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NPCS of Wyngro!

Non Playable Characters do not belong to any one artist in particular, they are to be used by the group!

Involve them in stories, comics, and use them in your Wyngro adventures! To find out more, such as what kind of magic an NPC can use, click on their full DeviantArt profile!

Different NPCs live in different towns, so make sure to click the different location to see who's where!

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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: None (Story NPC)

Nymble is a bubbly ball of hyperactive energy contained in a small blue body. He doesn't know how to stop, gets bored easily, and cannot concentrate on anything for more than a minute or two before his imagination takes over and distracts him. He's a socialite, mingling with anyone he can, and learning about every gro he meets. Although he loves to absorb things like a sponge, his attention span will only last so long. If you continue too long on your life story, Nymble may get distracted or interrupt with a question. 

Despite his (usually) good intentions, Nymble is a bonafide trouble maker, and will only follow the rules that make sense in his head. He's too much of an adrenaline junky to say no to a good dare, prank, or stunt. This has gotten him into trouble more than once or twice, but he can't help but dive headfirst back into trouble if it intrigues him enough. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: None (story NPC)

Dryft is a big fat sourpuss. No but really, he can be the most cynical, snide little shit you'll ever have a conversation with, but he does actually have a heart. His default setting is simply set to "edgy teen", because any time he does attempt to play nice, he manages to say the wrong thing or become extremely awkward. Being an asshole is just way easier, so he's settled with what works. 
He actually does like when gros pay attention to him and think he's cool. (Which is very difficult when you're constantly overshadowed by your obnoxiously loud brother) But you'll never get him to admit that. 
His favorite pass times include reading, especially about history, and having debates about the world and why it's going to end. (Wow. Such thoughts, much deep) 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: None (Story NPC)

On the outside, you'll find a polite, elegant, sophisticated Imp that loves to engage in small talk and fashion. On the inside, however... an aggressive, incredibly passionate activist for what she believes in, trying desperately to burst out. Inka has a very strained personality in which she was raised to present herself in such a way deemed suitable for society, but at her core, she can be very hostile and acts up if you get under her skin too much. 
Inka is extremely creative with design and loves to tailor custom clothing in her spare time for Wynsiph residents. For being so young, she is incredibly responsible and mature for her age. This sometimes makes it hard for her to be a kid and have fun at times, always taking the responsible role and getting everyone back on track and organized. 
She is very perceptive to things around her, especially when it comes to emotions. It's too bad her own emotions are not always very balanced, though.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: None (Community Wyngro)

Thistle is now completely out of her mother's pouch and no longer nursing! She can also talk! (Although it's pretty gurgley baby talk and she mispronounces everything) Her personality is very outgoing and she's always wandering off and exploring. She loves visiting the Nook and getting into all sorts of trouble. Watch out for this little stinker! (We suspect she's taking after her dad just a bit)


Click here to read up on how to grow Thistle!

Ms. Netty

Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Magic Teacher

Ms. Netty is the kindest sweetheart you will ever meet. She loves children most of all, and has the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with young, adolescent Wyngrew. But don't think she's a pushover! Netty has several tricks up her sleeves when it comes to discipline too! (You don't want to see her "evil eye"!) While versed in many kinds of magic, Netty is the most advanced at wind magic, and will often flutter around the class to demonstrate her teachings. She constantly discourages the use of magic as a form of fighting, and if a Wyngro uses it on another student in a mean spirited way, you WILL get a talking to.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Nomad & Fitness Instructor

Zagor is confident, often jumps to action and is a tad of a show-off (especially around Netty).

A big adrenaline maniac, he can be quite extreme but means well most of the time. When not teaching, he's a big cuddly doofus that likes walking in the forest and playing with young Wynglings. Because of the nomad tendencies he's hardly spotted in the same place for more than 30 minutes, and is very active and physically capable. He is very submissive when it comes to Netty and never argues with her or makes her upset.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Hatchery Mum

Alma is the parental figure to Wyngrew that never got the chance to have one. She's kind, nurturing and caring, however young ones very quickly learn not to cross her word. She is respected as a carer by both young and old, the time young Wyngrew spent within the Nook is thought back upon with fondness. 
Alma soley runs "The Nook", one of the largest and most well-known hatcheries in the area.

She is often found reading stories to young Wynglings, or scolding them for being naughty!


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Fisherman & Town Nuisance Geezer

Gill comes from a long line of sea-faring Wyngro. However, any family and relatives are away travelling at sea and he now lives alone. He spends most of his days catching dinner in the local water sources.

He appears rather surly at first, that's until you stop and let him talk for a few minutes. He's your walking encyclopaedia for anything fish or fishing related, he can also give you a good run-down on the boats of the docks. Want to learn anything about the water? He'll help you, but you had better set the day aside because it won't a quick lesson, as every few minutes he'll be sidetracked by the tale of some vague adventure.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Town Resident & Advanced Magician

Azoth is very proper and appreciates etiquette and refined tastes. He speaks carefully and methodically until something angers him enough to lose his patience.

Azoth despises the kingdom of Anvota and is passionate on helping Wyngrew learn about Dark magic. (He hates the terms "Dark" magic and prefers the older term "Shadow magic," before there was stigma against it)
Despite his reputation, Azoth has never been unpleasant upon meeting the townsfolk of Wynsiph.  Although many rumors are spewed about him in town, he is very polite and often tips markets and restaurants very well. Azoth is very distrusting because of his past and unfortunate circumstances, so he will usually not speak about Dark magic if asked. But he will smile and offer you tea.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Blacksmith

Gulch is a hard Wyngro to know. He's all business to everyone and only gives his very best customers a deal. You won't ever see this guy take a bribe or slack off. He's extremely loyal to the kingdom and its laws. He would fight tooth and quill to uphold the law and its citizens. Although not the most sophisticated Wyngro around, he's a hardy, trustworthy, dependable old gramps that will always perform with 100%.
Gulch is well versed in creating unique weapons, solid metal gates and chains, even delicate works of metal art on occasions. His favorite part of being a blacksmith is forge welding. There's nothing better than breaking a nice sweat pouring lava onto some thick metal plates. All in a day's work.


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Mayor Tendarei

Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Town Mayor

Strong, bold, and courageous, Tendarei has always had that leader aura. Although he will make a civilized chuckle every once and awhile, he is very much a serious character that takes everything very practically. He takes his role as mayor with great honor and never abuses it.


He can be seen as a scary individual due to his stoic appearance, he's a great leader and does everything he can to keep Wynsiph and its citizens safe. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Pet Breeder

Kalypso can be pretty eccentric, always going on and on until you’re black and blue in the face. She’s spent so much time talking to her Runeboos that she sometimes forgets other Wyngrew can talk back, so the conversation can get a bit one-sided.

But she’s a wonderful caretaker that will give you all the info you need! Always willing to help and goes out of her way to work extra hard at what she does.


Don’t mistreat her pets, though. If she catches you doing something wrong on purpose, she can actually get violent over it. She may not know magic, but her headbutts are deadly when angry.


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Dr. F.

Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Town Doctor/Healer

Dr. F is incredibly knowledgable about anything regarding medical care and light magic, and dedicated to keeping everyone in Wynsiph in the peak of health. Through his years as a healer, he has seen it all and can spot a fibber a mile away, so no hoping to get out of school or work because you have a 'fever,' and you can forget about trying any excuses. If a Wyngro isn't taking care of themselves properly, he's going to tell them so and set them straight. No need to worry too much. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
As industrious and reliable as he is, Dr. F is a total disaster when it comes to taking care of himself. Cooking, organizing, housekeeping and the like are all a bit beyond him. Don't believe his bluffing when he says he 'just doesn't have time for that nonsense.' Home-cooked meals are the easiest way to get on his good side.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Shopkeeper

Rudy is Alma's youngest son, and the local hot mess. He is scatter-brained and a daydreamer, but surprisingly good with numbers and does a good job keeping his business afloat. He's extremely frugal and will not replace anything unless it's in a pile of dust. He's also very clumsy and constantly breaking his own merchandise. You can be sure that every day will have some sort of half-broken discount item on the shelf. 


Rudy owns a basic, "everything" store where he could focus on selling a bit of everything that Wyngrew needed. He owns his own convenience store in Wynsiph where you can find groceries, supplies, and many household items!


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Location: ???

Occupation: Shopkeeper of rare and mysterious goods

Novo is quite the mystery. Despite his creepy and mysterious appearance, Novo is well mannered and kind to everyone. Novo passes through Wynsiph quite often and sets up shop for all to see his rare and valuable goods.


Buying the priceless items he sells can be difficult, as he won't accept typical coins for his stuff. Usually only accepting novas, or other rare items. He's not interested in trivial things like regular market food or basic clothing. You'll need to show him something quite unique to make a trade. 


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Location: Resides in Antova (But delivers mail everywhere)

Occupation: Royal Messenger

Hermes is a very close friend to the royal family and often delivers important letters and news to important Wyngrew.
He also continuously breaks the 4th wall and will talk to members about Wyngro rules and events going on! Think of him as your personal guide to the world of Wyngrew, and a messenger as an NPC!

He's spunky, speedy, and most importantly, informative! Hermes likes rules, and keeping them in check. He's not above overlooking anything, and early in life was seen as QUITE the tattletale.
He can also be charming, witty, and quick thinking in a dire situation.


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Tapkeeper

Ash is a local tapkeeper, and inherited The Rattle's Rest, the oldest tappery in Wynsiph, from his father. It has been in the family for generations. He is quite known for his good looks, charisma, and style, and gives off a welcoming vibe to all those who enter the establishment. He respects all Wyngrew who enter and thinks of them as family, listening to their tales and always make sure they return to their homes safely.


Despite his warm personality, he isn't afraid to play "bouncher" and kicks rowdy Wyngrew out if need be. He'll also tell you if you've had enough sap and cut you off if you're about to pass out. It's best not to mess with him, as his older brother is the sheriff.   ​


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Chester & Maple

Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Carpenters

This bickering old couple is both the parents of Ms. Netty, and the owners of one of the most profitable businesses in all of Wynsiph. Chester's family had already been in the lumber business for generations, and when Maple made her way into his life, she also starting adding in a "feminine touch" to the home building. 


While the couple can be seen giving each other sharp remarks, arguing and screaming at each other, you will ever so often see them rubbing snouts passionately. There is still a fiery romance underneath their crazy exterior. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Deputy

Russell is a big grumpy hothead with a secret mushy interior. He's a true cream-filled hard candy. 
He has a lot of energy all the time and uses it to focus on his work, always on the move and always running around to take care of the town's problems. 
With a gro as busy as him, he doesn't have a lot of downtime, and that's just the way he likes it. Sadly though this does cause him to burn out and take his pent up sleep-deprived anger on everything around him at times. (Which is good because most of the Wyngrew he deals with are right to be angry at!) He's much easier on the Wynglings of course and just can't stay mad at them.

Of course, now that he's been demoted from sheriff to deputy, he has more of a chip on his shoulder and finding it hard to trust others now more than ever. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Farmer

Lasso believes in hard work and a good day of sweat, blood and tears will reap the benefits. She grew up in the generation in Wynsiph unused to magic, so she's not too fond of Netty inspiring so much of it into today's youth. And she sure isn't afraid to speak her mind about it whenever the magic usage gets out of hand either. (She's given Netty a piece of her mind on it more than once or twice)
It's these views that make her connected to Chester and Maple so well. She often works with them on town projects and they get along very well. Although there is always a tension between the subject of their daughter. (They basically try not to run into the topic altogether)

Lasso loves kiddos and teaching them farming life early. Field trips to her ranch are very common in the Nook. She's not very soft-spoken though, even less so than dear old Alma. Some times she sends many Wynglings back to the nook in tears with her harsh words of "encouragement" during those field-trips. Needless to say, as much as she loves kids, she can't stand trouble-makers and has little patience for them. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Bug Expert

Fievel is a chipper little guy with a slight stutter and a bundle full of nerves. He feels one with nature and its insect friends. He loves all animals, but has a special connection with the buggys. 
He's very comfortable with bugs... not so much other wyngrew. He loves to teach others about bugs, but he's bad at organizing and keeping track of large groups, so he needs a lot of help when he visits from the local adults. He also gets extremely nervous around intimidating wyngrew and will usually slowly stutter out of a conversation if his nerves are rattled. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but if you do something to upset him, (like stomp on or eat bugs) he'll probably run away crying. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Tree Tapper

It can be pretty much impossible for most wyngrew to see any hint of Dusty's personality besides his extreme social anxiety. This tapper always has an excuse to be elsewhere (most commonly "Oh I'm working right now sorry-bye") and tends to either leave or outright flee company. However, Dusty is a very sweet wyngro who loves nature and the quiet serenity of a healthy forest, and is always taking care to never harm the trees he taps.
The best way to socialize is to simply sit next to him (but not too close!) and enjoy the surrounding nature with him quietly. He doesn't have a lot of words, but he's much more intelligent than most gros tend to think.  


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Bard

Sammie is the character essence of all things theater and song. He embellishes everything he says as if he is staring in a play at this very moment. 
When practicing new songs, he's often seen picking at his quatar out at the docks and annoying his uncle Gill with his tunes.

Well versed in poetry, play-acting and improve, Sammie is very entertaining, and many wyngrew gather round when he plays in the center of town near the nova tree. 
Sammie is often seen following certain wyngrew around and making up songs about them on the spot if he decides their stories are intriguing enough. Be careful about making a scene around the nova tree if Sammie is hanging around. He's a mighty good gro-watcher. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Librarian 

Iset loves children, and wynglings visiting her library are often given milk and cookies (though they must eat them away from the stacks so that the books stay clean!) 
As an avid advocate of knowledge and learning, she frequently holds readings at the library and visits the Nook to help teach the wynglings to read, as well as some other subjects such as history and science. 

She can be rather dismissive to those she does not care for, rather giving them the cold shoulder or smiling and being short with them, rather then confront the situation. She also does not approve of sketchy characters rumored around Wynsiph, and will scold any wyngrew she finds willingly interacting with suspicious a gro.

Make sure that when you visit the library, you are neat and quiet! Iset is patient, but also very wise to disruptive chatter, and will be right behind you with a stern look if you're too noisy. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Wyngling Teacher

Alice is an extremely enthusiastic teacher, but that enthusiasm can sometimes get her in over her head with overreaching projects for her students. (She’s been known to blow her top now and again when young ones go too far, resulting in a lot of screaming and time outs) Alice has also been teaching long enough that such incidents are now few and far between, and she’s learned much more about what works for youngsters and what doesn’t. Wynglings love her field trips, but hate her spelling tests!
As ironic as it is, Alice often speaks in a sort of bad-grammar slang, has terrible handwriting, and is extremely clumsy. Despite this, she’s excellent on picking out the mistakes of others, so don’t let her exterior fool you! 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Town Elder/Sibyl

Ivy has a... strange sort of wisdom to her character. Most of the time, she's laid back, down to earth, and very blunt about one's character. Don't try to hide anything from this old lady-- she'll pick you apart in an instant. 
If there is a gro that is destined to make waves in the world, she'll likely be able to sense it. But her words of wisdom are usually coated in riddle or absolute ludicrous actions. (One time, she set a whole pack of rattle cattle loose in the square to protest against an Antovian law that was proposed to Wynsiph. Needless to say, the official who was there to propose the law quickly decided this loony town was not worth the trouble and left, only encouraging Ivy's strange ways)

Ivy loves to tell stories of her past and what it was like before magic was in Wynsiph, claiming to be one of the first to bring it into the town. She loves magic, but is often warning young gros to heed with caution, because although fantastic, it can often lead to great danger. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Bartender (story NPC)

Knavish is as electrical as his skills. He loves to show up and be the center of attention, having a hard time focusing on others for extended periods of time and what they have to say. Although he is very charismatic and good at making gros laugh, he has a hard time being serious at all. 

Because of his confidence and unique appeal, he is very popular with the residents of Wynsiph, especially with his hotpink lightning quatar he names "Roxelia".

After losing a bet with the newest owner of the Rattle's Rest, Spallazani, he is now living and working under her as a bartender.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: None (Story NPC)

Giacomo is a nervous wreck around gros, and prefers to absorb himself into a good book or tinkering with his little machines. Talking his thoughts out to his runeboo Novel helps him process his feelings, but he has a hard time sorting them out regardless. Giacomo is easily disturbed by small things that other gros do, and has a lot of sound triggers that make him extremely uncomfortable and unable to cope well. Things like loud chewing, hiccups, coughing, snorting and other bodily noises make his skin crawl. Other little things include looking at Gill's crooked neck, the sound of silverware in a drawer, humming, whistling, flickering lanterns, wide-open spaces... he has an entire list that would fill up this page. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: None (story NPC)

Wenn is.... strange. She laughs at inappropriate moments, and is extremely awkward in social situations, especially in groups or if more than one gro is confronting her. 
One of her biggest fascinations is in death. She is not bothered by seeing it, and can sometimes be found poking dead bodies or collecting them for later dissection. 
She often is a bit inappropriate with asking too many questions at the wrong time, or just lacking general tact. She's used to following orders from others and doing as she's told, for the most part. She usually shrinks up during confrontation and cries a lot. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: King

Huepoe is what many would call a "Large" personality. He fills up a room whenever he walks in, and cannot go unnoticed. He never hides when he has taken offense to something and isn't afraid to get in your face about it.

His dormant wind magic allows him to project his loud voice and laugh across from any room. "Haw HAW Haw!" is quite normal to hear when Huey's in the room. 
He also is almost never seen without a pair of fashionable boots. He is utterly obsessed with shoes and has a "museum" (as his wife calls it) dedicated to his collection. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Lantern

Graw'falla is a gruff, but fair old wyngro. He sticks by the rules to the letter, and strongly stands by the ways of Luxhallow. He does not condone cutting corners or doing half-assed work. He frowns upon magic learned 'independently' and those who avoid the subject of religion. Magic is something that should be feared, and only harnessed by those that understand that fear. 

Is very influential, despite how he appears on the surface. There's something about being able to gain his trust that makes wyngrew strive to impress him. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Spite Hunter

Bulbrax is a "Fight first, talk later" kind of wyngro. When he's not looking for trouble, he's loudly boasting about his past spite hunts or a particularly scrappy criminal take-down. He loves talking about his scars and how he got them, though his stories have been known to change and grow more and more impressive with each telling. Anyone who calls him out on it tends to get a swift headbutt, and often a visit to the infirmary.


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Sheriff

Rusty believes that communication and kindness is the best way to settle differences, so disputes are resolved before things get out of hand. He often fines wyngrew in town for disorderly conduct or other abuses of the law rather than jail time (which was more of Russell's approach). He finds it more of a valuable punishment for not doing something again, and is never afraid to give advice if someone needs it. If they can't pay the fine? Community labor will help pay it off! Why not start with the sheriff's office paperwork? He's always looking for some help with his own duties, and it helps build character! Often, wyngrew come to him just to ask what they should do in a situation! He's happy to oblige, even if he is a busy man.

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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Accountant

There's no way to miss when Coraline enters the scene. Like her father, she has a big personality that can easily dominate a room. Elegant and quick-witted, Cora knows how to lead a conversation and include everyone in social discussion, and is actually very interested to learn more about others. She is not shy about using these gained social connections to the advantage of the greater good. Her ability to pick up useful facts about others could be rivaled with even Maple. 

Cora sets herself up as the one in control of most situations, as she is very organized, especially with gros. She is very good at coming into a big mess and leaving with it running efficiently. This makes her a very hard gro to know, seeing as she's always busy doing something for someone else. Despite that fact though, Cora is also incredibly good at getting others to work for her. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Owner of the Rattle's Rest

Spa is about the dumbest wyngro you'll ever meet. No kidding-- she has the intelligence of a box of crayons: Fun and colorful, but doesn't seem to pick up on any of the details around her. The only thing she seems good at are things left unsaid around wynglings. Speaking of wynglings, they love her! Not only is she fun to play with, but she pretty much spoils children rotten. (This may or may not have been a problem while working at the Last Notch Hatchery...) 
Spa is not very good at reading or writing and often pronounces words wrong. She also easily forgets things gros tell her, and spaces out when gros talk to long to her. She is extremely easy to impress. Just give her a pretty or sparkly gift and she'll love you forever momentarily. 

Since moving to Wynsiph she has taken over the run down Rattle's Rest and gotten it up and running again. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Debt & Tax Collector and Cranny Manager

To most wyngrew, Reed presents a professional no-nonsense front as he conducts his business. He has little patience for excuses of any sort, and no tolerance for threats of violence. While he has the combat ability of a steamed noodle, Reed is used to utilizing local guard force to accompany him on his collection routes when necessary in order to assure his own safety. 

Reed has a black sense of humor and seemingly unsympathetic view when it comes to most other gro's troubles. He has a thick skin when it comes to verbal attacks as well, and only seems to vary between "calm" and "mildly irritated" when it comes to most arguments. 

Reed is not overly outspoken when not working, as his darker sense of humor and line of work tend to make most other wyngrew hostile towards him or just generally unhappy to see him around. He has a hard time socializing and much less relaxing at any point in time. He also has a constant habit of letting his tail drag. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Wyngling Ranch Hatchery Mom

Tal'baa, while more reserved than Huepoe, is no less a charismatic powerhouse and is a natural at instigating riveting conversion with others of high status. She's sharp, remembering the little details that matter when it comes to impressing other notable visiting families of wealth or influence. 

With common citizens of Last Notch, she has mastered the art of small feminine smiles and waves along with the little pleasantries during the rare moments she's out and about. 

When it comes to those under her employ, Tal'baa's demeanor is far less soft. She does not allow others to argue with her over what the right course of action is, especially when it comes to running the Wyngling Ranch. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: ???

A mysterious stranger lingering in Wynsiph, the citizens have been eager to ask questions. 


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Location: Wynsiph

Occupation: Catographer

Dezzmar isn't shy about sharing tales of some of the more exotic regions and regaling others with his adventures ... though some might sound too good to be true. Dezzmar has a flair for exaggeration, though it's not like most gros can tell what's a tall tale and what's not. He's particularly fond of trying to impress the ladies with his stories, and is well known to be a shameless flirt. His charisma leaves him well-liked throughout the town and is extremely helpful with business. 

Dezzmar has great repertoire with most of the town, and they all appreciate his services. Map making takes a good mix of brute strength, magical talent, and intricate detail to explore the uncharted dangers of the world and create accurate detail. 

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Location: ???

Occupation: Leader of the Mischief Marauders

Sanzar is the heart of the biggest bandit camp in the Northwest Territory. Although they travel beyond the northwest often, this area is where they are most proficient and have the most ins and outs for. Sanzar himself is feared by all, and even his closest bandit companions know when to lay off on a joke. His skill in the dark magics alone is enough to strike mystery and fear into anyone privy enough to the rumors of him, but his large, overwhelming presence seals the deal. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Mayor's Son

Barney is the biggest extrovert you'll ever meet. He hates being alone so much, that spending even an hour in the Gumbuckle Estate by himself causes him to get depressed. Always needy as a child, Barney is desperately trying to seek his parent's attention, however busy they may be. Although he understands that being an adult is different, he still has trouble accepting his role as the heir and would rather just leave the control to his brother Tarmarius. Responsibility is definitely not his forte. 

In a crowd, Barney is the most charismatic and friendly face you'll encounter. Always happy to lend a hand, donate some coin, or provide some delicacies, it's no secret that Barney pays for his friendship quite literally. Known to throw a tantrum when things don't go his way, he has a hard time understanding the word "no", or moving on. If you ever want to know about any Gumbuckle secrets, Barney is known to spill them to the closest ear that will listen. He likes to vent, this boy.

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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Quarry Owner

Tarmarius is a no-nonsense wyngro with zero desire to sugarcoat anything. He has little time for people he deems 'beneath' him, and Chi'falla help you if you waste his precious time. He expects jobs done right, and jobs done with quick efficiency. If you can't do that, you'd best hope he doesn't notice you because he's not shy about cutting off 'deadweight' from any of the businesses he oversees. (If you work anywhere in Last Notch, he's basically your bosses', bosses', bosses', boss, no matter where you work. So you'd best look lively if you see him coming.)

Despite this, and his annoyance at inefficiency, he always seems to have more slack to give for his family when it comes to producing money for large parties, sweeping brawls or other unlawfulness from his spite hunter brother under the rug, or securing a space in the Wyngling Ranch for one of Spa's many eggs. 


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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Ori' Quarry Tappery Owner 

If there's one word to describe Ernie with, it's humble. The man is always dispersing credit to other gros. He's always talking about how much he loves his wife, but no one believes he has one, so it's an ongoing joke much like his lack of hair. When he's not working like a work-ori, he's having a seat at the bar to listen to a fellow customer. Somehow, has manages to have time forr everyone. What a guy. 

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Location: Last Notch

Occupation: Banker

Blanca is a banker. At the Last Notch Bank. That's really all she'd like you to know about her, because talking about yourself is so gaudy. But we are all-knowing, so she can put up with the bare minimum here. 

Blanca's step-dad got her the job to "keep her motivated", and look where that got her. Well, ironically, she's quite good at her job, as much as she'd hate to admit it. It pays the bills and allows her to live her emo life the way she wants, so it'll do for now, she claims. Having a Gumbuckle cousin as a step-dad has its perks, but he's so annoying. Always trying to get to know her and be cool. Whatever, it won't work, but let him keep trying, Blanca says. 
While working, Blanca will be able to provide you with all the information on opening an account that you'll need. She'll also list off the recommendations that the bank would like you to know. Just... don't expect any personable customer service.


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