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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

What are Wyngro Events?


Events are community driven projects that are big in scale and involve the entire group! Sometimes they gather all members up to achieve a common goal, or create a competition between them! Some are silly, some are deadly, and some are mysterious! 

Our biggest events are usually the following:



WARPTIDE: Wyngro's Halloween! Warptide is the time of the year when the magic tides are at the highest, and strange things can happen, especially on Warptide Night! (October 31st) Usually, we do events that are spooky or mysterious in nature, but it depends on the plot of the group at the time! We've had simple trick or treat games, as well as full blown town destroying monsters!

HEARTKINDLE: Wyngro's Valentine's Day! Heartkindle is run through the month of February, and offers a mail system where your gros can send Heartkindles to each other! There are always new fun things to do as well, and we often introduce new breeding mechanics or items to spice things up!

CAROUSEL OF MISCHIEF: Wyngro's April Fools! This runs through the month of April, but often is concentrated on just April 1st. We always do something really goofy on this day, and encourage pranks! We love a good prank. 

ANNIVERSARY: The Anniversary of Wyngro is on July 19th, and we're always getting something awesome going to celebrate the group! This is usually where we introduce new exclusive upgrades, mechanics, and even species and pets! 

Anniversary: July 19th


Event Briefing: This is usually one of our biggest events of the year. We often save big new mechanics to be released on this day, as well as come up with new "leaf" inspired upgrades that you can apply on existing wyngrew. (It is not guaranteed that we will always make a new upgrade, as sometimes we bring back old ones from previous years) 

We also often come up with a very special upgrade that can only be applied to wynglings created on July 19th, within a 24 hour window. Many members get ready by coming up with new characters they want to make for the Anniversary, and either donate unwanted gros, or purchase new MYO Tickets to get ready. 

Our MYOs for July 19th are also special in that they have unique color pallets that are not on our normal MYO maker! So you can have something a little more unique for supporting the group and celebrating with us on the anniversary! 

  • Date: July 19th (one day) 

  • Upgrades: Leaf themes for existing gros & special upgrades for new MYOs. (subject to change) 

  • Drawing Expectations: Approvals, Upgrade applications, and Tattoo applications.

Into the Past: Anniversarys of Yester-Years



The Early Bird Event was an event to celebrate the opening of Wyngro, with a special reward for the people who made one early, and helped to advertise the new group!

One of the rewards was the highly exclusive Heterochromia upgrade, which has become impossible to obtain any other way after the event ended. The upgrade also has some very special lore to it!


Early Bird Event: 2015

1 Year Anniversary: 2016


Dual Colored Iris


Leaf Markings

Our first Anniversary was celebrated with the reveal of the following upgrades: Dual Colored Iris, Leaf Markings, Round Nose / Bump Nose Morph, Same Sized Limbs (retired), Cub Ears, Tall Ears, Folded Ears, Copter Ears, Prick Ears, Quill Ears & Finn Ears. We also had a sale on Store items & our first new Anniversary palettes!

We flooded the group this new year with all the iconic mechanics like magic class, grow up apps, pets and more!

2 Year Anniversary: 2017


Iris Rings


Leaf Ears

Our second Anniversary was celebrated with the reveal of the following upgrades: Iris Rings & Leaf Ears!

We came up with new color palettes like the previous year, had a new Discord server for organization, and revealed a brand new pet: Nocs! 

We came up with new items, had a pet auction, and generally were very busy that year. 

This was our biggest anniversary ever, with over 700 wynglings created in one day. (rip us) 

3 Year Anniversary: 2018


Wynsiph Tattoo


Leaf Spikes

Our third Anniversary was celebrated with the reveal of the following upgrades: Leaf Spikes & a new type of marking: Tattoos! This also paved way for the new Quest mechanic. 

This was the only year we did not have an exclusive July 19th upgrade. Instead, we announced the reveal of the first obtainable subspecies: Quills & Finns! 

We also revealed new Breeding items: Eye Scope, Dual Palette, & Parent Color Picker. 

4 Year Anniversary: 2019


Bloom Tail


Leaf Spikes

Our forth Anniversary was celebrated with the reveal of the following upgrade: Bloom Tail (for new MYOs), Odd Wings, Bewilder Wings & the return of some other Leaf upgrades from previous years. 

We had a special MYO maker for this anniversary, which had new palettes as well!

We also revealed a new mechanic with some new NPCs: The Nova shrine! 

5 Year Anniversary: 2020


Bulb Ears


Leaf Tail

Our fifth Anniversary was celebrated with the reveal of the following upgrades: Bulb Ears & Leaf Tail! 

We revealed a new Wyn System with the Profile Tracker, a Character Tracker (With new breeding benefits to using it!), a new mechanic with The Cranny, and revealed a new common pet: Wibbles! The new Nova tree also grew, and this was the year we opened the group back for new members again! 

6 Year Anniversary: 2021


Porcelain Face


Leaf Markings

Our sixed Anniversary was celebrated with the reveal of the following upgrades: Porcelain Face & Wyngling Ranch Neck Kerchief! This year was all about Last Notch and the new subspecies: Gorges!

With a new subspecies, tons of lore and mechanics came with it, including Big Mama, the breedable Gorge NPC! The nova tree grew to a new stage, as well as an updated Sheriff's Office mechanic. We introduced our first subspecies quill DTA, auctioned our first gorge wyngling, and it was the first time our Anniversary wynglings were born in a new town: Last Notch!

7 Year Anniversary: 2022





Heart Kindle: February


Event Briefing: Heart Kindle is when most members do breedings for their characters, as there is always a special "Heart Kindle Boost" in the breeding system, that makes it more likely to obtain rarer upgrades on your eggs! (And where the Heart Stamp is more likely to appear as well!) 

We also consistently hold a special service throughout the month where you can send personalized stationary via your wyngro characters, to another character they care about! A "Heart Kindle" basically translates to a secret love letter, so it's tradition to keep your identity a secret until the end of the month! This is when gros often buy things and send them to their secret crushes or celebrate with loved ones. 

As a group, we often come out with a tweak to the breeding mechanics, additional items for breeding, or special limited time things, like breedable NPCs or special breeding upgrades! We do something a little different every year to keep things fresh!

  • Date: February (entire month)

  • Upgrades: Heart Themed Upgrades (sometimes) or upgrades related to breeding!

  • Drawing Expectations: Couple images, drawing/writing stationary, bred approvals, etc. 

Into the Past: Heart Kindles of Yester-Years

Heart Kindle 2016

The introduction of Heart Kindle! We came up with the new mechanic of sending letters to each other, as well as some gifts you could send! Since the group was much smaller, we also offered to draw custom items as well!


Heart Kindle 2017

Our 2nd Heart Kindle Event we introduced custom stationary that your could write on to make it even more personal! We also introduced the Heart Stamp, our first Stamp Marking! Our members were also doing their own really cool custom Heart Kindle events, so we emphasized those! Lastly, this introduced a new mechanic for runeboos, with being able to breed them and own baby boos with Kalypso's Breeding Program

Heart Kindle 2018

Our 3rd Heart Kindle was the first year we had our new shiny Breeding Roller done, so we introduced a "Breeding Boost", that would give you a higher chance of obtaining a rarer upgrade on rolled eggs during February! We also did everything else from previous years, with even more of a spotlight on member-run events!

We also tested a new fun surprise with our egg palettes, by giving all rolled eggs an additional color from the other parent. This would eventually become the Dual Palette Item!

Heart Kindle 2019

Our 4th Heart Kindle was the one after the dreaded Deelagun Attack, so the rare genetic disorder, "Brights & Shadows" (essentially albinism & melanism) came from the Deela-Plague that followed. They were very easy to obtain during this Heart Kindle, but are now a very rare occurrence. 

Heart Kindle 2020

Our 5th Heart Kindle was the biggest one yet, with not only everything from previous years (aside from custom items), but an introduction of Breedable NPCs, where your gro could breed with Knavish or Spa for the month. (They had a little... competition) We also did all breedings through private notes to keep things organized. Through the NPCs, there were some special hereditary upgrades you could find! 

Heart Kindle 2021

Our 6th Heart Kindle came a month after Travel was released, so this event was focused primarily on that! Unlocking travel meant that you could breed with traveling NPCs: a new permanent mechanic. We also introduced new breed-only markings that show up when combined with other markings! We also had a fun spin on sending letters this year, with wibbles in the mix! People who sent heartkindles got raffled into winning a free event wibble! Members were also allowed to draw their own items to send! 

Warptide: October 31st 


Event Briefing: Warptide is and has always been our biggest event of the year! Many important or significant plot points are revealed, as well as a completely different mechanic for each year. We really pull out all the stops for this event. (We may or may not be a little biased for Halloween) 

From mysteries to unravel, to monsters to battle, Warptide is always interesting, so our members look forward to it every year! 

  • Date: October (entire month, but has run through November a couple of times, depending on the event)

  • Upgrades: Creepy, mutated or otherwise spooky themed event upgrades!

  • Drawing Expectations: Mystery! It's always different!

Into the Past: Warptides of Yester-Years

Warptide 2015


The very first Warptide event! Read more about it in our journal!


This event worked more as a writing contest, where the participants needed to tell the tale of their adventure to find one of the lost runestones. 

There were several rewards for winning this event. Winners could choose between 3 exclusive event upgrades; Beast Claws, Third Eye (or a pair of skeleton wings, which have later been removed.) as well as a marking of a special rune!


Warptide 2016

Soon to be added!

Warptide 2017

Soon to be added!

Warptide 2018

Soon to be added!

Warptide 2019

Soon to be added!

Warptide 2020

Soon to be added!

Carousel of Mischief: April 1st


Event Briefing: Carousel of Mischief is basically our April Fools Day! While the group mechanics usually focus on one day, Wyngro lore dictates that the entire month of April is spent doing pranks! 

We often will post new silly upgrades, mechanics, or other shenanigans on this day to be goofy and have a laugh with our members, so you'll never know what to expect!

  • Date: April 1st (one day)

  • Upgrades: ....heh. 

  • Drawing Expectations: Many, many shenanigans. 

Into the Past: Shenanigans of Yester-Years

Our very first Carousel of Mischief! And boy did we get serious about pranks early on. This was more of an actual event that required lots of art, rather than us pranking members in the coming years. You'd make a wanted poster of your prankster, and draw them pranking as many of their friends as possible! The person who drew the most pranks in the month was dubbed the "Ultimate Prank Master" and won a special sticker. 

We also released new upgrades: Googley Eyes (prank upgrade), Tusks, Piggy Nose (retired), Goatee, Full Facial Fur (renamed to Beard), Back Hooves, Crow Feet (renamed to Stick Legs), & Hoppy Feet (retired).


This was also the event that little runes started appearing everywhere, hinting at Wyngro's first pet: Runeboos! The more runes you collected, the more things you could buy in the little shop. A system we were able to use due to the small member base at the time. After this year, the Carousel of Mischief became more of a true April Fools day event, rather than a month long event. You never really know what we may pull!

Carousel of Mischief 2017

Soon to be added!

Carousel of Mischief 2018

Soon to be added!

Carousel of Mischief 2019

Soon to be added!

Carousel of Mischief 2020

Soon to be added!

One-Off Events! 

These events were either inconsistently run, or run only once. A lot of times we try new things to test the waters on mechanics, interests, and how things end up running. Here's a list of all the miscellaneous events not spotlighted above!


Bug Camp was a popular event we held where teams of 4 artists would collaborate together to draw art of their team discovering new bugs around the woods! Each week, 3 bugs would be introduced where your team could collect patches to put on their sashes! Prizes ranged from event upgrades like the Beetle Wings, Dynasty Horn, and Lumibug Antennae (renamed Loomee antennae). Winners in art quality could also win a new upgrade that would become a YCH: Flutter Ears! 


A lot of old members fondly remember this event for its team building premise, which was very difficult to moderate. (Reason why we never released it again) But one, day, we want to revamp it and get it back out for members to enjoy!


More Events to be added soon!


We're always creating something new and exciting to do in Wyngro. Which events will your wyngro take part in?

Keep up with the latest Events in Discord

Join our Discord server for updates on all sorts of new things. We have special roles you can get to get pinged for new announcements as well! 

This is the best way to stay up-to-date, so make sure to keep in touch there for the latest events!

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