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Wyngro Subspecies


The wyngro species is quite astounding in its ability to grow into many forms with unique traits, many of which have been past down by their 'purer' forms. These forms are known as 'subspecies' of wyngro!

These subspecies are usually classified by the traits they are always born with, unlike inherited features from parents which tend to be more randomized. All wyngro subspecies can interbreed, and most standards originally came from the interbreeding of their purer forms here. 


Additionally, Wyngro Subspecies cannot be created via custom within the group. If you want one, you will likely have to get one through breeding, contests or auctions!

Standard Wyngrew

The most prevalent wyngro subspecies on the planet! So prevalent in fact, they are typically just known as the ‘standard’ Wyngro! Unlike other subspecies, most Standard Wyngro don’t have many defining features at birth. ‘Standard’ Wyngrew can start off the most like a ‘blank slate’ out of any Wyngrew Subspecies, but because of this they tend to fit in just about anywhere!

Fun Fact: In lore, wyngrew do not refer to them as 'standards', but rather call them mixes or mix breeds. The insulting, derogatory term used by pure subspecies is often 'mongrels''.

Standard Wyngrew are the default species in the world.
Find out how to get one here!

Imp Wyngro are a very rare subspecies that just barely survived extinction, and are rumored to have more powerful magic abilities than any other subspecies. They are best recognized by their armored plates, long graceful bodies, and their mammalian snout. This subspecies is most commonly found in the large capital city of Antova.

Imperial Wyngrew are extremely rare.

Finn Wyngrew

Finns are an ancient subspecies that used to live solely on island archipelagos far from the mainland, and other wyngrew subspecies. Wyngrew like to tell tales that a hidden underwater city houses thousands of these fishy gros.


Quill Wyngrew

Quills are an ancient subspecies of wyngrew, known to have originated from a fabled floating island archipelago. Known for their natural predisposition to flight and wind magic, this subspecies truly are masters of the skies.


Gorge Wyngrew

Gorges are the giants of the Wyngro world, and the only subspecies that is primarily quad! They are known for their distinguished horn brows, steam vents, and unique snouts. They are masters of fire magic and can withstand extreme weather because of their tough skin.


Pixie Wyngrew

The fabled Pixies are said to be half the size of normal Wyngrew, sport plants all over their bodies, and hone bug-like features! This is all speculation, of course. 

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