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The World of Ennth

Welcome to the vast world of Wyngro! The name of the planet is referred to as "Ennth", which describes the world and all that live upon it. Most of the known and explored part of the world is a country called "Antova", which is sectioned into 5 territories. The largest of those territories is the Northwest, spanning from the unknown northern border, to the tropical swamps to the west. The Southwest is made up of many port towns and ocean resorts. The Northern Territory is the smallest population, made up of many snow-abled species that can survive the brutal cold. Central Territory hones Antova's large capitol built within a gigantic crater. This is also where the King of Antova resides. Lastly, the Southeast Territory is made up of a vast and empty desert, as well as a rich sea-faring community. It is densely populated with many species of wyngro that can survive underwater for long periods of time. They have a very different way of life and are generally kept to their own devices. 

The Northwest Territory

The largest of those all: The Northwest Territory, spanning from the unknown northern border, to the tropical swamps to the west.

This territory has the most dense span of forests in the country, and some of the most unexplored and dangerous to boot! 


Wynsiph is the main town you start in! A "humble beginning" sort of village! It's is a low magic, low tech town. Mostly known for its farming, fishing and dangerous forest spites. Wynsiph is a very dangerous place to live in due to its high spite density, larger population, and newer nova tree. While many travelers stop by and do trade, it is not common for wyngrew to take up residence. 


Thyne is a quad-based village in the northern mountains that border Wynsiph. Many Thyne ancestors once lived in Wynsiph, but a terrible catastrophe wreaked havoc on Wynsiph's nova tree. This caused many of their quadruped residents to flee and create a new town up north, free from the spite infestation growing in the Fickle Forest. Wynsiph and Thyne are brutal rivals due to this history, and rarely interact, despite being close neighbors. 


Last Notch, known for it's strange name and nova tree nicknamed "The Arch", is a city South-East of Wynsiph. Last Notch began as a mining town and is rich in minerals and Quarry Oris. It is the largest city in the Northwest Territory, run by a singular family known as the "Gumbuckles". 


Cress Port is known for the blue Crestump Fruit trees that surround the area. The locals use this wood and so most of the town uses its signature blue woods. This port town is known for trading goods and fishing. 


Brinbee Lake is one of the largest known lakes ever documented. The lake is so large, that it's surrounded by 4 great cities that all must share the lake. This creates some very heated history with the 4 town's rivalry over the generations. 


NorraGorra is known for being the largest populated city to the north, and takes pride in guarding the northern impass that divides Antova country with the unknown, spite-infested region of Orko. The city is made up of mostly thick-coated species of wyngrew that can survive the harsh environment, and has adapted quite a different culture.

Teekanna is built within a beautiful glade and is one of the most sought after resort cities in the territory. Surrounded by absolutely beautiful trees that are hand crafted from some of the most talented earth magic users, the entire city is said to be a product of talent to behold.

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