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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question not answered here? 

Join our Wyngro Discord server and ask in our #wyngro_questions channel!

Most questions about Wyns and upgrade/art requirements can be found on our Wyn guide!

Questions on Group Mechanics

I want to join Wyngro but I don't have any money for a MYO ticket. What are my options?
Check out our Newbie Guide to see all the different ways you can get a Wyngro to use in our group! 

We also have a way to post that you want to join the group HERE, to be public to kind members who are interested in gifting new members a way in! 

I was on Wyngro when it was free to enter, but I left/transferred my gros into a different species/etc. Can I come back? How does that work?
If you left Wyngro and need an invite back to the group, simply note the group with one of your Wyngro approvals. We will send you an invite to join again! 

We do not recognize or keep track of things people do with their Wyngro characters, such as converting them into other species or making alternate versions of them. You are welcome to do whatever you like with your characters outside the group gallery. 


If you have deleted your approval images, it essentially deletes your Wyngro from existence. 


As long as you have your approval images still uploaded to DeviantArt and the Wyngro group gallery, you will be able to continue using those characters in Wyngro. Please make sure that if you have taken a hiatus, to check the following:


  • If you changed your username since you were in Wyngro. (Please note the group with the change!)

  • If you deleted any art from your gallery that originally counted for wyns or upgrade requirements. Your gallery will need to be accurately counted in order to continue with your original count. 

  • Check over our journals & website for any rule updates or new things that we've added! 

If I draw a commission of someone's Wyngro, can I upload it to the group?

Yes of course! But be aware that you cannot claim wyns on something that someone paid you to create

We reward wyns to free giftart. Commissions cannot claim wyns!

Can I sell official Wyngro designs for money?

No, we do not allow Wyngro designs or items to be bought or resold unofficially. Under-the-table buying/selling/gifting is highly discouraged and at the risk of those involved. For eggs, pets, and items, please use the Trading Post

Unapproved Wyngro designs cannot be traded in the trading post.

All approved Wyngrew cannot be transferred in any way.

If I don't want my Wyngro anymore, can I give it away? What are my options?

There are a few different options for characters that you've lost interest in or want to get rid of in some way:

  • Revamp them! - Remember, in Wyngro, the design is always alterable! You can always change their name, personality, design, backstory, and so on if you want to change things up! 

  • Donate the Design - This is for people who want to completely scrap their original character and see them revamped by our artist team to be resold back to the public. Donating your Wyngro MYOs will open up a slot so you can make a new MYO! Donating purchased or bred designs does not gain you anything, but you are free to donate them if you wish! Just head on over to the 'Donated Designs' Discord channel for more info and to fill in the form. 

  • Kill off your character - Not for the faint of heart, but possible if you want some impact for your character's story! Just head on over to the 'Obituary' Discord channel for more info and to fill in the form. 

Do I HAVE to grow my Wyngro up?

Nope! You can wait a long time before they grow up, or just never grow them up at all! However, we discourage this, as they'll have to watch all their friends grow up, be limited to very few upgrades, and not be able to participate in certain events! 

What can we post in terms of gore/blood/sexual themes? (Mature content)

If DeviantArt allows it, we allow it. Just be considerate and mark your work as mature if it needs it. A little bit of blood shouldn't need a mature warning. But intense violence or suggestive content should have it. If you're unsure, you can always ask in our Discord server, or mark it as mature just to be safe! 

Can I change my gro's name or have a different birthday from its hatch date?

Unofficially, yes! But keep in mind that their original name and hatch date is still the one that matters when tracking age for all official uses, such as breeding forms, magic masterlist, Obituary, and so on. 

Can I switch accounts while in Wyngro? 

Unfortunately you cannot, because of our manual system being supported on DeviantArt. 

Deleting your DeviantArt account will erase all progress in the Wyngro server. 

Multiple accounts for use of Wyngro are not allowed and a bannable offence. 

Please attempt to change your username instead using a 1 month core subscription instead! 

How do I obtain a Wyngro subspecies? Like an Imp or a Quill?

Subspecies (learn more about them here) are very special types of Wyngrew that are not obtainable easily within the group. Most are only obtainable through auctions and breeding. More information can be found here

Can I draw my gros with non-gros? (AKA humans or other DeviantArt species?)

Yes and no. They can be drawn, so long as they are not added to the Wyngro gallery. They also cannot count for wyns, upgrade requirements, breeding requirements, or magic requirements. You can however, submit any non-canon interactions to our Wyngro-Fans group!

Am I allowed to make up my own NPC Wyngrew (unapproved officially) to use in my gro's plots? What are the limitations?

In the past we have allowed this, but because of the confusion with moderation, members, and abuse of this feature, NPCs that are not official Wyngrew in someway are no longer allowed to be submitted to the Wyngro group gallery in any way. 

If you need to make up some random designs for a background character in a scene or comic that is in no way involved with a story or plot, that is okay. 

NPCs, like made up parent designs for your gros, relatives, etc. These can exist in your Wyngro's story outside of the main gallery. You can even submit these to our Wyngro-Fans group! But they cannot be submitted to the main Wyngro gallery

Are we allowed to make Fan-based gros?

Do you want to base a Wyngro design off of a Pokemon? Steven Universe? Whatever? While this is allowed, we discourage completely copying the design, name and personality of an already existing character. 

A better idea is to take inspiration instead! Say you really like a character's design, and you use it to base your Wyngro's color theme off of, but your character has a unique personality and different name. Or perhaps you want your Wyngro to be a badass with a heart of gold like you saw on your favorite show, but the design is completely different! 

These are great ways to take inspiration instead of completely copying everything to a tee.

And as it needs to be said, if another artist makes the same fan-based Wyngro, you have zero right to act ill towards that member in any way! Wyngrew can evolve, remember! So take the time to make them unique on their own!

Can I draw flashback images? Where my gro was a Wyngling? Or with older upgrades to depict an old part of a story? 

Yes! But please keep in mind that if your Wyngro is officially an adult, drawing their past self as a Wyngling will not earn you wyns or count for upgrade requirements. (Otherwise it's an easy way out of people drawing their adult designs for easy wyns, sadly, and can be abused in this way.)

When drawing a flashback image, please always clearly label it, so moderation does not get confused. A good way is to add it straight into the title: [FLASHBACK] title here <-- As an example. Or bold it in the description on the top. 

If you're worried that an image you've been working on for the past month is still in the process while the person who owns a gro in it has since had them go through a major revamp, don't worry! We understand that gros are always changing, and so do the members. As long as you're not waiting months after a gro has changed, you'll be just fine submitting outdated art. It happens! 

What's the difference between the Wyngro & the Wyngro-Fans groups?

The Wyngro group is the main group. Only members with official gros are allowed to join. Art submitted to the Wyngro gallery can count for wyns, upgrade requirements, and so on. All art submitted there is considered official and canon, recognized by the group. This is where all of our main events, changes, and such happen. 

The Wyngro-Fans group was created to have an alternative place for members who want to submit things within the community, without being worried about being canon or keeping to the rules. 

That being said, the Wyngro-Fans gallery is not considered all "non-canon". Canon depictions of NPCs, real gros, and such are allowed here. As well as concept art, unofficial gros, made up items, towns, and pets, etc. Please submit to the correct gallery folders. This group is basically where you can run wild and free with anything Wyngro related! 

It is also a place where non-official-Wyngro-members can dip their toes into try Wyngro out! 

How do I obtain a pet for my Wyngro?

Pets, such as Runeboos and Coatala, are a premium part of Wyngro and are usually only obtained through flatsales on our Patreon subscribers of $5/month! Pets are scheduled every day and are a first-come, first-serve basis. Sometimes, however, we do drawing contests to win certain pets and members can offer up their pets for trade on the Trading Post when they no longer want them so keep an eye out! 

You can discover different ways to obtain certain pets by clicking their individualized pages, the list found here!

Can my Wyngro have a free pet? Can they make a pet out of a spoodle or puckoo?

Unfortunately nope! Only official "pets" can be depicted as such. Farm animals or wild creatures should not be portrayed in the group as being depicted as a companion animal. 

Since there are different amounts of days in each month, how do you keep track of how long a 'month' is?
We simply go by the dates themselves. So if a Wyngro was approved on May 4th, it'd be one month old on June 4th.  
On the occasion where the date is on the 31st and the proceeding month on has 30 days, (Or February) just use the 30th or the last day of that month instead. 

Breeding Related Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for breeding TICKET use!

Do I have to use all the upgrades given to my rolled egg?

Nope, all upgrades are optional! Just make sure to still list all the upgrades your egg was rolled within your approval, and make a note of which ones were omitted. That will help make it clear to the mods!


How are "non-canon" breedings regarded in the group?

Technically in group mechanics and official logs, all breedings are considered to be "canon". Whether you choose to acknowledge a breeding in your character's story is up to you, but we highly recommend adding character development and story into your breedings!

Can I portray my wyngro pregnant/with a pouch if the egg they are having is not canonly laid by them?

No. Your wyngro may only have a pouch and be displayed as having the egg they were rolled with! Bred wynglings will always have their biological parents established as far as submissions into the group goes.

If our gros interact with another in a friendly way, but not romance (even when the pics are for breeding purposes), does that mean that they somehow did it?

Eggs indeed require doing the naughty, correct!


I received an egg pallet that did not have the exact eye color or base color of the parent! Why is this?

Your eye/base color will only be changed in tint slightly, if it is out of bounds according to our rules. (Basically, if it's too dark/light) since we do not allow anything too close to pure black/white. The exception to this, however are Brights & Shadows! (Which are basically a genetic disease akin to albinism & melanism)


If I am filling out a breeding form that has grandparents involved, do I link the current references of them?

Yes, use all current references for parents and grandparents. Even if a grandparent has significantly changed since then. 

Can I choose not to list grandparents in a breeding roll, even if a parent technically has them?

No, please make sure to list the grandparents of both breeding partners! (Make sure that you let your breeding partner know this if you are studding the gro!)

Can I list GREAT-grandparents in a breeding roll?

For the sake of our moderator's sanity, please only list direct parents of either/both breeding partners. 

What if I want to marble/gem some upgrades on before an egg hatches, to say it hatched with upgrades it did not roll? Can I do this somehow?

No. All eggs much be approved before marbles/gems can be applied. You are welcome to depict their story as if they were born with said upgrades later, however. If people choose to draw your gro giftart before these upgrades are applied, however, they are free to. Any animosity towards those who depict your gro "inaccurately" towards your story/plans will not be tolerated. Simply say thank you and move on. 

Art Related Questions

Are Collabs allowed in the group? Can I help a friend with their drawing requirements?

Collaborations between artists are very fun and encouraged! While we love seeing artists help each other with those tricky crafts or animations for certain requirements, please make sure that at least 50% of the work for these requirements are done by YOU. If it looks like someone else did it for you or that you commissioned the work to be done, we may send you a mod message to try again. Remember, these requirements don't have to be amazing works of art-- they just require you to try it out and do your best!


If I'm mostly a traditional artist, can I join?
Yes of course! Just be aware that doing traditional art for requirements and approvals can be more difficult than if you were doing digital art. Because digital art is much easier to edit for approvals, we recommend that if you have any means to digital art at all, that you make an attempt at it for approvals at the very least. 


Even if you are a mostly traditional artist, all art added to the group must be cleanly lined and fully colored to count for wyns. 

We recommend markers, and even paint over colored pencils as a medium, since colored pencils take a lot more effort to accurately portray colors. 


Remember that you can always digitize aspects of your traditional work as well! Take photos of your work outside in a natural light setting if you can. Use the best camera or scanner you have access too. Use free/cheap art/photo programs to enhance your work. There are many ways you can achieve this! 

Lore Questions

Does Wyngro world exist in the real world? What real-world elements exist in it?
Wyngro is its own make-believe world where other species and humans don't really exist. Think of the wyngro world like an alternate reality to our world, where magic exists and the people are all crazy dragon creatures. 

Wyngrew are the dominating species of the world in terms of power and intelligence, similar to humans. They have their own animals and creatures that exist alongside them. 


While we like to make up lots of things in Wyngro to replace real-world items and animals, there are only so many ways you can re-invent the wheel. Thus, many common real-world things do exist in Wyngro, such as foods, instruments, items, weapons, etc. 


The only thing we strictly do not recognize are very modernized technology, such as phones/computers/etc. 


And all real-world history of ours, as well as pop culture. For instance, please don't reference Harry Potter or Steven Universe in your Wyngro work. (Vague memes are always good though. Yee.)

Can my Wyngro learn Dark magic? How do they learn Dark magic? When will it be released? Can they be obsessed with Dark Magic?
In most areas, dark magic is taught to be evil and wrong to wynglings from young age, so your wyngro would not be naturally drawn to it. As a general rule, Dark magic in most societies is shunned, see The Ban on Dark Magic
So as much as you want to make your wyngro special and edgy, it's just not realistic for your gro to automatically be drawn to it for no reason at all. 

Dark magic also CANNOT be learned in the group right now. and there is no telling when or if it will be released!

Does [ Insert real-world item here ] exist in Wynsiph?

When it comes to displaying modern age tech, such as phones and computers, please do not depict this in your wyngro art. 

Any real-world foods are welcome, such as apples and spaghetti. Just avoid any copyrighted stuff, such as Snickers or Lucky Charms, etc. 

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