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Towns and Locations
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While the Wyngro world is vast and stretches far and wide, there is much to explore. Please be patient with us as we develop more towns and cities to explore! We like to have a fully flesh out, obtainable world to look at and explore, rather than a bunch of half-assed concepts. All of our communities have purpose and variety!

Wynsiph is the main town you start in! A "humble beginning" sort of village! It's is a low magic, low tech town. Mostly known for its farming and basic resources.

Antova is the largest Wyngro city in the region! With a very large population, the kingdom of Antova stretches far and wide. It also is home to the densest population of Imp Wyngrew.


Last Notch, known for it's strange name and nova tree nicknamed "The Arch", is a city South-East of Wynsiph. Last Notch began as a mining town and is rich in minerals and Quarry Oris. 

Cress Port is known for the blue Crestump Fruit trees that surround the area. The locals use this wood and so most of the town uses its signature blue woods. This port town is known for trading goods and fishing. 

Located in the vast desert far southeast of Wynsiph lies the old empire city of Rajukraa. This was where the Imperial Wyngrew of old nearly vanished centuries ago. It is uninhabitable and very difficult to travel to.

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