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Puckoo Pox

Contrary to the name, Puckoo have nothing to do with the illness. It’s actually a highly contagious viral infection. Many Wyngrew will avoid those they believe to have the Puckoo Pox.  

This disease give the infected Wyngro a terrible rash all over their body for a whole week.  In some cases it gets so severe it looks like they’re covered in strange markings. The illness also comes with a host of other nasty symptoms including itchiness, coughing, a sore throat, and earaches.

Many Wyngrew have come up with hair-brained remedies over the years that are supposed to help “shorten” the sicknesses life span, such as rubbing dribble shroom ink on your body, from eating puckoo meat that has been cooked in medical herbs. 

Unfortunately, as it is a viral illness, the only thing to do is treat the symptoms and wait it out. But many potions can help make you feel better while you have it and shorten the time it’s in your system! If you can find some blecku blossoms and some frostbloom lilies, You should be able to brew something that will help with the symptoms. 


Frostbloom Lily

Blecku Blossoms


This illness gets its name from the popular crestump fruit.
It starts off with a painful headache, thats grows over the course of the next day, eventually making the whole head hurt. After another day the ear becomes itchy and inflamed, before ballooning in size and turning an ashy blue which resembles the fruit. In some severe cases, the ears begin to show yellow spots all over, which are extremely itchy.  

Don’t believe the old rumors about this one, you don’t get this disease from eating crestump after being out in the rain!
In fact, crestump plays an important part in treating it! When thinly sliced and spread over the ears, it can ease the itching as a temporary aid.
The crestump should be pretty easy to find in the market, it’s always in season, but Stipple Shrooms are what you’ll want for an actual cure. Those will be a bit harder to find, and you may need to go deep into the woods to find some. 


Crestump Fruit

Stipple Shrooms

Snitzer Fytz

Known as “The Fits”, this illness is basically a high fever where the Wyngro’s body temp increases too much. So much so, that sneezing results in flames. It’s a magical sickness that is common in the arid desert to the west, and is usually considered quite dangerous (both to the ill Wyngro, and to those around them), especially if the ill Wyngro is particularly skilled in fire magic! 

Those not well-versed in fire magic who contract this illness tend to sneeze smaller flames or sparks, making them safer to be around but still potentially dangerous to themselves or others if they aren’t very good at controlling where they sneeze. It’s advised to keep water and medical supplies on-hand at all times when a Wyngro comes down with this illness, and keeping them isolated in a decently fire-proof area as well.
Many Wyngrew will give those suffering from The Fits an open window near their bed to sneeze out of, or, for the more practical, a small charcoal furnace. 

This illness is usually contracted in the colder months as a result of the body trying too hard to warm up in the wrong ways. So Alma shouting about “Don’t stay out in the cold too long, you’ll get sick!”, was 100%, not a myth. This is especially noticeable for Wynglings, or young Wyngrew spending too much time in the cold.

A nice stew made of frowny root and puckoo tail should be enough to calm the sneezing and lower the fever. The puckoo tail should be fairly easy to find locally, there’s plenty of Wyngrew who raise them around Wynsiph. The frowny root you couldn’t possibly expect to find around here, but luckily Dr. F always keeps some in stock for Snitzer Fytz outbreaks.


Avoid these berries if you have the Fytz! They tend to make the sneezed flames worse!


Frowny Root

Puckoo Tail

Shed Dread

This disease is the worst nightmare of stylish Wyngrew, as it makes any hair they have rapidly grow and shed, making a mess and ruining their appearance.  It also makes every patch of fur itch horribly, and those who can’t fight the temptation to scratch will find their hair loss only gets worse.  Because of the contagious nature, other furry Wyngrew stay far away from those infected, but you may be able to find some new friends in those with feathers or scales!

This disease is only spread through direct contact, as it comes from a microscopic parasite. Wyngrew who are known to spend a great deal of time outdoors will usually contract this bug, especially in winter when the parasite is trying to find warmth. Alma tends to kick them outside if she finds out, as the disease is more annoying than dangerous. Though if left completely untreated for a long time it can result in permanent hair loss.

Dr. F can make a salve made of rubba shrooms and karmik bark. This will provide a remedy that will slowly kill off the parasites. You just have to apply it to your entire body weekly. And oh… it works best if we shave away your fur first… Sorry. Luckily this disease helps it grow back rather fast! 

Luster Fruit

This will make it much worse. Don’t eat luster fruit if you have this disease, the sugars seem to increase the hair growth and loss! 


Rubba Shrooms

Karmik Tree

Wyngling Wheezes

This illness gets its name from the swelling of the throat it causes. It seems to overstimulate natural wind magic. This illness tends to amplify every word they manage to get out of their mouth, inflaming both their throat and headache. (And giving everyone else around them a headache for that matter)

This gives this illness another common nickname: “A Case of the Gurps”.

It most commonly springs up in nooks and hatcheries. It tends to pop up most often in seasons when Wynglings are kept indoors together for long periods of time and spreads fast throughout the population. This illness is not only infectious to other Wynglings but to adults as well, so take care! Luckily, this illness is more annoying than dangerous: causing sore throats, a hacking cough, headaches, and temporary voice loss. As well as a very, very loud Nook.

This illness tends to go away on its own with time, but Dr. F can make a tea from the juice of a snailfruit seeped with leaves from the assassin’s ivy plant to soothe the headache, if not the sore throat. (Kissing gurps will not cure you, no matter what your friends say.)


Snail Fruit

Assasins Ivy

Runny Glands

Say “glands” with as many quotations as you’d like. The name originated from the conspiracists that believe this illness causes your glands to melt from the excess use of magic! In reality, this illness is simply one of those uncommon, airborne diseases that you get one day, and have no idea where it’s come from. Thankfully, it isn’t contagious and is more annoying than harmful. 

This disease often affects older Wyngrew, especially those who’ve had children, yet it may affect anyone old enough to do magic. Symptoms start off very subtle, with a runny nose or a dry throat. You may notice your eyes getting incredibly dry as it progresses, and within one to two days, all the milder symptoms leave except for the dryness in the eyes. This gradually worsens, until one day a nasty looking dark goo starts oozing from your eyes. Most find it hard to see anything at all at this point, as their eyes sting and itch horribly as long as the goo is there.

Runny Glands doesn’t last much longer than a week with the appropriate treatment. Washing your face every hour or so until it’s cleared up will do the trick, just make sure not to rub your eyes for the duration of the disease! With dribble shrooms and leffa, Dr. F is able to make a tea to help clear up the itching.


Dribble Shrooms



Manafew is a very rare, very unpleasant, genetic disease sometimes present from birth. Typically presenting symptoms dramatically changing a Wyngling’s color and resulting in a lack of either ears or a tail. This disease gets its name for its most detrimental effect, resulting in the affected Wyngro having extremely low levels of magic, causing them to present the same symptoms as spite-drained Wyngrew, such as: 

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Nosebleeds

  • Nausea

  • Depression

  • Weight Loss

  • Fevers

  • Migraines

  • Anxiety & Paranoia

  • Short-Term Amnesia

  • Seizures (In bad cases)

Wynglings born with Manafew (often called “Brights” or “Shadows”, depending on their resulting coloration) that survive to adulthood often do not live full lives because of this disease. As, with such a crippling magic deficiency, most do not live long enough to reach old age before passing away. Some do come to eventually “outgrow” the disease: slowly growing into healthier amounts of magic and even more healthy, saturated coloring. Usually later in life after reaching adulthood.


Time & Luck


Please note that the above placements cannot be used on a Bright/Shadow wyngling when you are using a baby spot color as a secondary. 


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