Please have a read through our rules before joining! There's a lot to know, but it will help your participation in the group be as smooth as possible!

Please keep in mind that while we are reasonable with our penalties, we work with people on a case-by-case basis. This means we can and will temporarily and/or permanently ban members at our discretion, with or without warnings. Shop items and purchases are not refundable in this case, so please play Wyngro and DeviantArt while following the rules!

Warnable & Bannable Offenses 

!!A list of things that will result in you getting a warning or in some cases, banned!!

Bullying, Harassment & Public Shaming


Do not comment on a deviation, journal, or prose that is submitted to the Wyngro gallery if you have nothing constructive or nice to say. This is pertaining to sparking debates on morality, story choices, calling the author/artist out, calling them names, calling them wrong, making fun of them in a memey/trolly way, etc. If we find any sign of bullying or put downs, we will be stepping in with warnings.

Do not “white-knight”. This pertains to butting into heated conversations with your opinions. Regardless of your intentions, it is not helpful, and only creates more involved drama. If you see a friend that is getting harassed, please bring it up to us so that we may take action, private message your friend about the situation, and keep it private. Encourage authors/artists to ignore and hide nasty comments.


For more information on harassment, please read our blog post here. 

Under Aged accounts - you MUST be 13 years old or up to join!

Please note that you must be at least 13 years old in order to join DeviantArt. The same goes for Wyngro. 

If we find you are underage, you will be permanently banned from the group and Discord server, no questions asked. So please do not lie about your age!


Unsavory comments or spiteful remarks to staff or other members.

Our staff is pretty lenient and will usually give you a lot of leeway when it comes to getting upset at times. We are always trying to enforce our rules but also be understanding at the same time, so we will never promote an argument or get mad and yell at you.

This being said, calling anyone names, swearwords, or threatening to do so is not tolerated and will result in a warning. Remember that if you are angry or upset, to step away from the keyboard until you are calm enough to reply. We understand being upset, but calling someone out publicly or promoting drama is something we like to nip in the butt right away.

Please also be aware to never bad-mouth other people in a public setting, being it DA comments or our Discord server! Causing or promoting drama can and will get you a warning. 

Essentially, don't have an pisspoor attitude while you're here!

Tracing without credit or permission

Please do not trace or very heavily reference other people's art. If you want to get their permission and give credit for tracing, you may, but please give them credit by posting the original art in your description. 

Also keep in mind that traced/heavily referenced art cannot earn wyns or be used to earn upgrades!

If we find your art has been traced without credit and/or permission, you will receive a warning and a temporary ban from the group. 

Multiple & Shared Accounts are NOT ALLOWED!

Making multiple accounts to get more free Wyngrew is NOT ALLOWED and will result in you being banned on both accounts if we find out. So please do not risk this! 
Please keep your Wyngro activity to one account while you are here.
Shared accounts by two other artists that already have their own accounts are also not allowed! Please respect this rule as it can be difficult to work with two artists on one account, especially with all the group mechanics we have here. If we find out your account is shared, it will be banned from the group. 


Because our group is hosted on DeviantArt, we lack control of important information and cannot categorize and save images from every member that comes into the group. So what this means is, deleting your wyngro approval images (especially baby approvals) will technically be the equivalent of deleting your character from the group. We need these approvals to stay public to check birthdays, sexes and original designs when moderating the group. 


If you want to free a MYO slot, please Donate your design to the group and never delete the original approval image if you want to continue playing in the Wyngro group. Donating is the ONLY way to free up MYO slots!

Other Rules to keep in mind!

Miscounting or not counting Wyns

We have a detailed, step-by-step guide to counting Wyns here!

So check back there often when you are new if you forget how art pieces are counted! 
We see wyns miscounted in many common ways, so this is going to debunk popular mistakes!


Simply put, do not “minus” your wyns when applying upgrades. They are merely a stretch goal and not a currency system. 

#2: Don’t forget to count your wyns! 

Do you have to count wyns for every image? Certainly not, but without wyns, you can’t upgrade your Wyngro! So if you truly do not want to count, then add a 0/?? So we understand you didn’t just forget! 

#3: Sketches earn wyns BUT do not always count for upgrade requirements! 

Sketches count for wyns according to the Wyngro Tracker, however pay attention to the requirements of upgrades as many do not allow sketches, some even require more than just a colored piece. We also encourage sketch “dumps”, instead of submitting half finished art to the group in batches. 


Wyngling and adult approvals DO count for wyns! They are fully colored drawings after all! 
(I still don’t understand why so many people don’t think they count!)

#5: Formatting your Wyn count

Remember to format your wyns like this example: 1/4 
The 1 represents how many wyns you gained for the current deviation
The 4 represents your current new total, counting this deviation! 


If you have the maximum 1000 wyns simply state 'Max Wyns' or place a golden wyn icon.

You must also include a link to your Wyngro Tracker so we can see everything is counted correctly.

If your wyns are not totalled correctly, it becomes a nightmare to moderate and keep track of for you and us! 

#6: ANIMATIONS: Do not count 1 wyn for every frame (What counts as an animation!)

Animations are grouped with general art when placing them in your tracker, sketches if its sketched, coloured if coloured and so on. Some animations may then earn extra wyns, however not often. We do this because animations vary so much in terms of skill and detail/time. Counting a wyn per frame can too easily be abused. 
If your Wyngro is just BLINKING, or something is glowing, or there is an otherwise very minimal piece of animation, then don’t add it to animations-- just place it with general art. 

#7: Using other icons instead of wyns for your counts

We've noticed an influx of people displaying floating hotdogs, and other emojis that are not wyns. You are welcome to use our  icon, or just type “Wyn”. But using other icons in place is confusing to newer members and staff, so we ask that this stops. (This goes for replacing Novas as well!) A mod will comment and it will need to be changed if we spot this from here on out! We worked hard on our spinning wyn icon, so please be respectful and use that! 

#8: Please reply to all [Mod Messages:] to confirm that you understand! 

A common problem is people ignoring mod comments. If we find you are ignoring a mod comment and the problem is still present in future deviations, or hiding mod messages, or deleting a deviation completely and then re-posting it with the same issues: This will result in a WARNING as it confuses staff and is a blatant disregard for the rules! Please be courteous and reply to all mod messages that you understand. If you are confused, just ask and the moderator can help you! (We are a friendly folk here, don’t be afraid to ask for help!)

Remember we have hundreds of drawings posted a day, and sometimes issues will be missed! Using the excuse, “But I’ve been drawing it like this for months!” will not fly. You will need to make changes if a mod indicates a rule break. We will often only ask that your future drawings reflect the change, and likely will not make you redraw past drawings unless the mistake is very grave, so don’t worry, we’re very reasonable for issues. 

#9: Counting Wyns for the same “base”

Simply put: do not count Wyns for nearly the same Wyngro poses. This is especially a problem when people count wyns for comic frames. (Due to multiples of the same poses) Remember to only count wyns for each completely unique pose! And tracing over your line art does not count! (Don’t be lazy!) 


Not following these may get you a wanring! So please read!


#10: Mini-modding

Simply put, please don’t answer a question in the group if you are not 100% certain of the answer, and adding an “I’m not a mod, but I think ____” is a good idea. 
However, if you see something wrong about someone’s deviation, please do NOT comment solely to mini-mod. Remember that this is a person’s art that they worked hard on! So commenting in such a negative light can be really discouraging. Remember to always start and end each comment with something positive and encouraging! 

To keep it simple, please just don’t mini-mod. If you come across an issue, you can note us so we are aware and address it! That’s very helpful! 

#11: Passing Independent Magic

When posting your 8 drawings for independent magic learning, your pieces will be judged by if you used your best ability or not. They must be considered a Polished Piece, following our guide here will help assure they pass with flying colours.
Note it is not our job to let you know if an art piece will count for intermediate magic or not as you are drawing them. We will determine if they will pass once you post them for review. So best to make sure they are top-notch every time! 
And yes, you may use comics and animations to display independent learning too! 

#12: Spamming the gallery

Images with just a background, or item, or screenshot even should not be posted here.

You can draw whatever you want and post to your own account! We’re just somewhat picky about what comes into the group, as this community continues to grow larger and so much art gets submitted daily.

Try to avoid spamming the group deviations with multiple small things, and submit them all at once in a batch, for example. Try to avoid very sloppy, messy, and otherwise hard to see art as well. We want members to watch the deviations in this group, so the less spammy we can be, the better it will be for everyone! 


#13: Post ONLY Official Wyngro content in the gallery!

Remember that if you want to submit something to the group, make sure there is a Wyngro, or something Wyngro related (AKA some official creature or pet at least) 

This includes avoiding submissions of NON-CANON Wyngro related content as well! No hypothetical babies, personal NPCs, future designs, human versions, or alternate universe versions of your wyngrew are to be posted in the official group please!  Keep such submissions to the Wyngro-Fans group.

#14: Sizing issues & Exaggeration on Upgrades/anatomy

Remember that Wyngrew should not vary in size noticeably at all. They can alter their forms in so many other drastic ways, that keeping their sizing the same is one of the only ways to keep them looking like they are all the same species! 

Wynglings should all appear close to the same sizes as well compared to one another. 

Please don’t deviate from the upgrade examples too much either. We have a lot of different kinds of upgrades, so straying too far from the display image can sometimes become a rule break if it looks too similar to another upgrade! 

#16: Please do not switch accounts-- rename your account instead!

Please be aware that switching accounts means you lose everything you have done in Wyngro. That means everything. Your Wyngrew, wyn counts, items you purchased. Everything! You also may not "re-submit" all of your old art back to the group with your new account, as this spams the entire community with the same art! For many reasons, switching accounts is 100% discouraged. If we could control the DeviantArt mechanics we would be more lenient, but unfortunately because of the way the group is built here, it's impossible for us to moderate. Thank you for understanding! 

#17: Gallery - Commissions and "Asking for" submissions

With the introduction of these two journals, "User Commissions Journal" & "Rattle's Rest Bulletin Board", it is now NOT ALLOWED to post either commissions (free or paid for) or "looking for" submissions to the group gallery. This includes your wyngling drawings with the text pasted on saying, "Looking for friends", or looking for relationships, parents, adoptions, wyngrew in general for anything. We actually do have a gallery LIMIT, so in order to slow this down, we ask that you keep this stuff out, and post in the respective folders instead. Posting these types of deviations into the group gallery will get them removed with a warning!

#19: Hiding comments to "hide the evidence". 

Please do not hide comments on official wyngro deviations, journals, etc. 

This will only get you into further trouble later if we find you have been hiding messages. 

(This, of course, does not apply to the "commission journal".)

Hiding messages is also a big offense in our Discord server. So just remember to think before you speak, and apologize if you are rude or realize your mistakes!

We also ask that you please do NOT block moderators of the group! Moderators are here to help you, and blocking them prevents them from doing their job. 

(If you feel you have been wrongly approached by a mod, please bring it up to Nestly)

#20: Exchange of currency for wyngro items.

Wyngro items, can never be traded for any form of currency such as points/paypal. Trades are allowed through the official trading post for other wyngro related items. If it comes to our attention that you have been harassing another member or attempting to do “under the radar” exchanges, you will receive a warning.

Please be aware that any trades done privately outside of the Trading Post our out of our hands, and if a deal goes wrong, we cannot help you. 

#21: Submissions of NSFW content in official public Wyngro places

Getting in-depth with that side of your characters? Hey, we're not gonna judge! Just please be courteous and make sure that any content depicting obvious explicit sexual acts (whether a filter is applied or not) is NOT submitted to the group, posted on journals/official Wyngro deviations/general Discord channels/etc. 

Likewise, please do not post slightly suggestive images and link an NSFW version in the description. 


Our one exception is an NSFW channel on the discord, you must be 18+ to join. We take this very seriously. 

For more information on this rule within DeviantArt, please see here!

General Wyngro Group “Etiquette”

A few things to keep in mind when communicating and participating in Wyngro. These are things we have picked out that some members often seem confused about, so here it is to clarify!


You do NOT need permission to draw another artist’s Wyngro.

If you’d like to draw another artist’s Wyngro, you do not need to ask. Every member here who makes a character should be aware that they may receive giftart without warning. Once you get your Wyngro approved, it’s fair game for anyone to draw. We also encourage the idea of drawing your Wyngro socializing with someone else’s Wyngro!

There are many resources available, such as reference sheets and prompts to help convey your Wyngro’s personality. If someone does not portray your Wyngro’s personality correctly, it’s okay! Try not to be offended, and simply clarify if you need to. Perhaps this is a good sign that you need to work further on their character sheet so that people have more to work off of!

We also encourage roleplaying and character interactions through deviation comments! If you want to draw someone’s else’s Wyngro but are not sure how they’d react to a scene you want to draw, just ask the artist! Most artists are extremely thankful to see their characters drawn and involved with the community! Don’t be afraid to branch out!


Wyngro is NOT a roleplaying group

While we encourage roleplaying among our members, Wyngro is not primarily roleplay based like so many other groups. We are a very casual group based mostly on creating art. When you have time to draw, draw. If you’re too busy to keep up with Wyngro, you can come back at any time to jump back in without feeling like you missed everything. Feel free to ask our admins on the latest if you’d like! We love filling people in!

We do encourage people to pursue roleplays with other members, however! Whether it just be casual chatter among comments, or more in-depth written paragraphs over notes or Discord. We hope to continue building the world around your Wyngro so you have more to work off of soon!

Roleplay Etiquette!

Finding a good roleplay partner that matches your writing skill level can be difficult sometimes! Below are some tips to keep in mind while roleplaying. These are just things to be aware of that can make yours and your partner’s experience much more fun and pleasant!


Establish your skill level and what you expect

From the get go, make sure you and your potential RP buddy are clear with each other on what you’re both looking for! If you want to do an adventure roleplay, tell them about it! If you are picky about grammar and are looking for someone with the same vocab as you, provide examples to show your partner so you are both on the same page.


Short & Snappy Responses

A lot of people habitually want to write a long paragraph every response, but remember not to add TOO much! Otherwise, your partner can’t react to everything that is going on! This can also lead to “godmoding” which assumes you are deciding what their character is going to do for them, and constantly leading the plot. Remember that one line sentences are okay sometimes! Especially if your gros are simply having a conversation!


Stick to one perspective

Reading a roleplay can be very difficult if you are constantly switching between past-tense and present-tense. What this means is, if your story is told as if it has already happened, (Like most literature) it’s in the past (past-tense)


Example: She had a feeling that this wasn’t a good time to chat.


Present-tense words a sentence as if it’s happening right now.


Example: She has a feeling that this isn’t a good time to chat.


Most roleplays stick to past-tense. But whatever you decide, try to use the same one as your partner consistently. Here is an example of a response that can’t decide what it wants to be:


She had a feeling this wasn’t a good time to chat.

Although she knows the wyngro, she’s not interested in talking. She told him to go away.


Can you see how this is confusing? Here’s a rewrite to make it flow better:


She had a feeling this wasn’t a good time to chat.

Although she knew the Wyngro, she wasn’t interested in talking. She told him to go away.


Much better!


Be interesting!

This can be difficult if you have a character that is anti-social or not exactly full of fun ideas.

But just because a character is shy, doesn’t mean you can’t write it with flair! Maybe add something interesting that happens to your character! Or what is on their mind? Here’s an example of an uninspired response:


Dryft stared blankly towards the distance. “.....”


Well unless the other character is good at moving the plot forward, this is hard to respond to! How about adding a bit more depth?


Dryft didn’t know what to say. He stared blankly into the distance at first. Conversing was probably the least of his strengths, and it was showing considerably. He looked towards his acquaintance briefly, but quickly cut off eye contact immediately. Socializing was no fun.


See how even though the character didn’t say anything, we still got a lot of valuable information? We found out he just doesn’t know how to interact with others, and that he’s trying.


All the same, try to describe what your character is feeling as well as what they are doing. This will give some insight to them and help your RP partner decide how to proceed as well!


Remind, but don’t nag!

If your partner is easily forgetful and doesn’t mind being reminded to respond, feel free to give a friendly reminder if it’s been a couple of days, but try not to nag too much or be upset if they don’t have time to respond. Be courteous and avoid pressuring them or hassling them for a response every time they come online.

All the same, if it’s been weeks, just ask politely if they’re having any problems with the roleplay and if there’s something that can help make it more interesting for them. Some people may not just know how to respond either. Talk to each other! You might be able to figure something out together!


And last but not least..



If you have an an idea that would be fun to implement, let your partner know! Don't just assume they will read your mind and automatically know to follow along your secret plan!

If you want something to be a surprise, that's fine, but let your partner know that you want your character to "lead" for a bit. And don't get mad if things don't go your way.

After all, you can write a story yourself if that's your intention.

Also remember to let your partner know if you're stuck on a response. Maybe you two can work on a solution together! Brainstorm!

If you are looking for an ending, let your partner know things should start to wrap up!

Many roleplays are left hanging in limbo because a conclusion or ending to it was not established.

The roleplay does not need to end forever, but maybe you can wrap that particular scene up and move onto the next idea once the first one becomes stale. ;)


Remember that roleplaying is a great way to learn communication skills, practice writing, story telling, and developing characters! But most importantly, have a fun time!