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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.


By joining the Wyngro community, you hereby accept the rules below and understand that breaking them can and will result in a possible warning and/or ban from the group. 

Please keep in mind that while we are reasonable with our penalties, we work with people on a case-by-case basis. This means we can and will temporarily and/or permanently ban members at our discretion, with or without warnings.

Shop items and purchases are never refundable, even if you get banned, so please read and follow the rules!

Warnable & Bannable Offenses 

This list contains things that will result in you getting a warning or in some cases, banned.

Call-Out Posts & Slander


Please note that call-out posts and/or public slander against Wyngro or any of its members is not tolerated. This includes linking to call-out posts written by other DA users, and contributing towards that slander. We have a no-tolerance approach on drama here, and breaking this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity. 

What is slander vs. constructive criticism?

Constructive criticism is a remark that is meant to aid or help in the pursuit of improving a function of the group. Slander is a remark with the sole intention to rip it up and tear the group down. Slander is based on hate, spitefulness, bitterness and resentment. It’s that feeling you get where your brain decides, “Hmm, this is bad. I’m going to now scream about how bad it is and release all the bad I am feeling onto this bad thing.”
Although your efforts feel good at the time, and give you a temporary adrenaline rush from your heroic pursuit of justice, you are only promoting hate onto another person. That’s it. There’s no benefit from your actions other than, “You have gone out of your way, to hurt another person, intentionally.” All that being said, please do not slander with Wyngro, or you will be banned. 


Bullying, Harassment & Public Shaming


Do not comment on a deviation, journal, or prose that is submitted to the Wyngro gallery if you have nothing constructive or nice to say. This is pertaining to sparking debates on morality, story choices, calling the author/artist out, calling them names, calling them wrong, making fun of them in a memey/trolly way, etc. If we find any sign of bullying or put-downs, we will be stepping in with warnings.

Do not “white-knight”. This pertains to butting into heated conversations with your opinions. Regardless of your intentions, it is not helpful, and only creates more involved drama. If you see a friend that is getting harassed, please bring it up to us so that we may take action, private message your friend about the situation, and keep it private. Encourage authors/artists to ignore and hide nasty comments.


For more information on harassment, please read our blog post here. 

How do I avoid getting banned/stay out of trouble?

Simply put, don’t get involved with this drama. Don’t be a bully. Don’t spread rumors that are untrue and built on screenshot wars. We do not tolerate drama in the group, call-out posts, and members with the sole intention of bringing negativity in and bringing other members down with them. So if you don’t like Wyngro or you are unhappy, leave without kicking up a fuss, or at the very least, take a break. Nothing good comes from reacting emotionally from rumors and accusations.

Under Aged accounts - you MUST be 13 years old or up to join!

Please note that you must be at least 13 years old in order to join DeviantArt. The same goes for Wyngro. 

If we find you are underage, you will be permanently banned from the group and discord server, no questions asked. So please do not lie about your age!

Tracing without credit or permission

Please do not trace or heavily reference other people's art without credit. We recommend getting the artist's permission before using their work in any kind of public submission, but you must at the very least give that artist credit by linking back to the original deviation and/or post. 

If we find your art has been traced without credit and/or permission, you will receive a warning and/or a temporary ban from the group. 

Before reporting traced art, here's some information about tracing that will help clarify what is and isn't allowed:


  • Reports of this nature must be very similar to the original work, and taking a significant influence. If a very small aspect is referenced (say an ear or tail), it is not regarded as an issue. Basically, if the artist steers far enough away from the original source, and provides a link back to the source (credit), it's OK.

  • Official Wyngro art is OK to trace and reference. 

  • Using sources that are less ingrained in the community, and thus harder to link back to the original source are OK. (Things like using stock photos, still frames from movies, obscure references, etc)


  • Tracing/heavy referencing another artists work without crediting the original source. 

  • Completely and overly using the originals artists work to an extreme, even with credit. (To the point of copying everything in an artist's gallery too much, for example) 

  • Profiting off of traced / heavy referenced art. (commissions, online design sales like stickers/shirts/etc.) 

Multiple / Shared Accounts are NOT ALLOWED!

Making multiple accounts is NOT ALLOWED, and will result in you being banned on both accounts if we find out. So please do not risk this! 
Please keep your Wyngro activity to one account while you are here. Shared accounts by two other artists that already have their own accounts are also not allowed! If we find out your account is shared, it will be banned from the group. 

What if I made a new account, can I transfer my Wyngrew over from my old account?

Nope! Your DeviantArt account acts as your account in Wyngro, and any characters you create are permanently fixed to that account after being approved. They can never move accounts. If you would like to start fresh on the new account, please be aware that the "FREE MYO" is for brand new members only, and you will need to obtain a MYO Ticket in order to make a new one. If you do want to do this, your old Wyngro account must either be deactivated, or we can ban it from Wyngro in order to assure that multiple accounts are not used. 

Common Mistakes to keep in mind:

The rules below may result in issues getting your art accepted, receiving mod messages requesting changes, and/or slowing down your process in Wyngro. Reading below is a great checklist of things to keep in mind!

Using the Profile Tracker:

Every time you submit a deviation to the Wyngro gallery, you'll need to include your Profile Tracker into your description, along with the wyn count. If this isn't done, your art will not be accepted into the group, or you will receive a mod message to add it. 
For a step-by-step guide on using the Profile Tracker, CLICK HERE! 

If you have achieved the maximum amount of wyns possible (1000), you may instead put "Max wyns" on the bottom of your descriptions instead!

Approvals, references, ect. count for wyns too!

Wyngling and adult approvals DO count for wyns! They are fully colored drawings, so make sure to add those in!


Reusing bases for Color Upgrades & Counting wyns for same linework:


You are more than welcome to use the same linework for multiple color changes, so long as they only count for wyns once!

Do not count wyns for the same linework, or very similar posing. (by only changing one feature of the character, etc.) For more information on how to count for comics and various situations, our wyn guide goes into this in length!

Please reply to all [Mod Messages:] to confirm that you understand.

If we find you are ignoring a mod comment and the problem is still present in future deviations, you will be given a warning. Hiding mod messages, or deleting a deviation completely and then re-posting it with the same issues will also result in a warning. Please be courteous and reply to all mod messages so that we can resolve all addressed issues. If you are confused, just ask and the moderator can help you! (don’t be afraid to ask for help!)



Please do not answer a question in the group if you are not 100% certain of the answer. 
If you see something wrong about someone’s drawing, please do NOT comment solely to mini-mod. Remember that this is a person’s art that they worked hard on! Commenting in such a negative light can be really discouraging. Remember to always start and end each comment with something positive and encouraging! That being said, please leave the modding to the mods. 

Spamming the gallery

Please avoid spamming the group deviations with multiple small things, and submit them all at once in a batch, for example. Try to avoid very sloppy, messy, and otherwise hard to see art as well. We want members to watch the deviations in this group, so the less spammy we can be, the better it will be for everyone! 


ONLY Official Wyngro content is allowed in the gallery!

If you want to submit something to the group, make sure there is a Wyngro, or something Wyngro related (AKA some official creature or pets at least) 

This includes submissions of NON-CANON Wyngro related content as well! No hypothetical babies, personal NPCs, future designs, human versions, or alternate universe versions of your wyngrew are to be posted in the official group please!  Keep such submissions to the Wyngro-Fans group.

Sizing issues & Exaggerations on Upgrades & anatomy

Remember that wyngrew should not noticeably vary in size. Wynglings should all appear close to the same sizes as well compared to one another. Please do not deviate from the upgrade examples too much either. We have a lot of different kinds of upgrades, so straying too far from the display image can sometimes become a rule break if it looks too similar to another upgrade! 


Deleting comments & messages:

Please do not delete comments on official wyngro deviations, journals, discord channels etc. Use the "edit" feature on comments & message if you need to correct something.

Remember to think before you speak, and apologize if you are rude or realize your mistakes, rather than just deleting something!

Please make sure that all Staff are not blocked from you on Discord or DeviantArt!

Our mods need to be able to send messages on deviations for approvals/gallery moderation/etc., and tag you  appropriately if need be. Blocking them prevents them from being able to do this.  Please take a look at the left sidebar of the Wyngro group on DA to see a list of our current staff. If one of them is blocked, please unblock them! 


What if [Staff Member] makes me uncomfortable?

You can be assured that our mods are all trained to act appropriately with our members at all times, and if there is an incident where something they said seems unprofessional or not okay, PLEASE DM the support discord @Wyngro Staff, or note the group with this information. We take our mod work very seriously in providing professional and kind interactions with you guys, so communication is key. (As always!) 

If a member of staff is producing content in which you are uncomfortable with, please just un-watch their accounts. You do not need to interact with them or be involved in any way. 

If we find one of our moderators cannot do their job because of a block, we will be giving reminders to unblock them. 


DO NOT contact any Wyngro staff privately for mod help!


This goes for DMs through Discord, noting on DeviantArt, or any other contact you may be able to find of our current mod team. We work together as a team, so any issues need to be brought to the group as a whole. This can be done by noting the group, or privately DMing the "Wyngro Staff" discord account, which can be found through the main server. 

Exchange of currency for wyngro items:

Wyngro items can never be traded for any form of currency such as points/paypal. Trades are allowed through the official trading post for other wyngro related items. If it comes to our attention that you have been harassing another member or attempting to do “under the table” exchanges, you will receive a warning.

Please be aware that any trades done privately outside of the Trading Post our out of our hands, and if a deal goes wrong, we cannot help you. 


Submissions of NSFW content in official public Wyngro places:

Please be courteous and make sure that any content depicting obvious explicit sexual acts (whether a filter is applied or not), extremely gruesome gore, etc., is NOT submitted to the group, posted on journals/official Wyngro deviations/general Discord channels/etc. Likewise, please do not post slightly suggestive images and link a NSFW version in the description. 

For more information on this rule within DeviantArt, please see here!

General Wyngro Group “Etiquette”

A few things to keep in mind when communicating and participating in Wyngro. These are things we have picked out that some members often seem confused about, so here it is to clarify!


You do NOT need permission to draw another artist’s Wyngro.

If you’d like to draw another artist’s wyngro, you do not need to ask. Every member here who makes a character should be aware that they may receive gift art without warning. Once you get your wyngro approved, it’s fair game for anyone to draw. We also encourage the idea of drawing your wyngro socializing with someone else’s wyngro!

There are many resources available, such as reference sheets and prompts to help convey your wyngro’s personality. If someone does not portray your wyngro’s personality correctly, it’s okay! Do not act offended. Simply clarify if you need to. Perhaps this is a good sign that you need to work further on their character's portrayal so that people have more to work off of!

We also encourage roleplaying and character interactions through deviation comments! If you want to draw someone’s else’s wyngro but are not sure how they’d react to a scene you want to draw, just ask the artist! Most artists are extremely thankful to see their characters drawn and involved with the community! Don’t be afraid to branch out!


Wyngro is NOT a roleplaying group

While we encourage roleplaying among our members, wyngro is not primarily roleplay based like so many other groups. We are a very casual group based mostly on creating visual art. When you have time to draw, draw. If you’re too busy to keep up with Wyngro, you can come back at any time to jump back in without feeling like you missed everything. Feel free to ask our staff on the latest if you’d like! We love filling people in!

We do encourage people to pursue roleplays with other members, however! Whether it just be casual chatter among comments, or more in-depth written paragraphs over notes or Discord. We hope to continue building the world around your Wyngro so you have more to work off of soon!


Because our group is hosted on DeviantArt, we lack control of important information and cannot categorize and save images from every member that comes into the group. So what this means is, deleting your wyngro approval images (especially baby approvals) will technically be the equivalent of deleting your character from the group. We need these approvals to stay public to check birthdays, sexes and original designs when moderating the group. 


If you want to free a MYO slot, please Donate your design to the group and never delete the original approval image if you want to continue playing in the Wyngro group. Donating is the ONLY way to free up MYO slots!

Member Art Official Use Disclaimer:

By joining Wyngro, you understand that any art you produce may be used in an official capacity, (whether for examples, website display, etc) We credit art drawn from all users of the group, and like to showcase our talented members!


Staff professionalism & Understanding that we work as a team!

Our staff is committed to providing a helpful and professional service when interacting with our members. If you are feeling upset by something a staff member said, please keep in mind that nearly every message we send is checked over by multiple staff members, and that staff member in particular has nothing against you. We all work as a team to insure things stay professional and friendly. 

Mature Themes Warning:


Wyngro is not a children's site. Our website and all official content may include mature themes. Members under the age of 18 must make their parents or legal guardians aware of this, and understand that some content on the website may not be suitable for minors, such as mature rated topics, mild blood, gore, suggestive writing, fictional stories containing hate, swearing, etc.
If those that join Wyngro find they do not wish to see such themes, those members may remove their accounts from the Wyngro group and cease participation at any time.
A note for members: If any of these story elements are distressing or triggering to you, this group may not be the best fit. Even outside official stories, group mechanics and world lore do at times delve into these topics. Group members are also allowed to use these elements in their own stories, along with any subjects accepted by DA policy. Members are more than welcome to use NONE of the above elements in their own content as well, but that is not required. Likewise, requests to edit or remove official content that some might find offensive will likely not be addressed. Please monitor yourself while navigating Wyngro and its member base to best fit you, and remove yourself from areas that might upset or otherwise cause you stress.

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