendly, but they can be difficult to train, due to their sensitive nature. They don't use magic. 


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Uncommon

Threat: Friendly


To find out more about Nocs, click here!


Quarry Oris

Quarry Oris are mounts! They are the most common form of ride-able creature in wyngro society, as they are easy to tame and very hardy and fast. They come from quarries, which is where they get their name. Oris are used for transport, travel, and even racing! 

They eat almost anything, sucking everything through their strange striped tongues. 

Females are tamer, larger, and more common, while the males are usually only used for jaunts around town and racing, as they wear out faster.


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Non Confrontational


To find out more about Oris, click here!



Wibbles are the mail carriers of the world! They squishy little dudes use a subtle skill to manipulate the wind in order to carry them into the air and float like kites! With their sticky webbing, wyngrew stick letters onto them and train wibbles to fly off and deliver the mail, but they're not always the most reliable. (And your letters often come with bugs and slime) 

Wibbles are extremely friendly towards wyngrew, and good at understanding flight patterns. 


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Friendly



To find out more about wibbles, click here!



Beebs are cute little pets that are easy to take care of and fun to collect! These odd little balls are actually plants and not animals! They grow from special seeds after receiving plenty of love, care, water and sunshine. Wyngrew love these little guys as they are very easy to take care of. Not only do they not create any waste, but they can stay idle for many hours without needing attention. They are also a non-committable pet, as they do not live very long. They come in all kinds of different colors so wyngrew love collecting them. Best of all, they are absolutely adorable and are extremely affectionate!


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Friendly


To find out more about Beebs, click here!

Farm Animals

These creatures are lower intelligence and either used as stock animals for wyngrew, or farmed in some way. None of these creatures can be trained quite like companion pets!

Spoodles are a popular livestock animal for smaller farms, due to how easy they are to care for and the fact that they are much smarter than puckoo. They love Wyngrew and are very domesticated. No one knows for sure whether a spoodle is a plant-based lifeform or a regular animal. However, most will agree that: "They are just weird."


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Friendly


To find out more about Spoodles, click here!

Puckoos are extremely dumb stock animals that are bred for eggs and meat.

They love water and their diet is composed of soley rocks! That's right, rocks!

They don't consume the rock whole, but suck out everything coating it.

They wander aimlessly for food and poop everywhere as they walk, so they do not make good pets and will not listen to you if you try to tame it.


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Friendly


To find out more about Puckoos, click here!


Commonly referred to as the “sand puckoo”, ringadots are feisty little desert dwelling creatures that are very common in dry locals where the more common puckoo cannot survive. These quick scamps have sleek, aerodynamic fins and strong legs more than adept at speeding them through loose sandy terrain. They are equally as stupid as their puckoo cousins, and farmed in a very similar way.



Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Friendly


To find out more about Ringadots, click here!

Rattle Cattle are massive, docile herbivorous creature that can be found in any environment that offers enough grass for it to consume and survive. They provide wyngrew milk, meat, and help with farming and transportation. These large creatures have manatee-like snouts, large, oxen-like bodies, with hooved back legs, and big badger-like claws on the fronts.

They are only owned by the more well-to-do farmers, and thus not as common. They can be raised by wyngrew to help keep them docile around communities, but the beasts can still be territorial and do major harm if upset or threatened. 


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Uncommon

Threat: Defensive (Unless raised/tamed)


To find out more about Rattle Cattle, click here!

Wild Animals

The following creatures are not kept as pets or farm animals, and are instead just wild animals that exist to make the ecosystem interesting and fleshed out! They can be predators, birds, bugs, fish and so on!

Brimbees are a wild creature that travel frequently in "choirs" as they constantly move around to find food. (Preferring luscious greens and other plant life) 

Their most significant trait is that they're incredibly musical! Their default sound is that of a pipe instrument, but they often will imitate other instruments that wyngrew play around them. 

They are most frequently seen around Spring, traveling in large groups to cover as much ground as possible. They are very big pests for farmers. 


Tamable: No

Rarity: Uncommon

Threat: Non Confrontational


To find out more about Brimbees, click here!

Gurps are strange creatures that inhabit the Wyngro world, although no one seems to know where they came from. They are a pest species who spend their lives bobbing rhythmically in lakes. In the summer they like to scream at night.

Gurps are a very much hated species in Wyngro society as, apart from their shrill screaming, they eat Loomees, which are considered lucky.


Tamable: No

Rarity: Common

Threat: Non Confrontational


To find out more about Gurps, click here!



Loomees are insects with magical, fairy-like features. Their uniquely shaped wings appear at will with a magical glow. They are on an almost "worship" level in Wyngro society, and it is considered evil to kill one. Loomees are actually very friendly towards gros, and are celebrated during the colder season as well. 


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Friendly


To find out more about Loomees, click here!


The Arrow Head is a small, nocturnal predator found in deep forests, swamps and jungles dotted around Ennth. They are stealthy hunters, using both the cover of the night and thick foliage to stalk potential prey. 

They are known for stalking their large target prey and slowly bleeding them out, providing a haunting experience through the woods at night if you ever hear their terrifying calls. 


Tamable: No

Rarity: Uncommon

Threat: Aggressive


To find out more about Arrow Heads, click here!


This pest species is well known far and wide wherever there are wyngrew settlements. These tiny vermin are naturally found in small burrows out in the wild, but are nowadays much more commonly found in derelict or abandoned buildings.

Tots are a very unwelcome intruder in homes, and generally hated for their intrusive nature. It's considered unlucky and unsanitary to keep one as a pet, and feeding them will result in them growing large and even more of a pain to deal with.


Tamable: Yes

Rarity: Common

Threat: Non Confrontational


To find out more about tots & moppets, click here!

Take a look at bug page to see what kind of insects are hiding around Wynsiph! 

Tamable: No

Rarity: Common

Threat: Non ConfrontationalDefensive Aggressive


To find out more about Bugs, click here!

Monsters / Spites


Spites are strange magical entities that feed off the negative energy of all magical creatures. They are considered evil spirits with the sole purpose of malicious intents. 

To find out more about Spites, click here!

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