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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Wyngro Breeding Guide

------------------------------UPDATE ON BREEDING------------------------------

Traditional Breeding is currently CLOSED. More information in our Discord server. 

How do I Breed my Wyngro?

In order to breed your wyngro, you'll need:

  • At least 1 official adult wyngro that is 6 months or older

  • A Breeding Ticket (or a Free Breeding slot. Every account gets one)

  • A filled out Character tracker of the gro(s) involved. Found here!

  • A good understanding of this guide!

Free Breeding Slot:

Every membership gets a chance to try out breeding once for free! This is known as a "free breeding slot". It cannot be traded or gifted, nor can the egg you roll with it. (this means the egg resulting in this breeding will be stuck to your account)

Breeding Ticket:

A "Breeding Ticket” can be purchased through the shop. This special item gives you the ability to breed past your free breeding slot, and come with many perks!


Adoption Ticket:

An "Adoption Ticket” can be purchased through the shop. This special item gives you the ability to receive a completely random egg! No breeding checks are necessary, and any two characters and be selected to adopt one!

Free Eggs

  • Your free breeding slot can only be used once.

  • The egg produced cannot be gifted or traded. It is permanently stuck on your account. 

  • The free breeding slot itself cannot be traded/gifted.

  • Standard x Standard wyngrew only, unless using a Travel NPC that allows breeding. 

  • Multiple eggs / double yolks cannot be rolled with free breedings.

  • When breeding between two member-owned Wyngrew, 4 polished pieces of the two parents
    interacting must be drawn. 

  • These images must be a clear depiction of a couple's interaction in order to count. The interaction needs to be something that would progress a relationship. No interaction at all in a piece (i.e. a background cameo) will not count.

  • If two artists are involved in a breeding, each artist must produce 2 of the 4 required polished pieces. 

Breeding Ticket Perks:

  • Ability to gift / trade the egg on the Trading Post!

  • Better odds for rarer upgrade rolls!

  • Using a ticket requires no prerequisite art. You can however submit up to 3 polished pieces in order to gain a boost on rarer upgrade percentages! 

  • Breeding tickets can be used to breed with subspecies!

  • Breeding tickets can be used to roll manafew wynglings!

  • Breeding tickets have a possibility of rolling twins, triplets, or even the “double yolk” egg!

  • Breeding Tickets have the possibility of rolling optional scars that your wyngling can have upon hatching! 

Breeding Requirements:


  • Free breedings must be submitted in the #breeding_approvals channel in the Discord server.

  • When submitting your breeding form, be sure the other artist replies to your comment, giving their approval! 

  • Parents must be biological male and female. 

  • You can breed 2 of your own wyngrew, or you can collab with another artist.

  • Standard wyngrew have a 2 Month breeding cooldown between eggs (this varies for subspecies)

  • You must own at least one of the parents to be able to roll an egg for the pairing.

  • If any wyngrew involved in the breeding are directly related, the egg will not be rolled. The only relations we look at in our checks are the wyngrew present in the posted breeding comment (the breeding pair and their parents)


Adoption Requirements:


  • Adoptions must be submitted in the #adoption_approvals channel in the Discord server.

  • Adoption eggs need an Adoption Ticket in order to receive an egg. These are sold in the shop or given away/traded!

  • Any two adult wyngrew can apply to be the parents! (Biological sex does not matter)

  • 1 Polished Piece showing both wyngrew interacting is required. 2 additional PP drawings can be added for a higher chance at rarer upgrades! 

  • One wyngro adopting must be owned by you. If using another member's wyngro, you must have their permission. 

  • Both wyngro parents must have Travel unlocked in order to adopt an egg. 

  • Egg adoption does not affect the wyngro's Breeding Cooldown. 

  • Stats: Adoption eggs are rolled with any base color, eye color, magic, and upgrades. Twins, Triplets, Subspecies & Event upgrades are not obtainable through Adoption Eggs. 

  • No Breeding add-on items such as Eye Scope or Dual Palette may be used with an adoption egg. 

  • All Adoption Eggs are tradeable / giftable!


Collabing with other members


You’ll be able to collaborate with other artists to match up your characters, which can be a fun way to meet new people and make friends you may have never talked to before! You can also breed two of your own characters if preferred. We encourage character development and interactions, so it’s required to draw these out before you can breed for free, but it's also encouraged when using a breeding ticket as well.

  • Whoever posts the breeding comment will be the owner of the egg. (If you'd like to transfer it later, you'll need to send a note separately) 

  • Please make sure the other artist is okay with the pairing! ALL eggs produced are considered canon for your characters. Talk to them and collaborate! Some artists may only allow a pairing if they are roleplayed together, or some development has been made first.

  • It is not necessary to give compensation in any way to your breeding partner. Please remember that eggs are rolled with RNG and we do not recommend trading items for "studding", for example. 

  • All Couple Images must be a polished piece! There's a handy polished piece guide right here!

  • All Couple Images must be unique. The same image cannot be used for multiple breedings.

  • All Couple Images must show the wyngrew that are going to be bred interacting together. Just putting the two wyngrew together in the same image will not count: they need to be talking, or doing something together, or interacting in some way, shape, or form!

Character Tracker

We require the following form to be filled out for every character that gets rolled:


Much like your Profile Tracker, you'll need to "Make a copy" of this template and fill out your own. There are 5 tabs at the bottom, one of which titled "Upgrades unlocked". This is the tab that is required to be filled out. 

Notes for using the Tracker:

  • Only list upgrades your wyngro currently has! 

  • Prerequisite upgrades are also required to be listed. Example: If your wyngro currently has Feathered Back Wings, you'll also need to add Medium Feathered Back Wings, and Tiny Back Wings, along with the proof links. 

  • When linking magic, make sure to add what row & number it's found on the Official Masterlist, as well as linking to it. (For example: "M - 288")

  • Please do not alter the code embedded in the tracker! If something breaks, we can help you in Discord!


Breeding Form

In order to breed your wyngro, the form found in the #breeding_approvals channel in the Discord server must be filled out.

If you need help understanding the form, see below on individual parts:

Current Ref:

  • Be sure the given reference is fullbody

  • Shows your wyngro’s front & back

  • Is NOT shaded 

  • Contains all current upgrades

  • Exclude Unlimited Clothing & Accessory so the wyngro’s body color is fully visible


If your character is a "Bred Wyngro", you'll need to link the parents references. These will act as the egg's grandparents. If you do not wish to use the grandparents in the breeding odds, you still need to add their references. Add: 'NOT USING' if you would like to leave them out of the rolling. If the they do not have official parents, put 'NONE'.


List ALL current upgrades associated with your wyngro. 


List out any official magic elements your wyngro has learned. You can check to see if they’re official HERE.

If your wyngro has not learned any magic, put 'NONE'.

Mother’s and/or Father’s previous egg roll date:

If either parent has bred before, you'll need to list the date of their last breeding.

If they have not had an egg before, put 'NONE'.

Location of Breeding:

By default, this is set to Wynsiph. If both parents have travel unlocked this is considered Roaming

Finally, if both parents have residency in a different town, you can decide to either set the location to the town OR Roaming, your choice! Learn more about this in the Travel Guide

Character Tracker:

The Character Tracker is required for all breedings, as it's easier on the mods, and may give you an extra upgrade!

Find the template here!

Getting Your Egg Rolled

Do you have all your information ready? Before your egg can be rolled, you must submit your form to this journal so it can be looked over and approved.


Then, make sure to hop into our Discord server and post a link to your post in the #breeding_approvals channel!


Once everything is in order, your egg will be rolled!​

Template Symbols

Some eggs may be rolled with special features that will be marked on the template accordingly. 


This egg's location is labelled as 'Roaming.' Roaming eggs can hatch and be depicted outside of Wynsiph however their residency is set to ‘Wynsiph.’ Learn more about what Roaming means in the Travel Guide


Eye Scope
The Eye Scope item has been used, allowing any color to be used for the Wyngling's eyes. 


This egg will hatch into a pure imp


Half Imp

This egg will hatch into a standard with imp blood. 


This egg will hatch into a pure finn.


Half Finn

This egg will hatch into a standard with finn blood. 



This egg will hatch into a pure quill.


Half Quill

This egg will hatch into a standard with quill blood. 


Half Finn Half Quill

This egg will hatch into a standard with finn and quill blood. 



This egg will hatch into a pure gorge.


Half Gorge

This egg will hatch into a standard with gorge blood. 

Hatching Your Egg

Once you obtain your egg, there are a couple more things to note:

  • You must wait 1 month after receiving your egg’s info and ID# before hatching your egg.

    • This can be negated with the use of an Egg Warmer ​


  • While you are welcome to use the MYO maker to test and play around with your new palette, remember that you will need to use the template given on your egg roll for your actual approval app.


  • Lastly, the following form must be in the description of your bred wyngling's approval image for them to be approved.

Biological Sex:
Egg ID#:
List of Inherited Upgrades:

All done? Post your new wyngling in the #bred_approvals channel in our Discord server and wait for approval!

After the Egg:

Both the parents must wait 2 months after breeding before they can be bred again!

(This is true of all subspecies excluding Imps, who must wait 4 Months between each breeding!)


Can I get a reroll if I don’t like the egg?


How are the colors for the baby template picked?

Every breeding palette is hand-made to create the most pleasing possible color combination for our members! There are many factors that go into how we decide. For the base color, we generally pick the color that is most prominent on your wyngro's body. (So if your wyngro is red with brown placements, your base color will likely be red!) If your wyngro has really large wings that have a massive amount of accent color, we'll still look at the body color instead, for example. Sometimes it's hard to see what the most prominent color is, so we factor in other things as well, such as going for the more medium tone possible, considering what color is "underneath" other colors, etc. Things are sometimes tweaked to go better with the secondary colors, or shifted to make sure they're on the same hue. You're never guaranteed the same palette, so keep an open mind that a lot of things go into these!


Can I approve my wyngling and donate it so I can open up another free breeding slot?

No. You only have one free breeding slot ever. You’ll need to purchase or obtain a breeding ticket in our shop for more breedings. (Think of your free breeding as a test run to see if you like it!)


What if I don’t want the egg I’ve been rolled? Do I have to get it approved?

Of course not! You can let the poor egg sit forever in limbo if you want. If it was made via breeding ticket, you can toss it into the Trading Post in an attempt for something you like better!


What if my wyngrew couple are the same biological sex? How can they have an egg?

They can adopt! Alma has PLENTY of homeless eggs in the Nook, after all.


I bred my wyngro with a friend's and they left the group.  Can I get the egg?

Unfortunately no. Free eggs cannot be transferred under any circumstance, and in order for a breeding ticket egg to be transferred, the original owner needs to confirm it via note or Trading Post. 


Do I have to use all the upgrades given to my rolled egg?

Nope, all upgrades are optional! If you get an upgrade you don't like, you can simply leave it off your approval. 

Can related wyngrew be bred together?

The only relations we look at in our breeding checks are the wyngrew present in the posted breeding comment (the breeding pair and their parents) With this, we want to remind people to be tactful when talking about breedings in the channels. It's up to members if they want to keep track of family trees or not, and any ridiculing will not be tolerated. 


How are "non-canon" breedings regarded in the group?

Technically in group mechanics and official logs, all breedings are considered to be "canon". Whether you choose to acknowledge a breeding in your character's story is up to you, but we highly recommend adding character development and story into your breedings!


I received an egg pallet that did not have the exact eye color or base color of the parent! Why is this?

Sometimes the mods will adjust these colors for various reasons. This could be because the base was too light/dark, not working well in a Dual Palette, Finn eyes being more saturated, etc. While we do attempt to get as close as possible to the parents, our main priority is to craft an enjoyable overall palette for your new wyngling. These are all made individually by mods to ensure you get a quality color scheme.


If I am filling out a breeding form that has grandparents involved, do I link the current references of them?

Yes, use all current references for parents and grandparents, even if a grandparent has significantly changed since then. 

Can I choose not to list grandparents in a breeding roll, even if a parent technically has them?

No, please make sure to list the grandparents of both breeding partners! (Make sure that you let your breeding partner know this if you are studding the gro!)

Can I list GREAT-grandparents in a breeding roll?

For the sake of our mod's sanity, please only list direct parents of either/both breeding partners. 

What if I want to marble/gem some upgrades on before an egg hatches, to say it hatched with upgrades it did not roll? Can I do this somehow?

No. All eggs must be approved before marbles/gems can be applied. You are welcome to depict their story as if they were born with said upgrades later, however. If people choose to draw your gro gift art before these upgrades are applied, they are free to. Any animosity towards those who depict your gro "inaccurately" will not be tolerated. Simply say thank you and move on. 

Does this lack of an ear/tail upgrade mean my wyngling will have one less chance at inheriting one of their parent’s upgrades?

No! The Bright/Shadow tell-tale upgrade is given as an “Extra” upgrade, on top of the potential 5 a bred wyngling automatically gets! However, any ear or tail upgrades will be null and void (Brights MUST have no tail, and Shadows no ears at birth).

Can I use a Marble / Gem to give a Bright a tail or a Shadow ears? 
Yes! They just need to be applied AFTER they've been approved!

Can only Standards be affected by the Shadow/Bright genetic disease?
A: Nope, this illness can affect any and all subspecies!

If I use a Parent Color Picker / Dual Palette and a Shadow/Bright is rolled, what happens with these items?
A: A Parent Color Picker will still be used, as the hues are still distinguishable, even when lightened. However, due to the fact that Shadows & Brights have only 2 secondary colors and must remain rather light/dark, any Dual Palettes will be refunded. 

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