Lore and Info

The world of Wyngro spans far and wide, into the reaches of lands displayed below and those unseen to our human eyes. It can exist in the same realm as most of our imagination and fantasies reside. Meaning, that all your fictional characters may live together if you desire, and different non-Wyngro species may interact within the same world!


While our canon stories and lore do not involve humans in any way, and stick mainly to the Wyngro species, do not be discouraged to involve other characters or real world animals within your Wyngro’s story. (Involving humans is the only thing that is considered truly non-canon)


As the group develops, more and more unique plants, animals, subspecies and so on will pop up and make the world richer and more original. And we like when you use what we’ve come up with! But by no means feel constrained to ONLY the Wyngro world.


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