Wyngro Breeding Guide

Story & Lore



Although Wyngrew appear as dragons, or lizards, they are Monotreme, meaning they are mammals that lay eggs and nurse their young.

(In real life, the only creatures that do this are the platypus and four species of echidnas)


Wyngrew are individuals, much like us, so courtship depends a lot on the pair of Wyngrew in question. Although there are very distinctive differences between the bipedal and quad varieties. Quads and Bipeds tend to live very different lives, so it’s not as usual for a Quad and Bipedal to pair up. (Not as many interactions for getting to know one-another)
Let’s not get into the awkwardness of mating practice between the two, but it can be a common topic of hilarious Wyngro conversations and jokes.

Coupling Up


Wyngrew are loving creatures with a strong passion for partnership, and finding the right mate can be a life long goal for many.

Many Wyngrew females just want to be mothers with no desire for a life partner, so they select mates in terms of physical qualities to get the most desirable genes and traits.

The “Snoot Boop”

The most common form of affection in Wyngro society is the snoot boop! This is the act of

two wyngrew rubbing their noses together. (like an ‘Eskimo Kiss”!) Or just squishing their

noses together. It’s something that is really only acceptable for adult wyngrew in a serious,

affectionate relationship. Wyngrew will not snoot boop their friends, for example. 


(Think of snoot boops replacing kissing)

While wyngrew can kiss as well, snoot boops are the common, default show of affection.

If two wyngrew accidentally snoot boop by accident, it’s quite an embarrassing situation!

Snoots boops between parents and children are also common and show love and affection.

Magic & Maturity

Wyngrew seem to use an unknown magic during mating, as Wyngrew that have their magic glands removed/striped away become steril. Because of this, once a Wyngro is of sexual maturity, they can produce young as long as they can still use magic. (Which with most Wyngro, can use magic up until they die of old age or get too weak)

Because of this, Wyngro families can be quite large. A Wyngro that is able to use magic will always be able to produce young.

Mommy Pouches!

Wyngro females do not have a season in which they become breedable-- they can breed any time of the year. Females develop a single egg and carry it inside of them for approximately 3 months. During this time, they develop a single pouch! Unlike a kangaroo’s pouch, that hangs very low on the body, a Wyngro pouch is higher up on the stomach.

The pouch on both bipedals and quads are right up against their hearts. Quads have their pouches higher up on their chest since their bodies are generally longer and bellies face the ground.

Once the egg is laid, the Wyngro female is now considered a mom and carries her egg around with her anywhere she goes via pouch. It takes about 4-6 months for the egg to hatch.

Dad Roles


Males vary on the degree of parenting role. Some are loving dads the whole way through.

Some have no desire to raise children and only breed for pleasure or to pass on genes.

Some are in-between and don’t care for raising children, but will provide for their family with work or hunting.



Wyngrew “parts” are basically hidden in appearance on the body until mating is of interest, so there is never any need to draw a wang on your male Wyngro in a normal drawing. (lol)

Wyngro genitals do exist, but are left out of this guide for sake of a PG rating.

Type of Magic

The ‘white’ coloration of magic glands glowing has been studied but never fully understood. Many binding spells that result in mixing the magic of two Wyngrew in some way will result in this color glow. This type of magic is usually only possible when at least two Wyngrew are involved.

Magic & Adoption/Selling of Eggs


An unknown magic is used in Wyngro mating that results in an egg every time a male and a female are bred together.

Because of this, some females unfortunately do not desire children and will give their eggs away or even sell them. This is why many Wyngrew do not live with their biological parents, unfortunately.

Some members of Wyngrew society will frown upon Wyngrew with multiple partners, or unfaithfulness, or not caring for their young, but it is not as controversial and shunned as it is in human culture. Wyngrew as a society do not overpopulate the world and love increasing their numbers to expand, so any baby, raised by it’s mother or not, will have a place.

Wyngro mothers selling their eggs must be very careful to avoid prices “too good to be true”, however, as some buyers have been known to EAT the eggs in some species and cultures.



Almost every town with a population containing mostly Wyngrew will have what is called a “Hatchery”, which hosts both a place for young Wyngrew to stay, (Usually built with many stories containing bunked rooms like a dorm) and a place for infants to be nursed, grow, and be schooled. This isn’t considered an “orphanage” so to speak. Sometimes Wynglings will be adopted by adults looking to adopt, but more often they will spend their youth at a growth center until they are mature enough to find housing elsewhere. This is a very popular spot to drop off unwanted eggs.


[ALL MYO Wyngro are essentially unwanted eggs that grew up in “The Nook”. If you want to give your Wyngro more of a past, with parents and such, you may. But this acts as a default for your Wyngro to grow up in.]

Hatching Eggs & Nursing


Baby Wyngrew hatching from their eggs are born with eyes and ears open and ready to crawl around and explore. They will still travel in their mother’s pouch for the first month or so as they nurse. (A single teet is hidden on the inside of the pouch during this time.)

After that, the mother’s pouch will start to disappear, but Wynglings who feed longer can sometimes prolong the pouch. It seems linked to when the mother starts weaning off their baby from their milk.

Wynglings not raised by their blood related mothers must obviously be bottle fed.

They grow fast and are able to walk and play, and even start talking within a couple months. Once a Wyngling is out of the pouch, they still stay by their mother, (or parents) but can usually wander off a bit and play at that point.


Wyngrew are sexually mature once they are “adults” and lose their baby spot, but most do not mate at this time as this is more of a “teenager, I’m still figuring myself out” phase.

Wyngrew usually start thinking about finding a mate once their magic training is decent or complete. As magic is the primary way in which Wyngro get jobs or provide for themselves, and in turn, a family. Some don’t even begin to get interested in breeding until they are a master in the desired magics they are interested in, as raising young is a very demanding job in itself. This is usually the time when many Wyngrew will begin to discover attractions to other Wyngrew, however, and form relationships.

Early Education


Early education on the subjects of eggs & breeding depend deeply on the kind of town and what role models it had for wynglings, especially within hatchery walls. 

Wynsiph specifically starts education on this subject very early, explaining body anatomy, sex, eggs, responsibilities, etc.

Alice, (Alma's oldest daughter) specifically teaches wynglings in all subjects, including breeding. 

It's very unlikely that a grown wyngling would not be educated in this subject, since the town is very mindful of education and understanding the basics. 

However, many towns put the idea of complete abstinence in the heads of young gros instead, promoting a more 'hushed' environment about the subject. This kind of education (or lack there of) usually results in smaller towns, or ones that are more regulated by kingdom officials. 

Population Control


You’re probably wondering to yourself: If Wyngrew can breed any time of the year, multiple

times, and they don’t have much of a biological clock, become pregnant after most sexual interactions, then how in the world are they not overpopulated??

The magic in the world is a strange and unpredictable thing. Magic seems to be connected to the world, and Wyngrew with that magic. Because they rely on their magic to reproduce, any disturbance in this magic will result in Wyngrew not able to breed.

Many recorded notes in history tell of times that were difficult for Wyngrew to reproduce, and how treasured eggs were at this time. This is especially true to the near extinction of the “Imperial” Wyngro subspecies. A race of desert Wyngrew who completely relied on magic before they were all but lost.

Perhaps this is how the world controls the population of its magic species? Many theories have been pondered on this topic.

Eggs cannot be produced without consent 


Because of how Wyngro breeding ties to both anatomy and magical essence, there is no possible way to produce an egg without consent between both partners. 

An unwilling partner will not be able to create the magical "lock" in which an egg is conceived. 

Feeling Sappy?

Although "sap" in Wyngro has a very intoxicating effect, it's very uncommon to "black out" beyond memory from a night out drinking at a tappery. Most gros will wake up the next day with hazy memories of the previous night, regretful or not. 

Responsible tap-keepers will regularly kick out patrons that get too sappy and out of control so that no drama happens. 

Still, a lot of eggs happen to result from being a bit too careless with this substance. 

How do I Breed my Wyngro?

So you want to breed your wyngro in the group? Here’s a summary of what you can expect from the process:


You’ll get one free chance to breed one wyngro before a “Breeding Ticket” must be purchased for additional breedings. Breeding tickets can be purchased in the shop. This gives you the opportunity to test it out first!


You’ll be able to collaborate with other artists to match up your characters, which can be a fun way to meet new people and make friends you may have never talked to before! (Although you can also breed two of your own characters if preferred)  We encourage character development and interactions, so it’s required to draw these out before you can breed for free, and encouraged even when using a breeding ticket.


Your new free egg can only be used by you, but it can have several upgrades that it comes from, depending on what the parents have.  Upgrades, eye color, and base colors are rolled randomly by our egg rolling program. Once the egg has been rolled, a template with the colors of your new wyngling will be sent to you via note, alongside any upgrades or magic they have inherited.


If the parents learned some magic, there’s also a chance that your new wyngling could come with a magical ability! How awesome is that? (Wynglings cannot normally use magic)


Are you ready to find out more? Make sure to read all of the details below first!


Breeding Requirements

Each member has ONE free breeding slot attached to their account. Here’s some things to make sure are in place before you begin!


  • Free breedings must be submitted into the comments of this journal.When submitting your breeding form, be sure the other artist replies to your comment, giving their approval! (This will give us the thumbs up)​

  • You can breed 2 of your own wyngrew, or you can collab with another artist.

  • Standard Wyngrew have a 2 Month breeding cooldown between eggs (for Imps, this cooldown is 4 Months).

  • You must own at least one of the couple to be able to roll an egg for the pairing.

  • Both wyngrew must be at least 6 months old. (Check the hatch date on their approval image.)

  • The wyngrew being bred must not be related.  This means no shared parents or grandparents.  Even one shared grandparent is not allowed!



  • If you collab with another artist, it's up to you both to decide who will own the egg beforehand.  Free eggs can only go to the artist using their free slot and cannot be transferred or traded later.

  • The artist using their ticket/claiming ownership of the egg must be the one filling out the breeding form.

  • Please make sure the other artist is okay with the pairing! ALL eggs produced are considered canon for your characters. Talk to them and collaborate! Some artists may only allow a pairing if they are roleplayed together, or some development has been made first.

  • All Couple Images must be polished! There's a handy polished piece guide right here!

  • All Couple Images must be unique. The same image cannot be used for multiple breedings.

  • All Couple Images must show the wyngrew that are going to be bred interacting together. Just putting the two wyngrew together in the same image will not count: they need to be talking, or doing something together, or interacting in some way, shape, or form!

Free Eggs

  • Your FREE Breeding slot can be used for any character, but only one. (So choose wisely!)

  • You will gain 1 bred wyngro egg in this way.

  • The free breeding slot is NOT an item. It cannot be traded/gifted.

  • FREE bred eggs cannot be traded/gifted. Only YOU can use the egg you roll.

  • StandardxStandard Wyngrew only. To breed subspecies together, a Breeding Ticket must
    be used!

  • Multiple eggs cannot be rolled with free breedings.

  • Parents must be biologically male and female in order to produce an egg.

  • 2 of the required 4 Couple Images must be done by each artist if collabing on a breeding.

  • Couple pictures must be a clear depiction of a couple's interaction in order to count. The interaction needs to be something that would progress a relationship. No interaction at all in a piece (i.e. a background cameo) will not count.

Got that down? Good! Now it’s time to pick the wyngrew you want to breed, and send in the form!

Using a Purchased Breeding Ticket Item


  • Better odds for rarer upgrade rolls!

  • Using a ticket requires no prerequisite art. However, drawing a “polished piece” of art to go with your roll will give you extra advantages in your breeding roll! You can submit up to 3 polished pieces in this way! (Keep in mind the art pieces you submit will be counted as they are! If you submit 3 pieces and only two of them count as fully polished, your egg will be rolled only with the benefits of the pieces that count! So put in effort!)

  • Breeding tickets can be used to breed with subspecies!

  • When breeding using a Purchased ticket, there’s a small possibility of twin eggs, triplets, or even the “double yolk” egg born instead of just one egg!


Breeding Form

In order to breed your wyngro, the following form must be filled out. Make sure you read the rules below as well!

Owner of the egg must fill out this form:

Free Slot or Purchased Ticket? :

Owner of Egg:

Wyngro Father


Approval Ref:

Current Ref:



Magic elements:

Travel Unlocked:

Father's previous egg roll date:

Character Tracker:

Wyngro Mother


Approval Ref:

Current Ref:




Magic elements:

Travel Unlocked:

Mother's previous egg roll date:

Character Tracker:

Couple Images

Couple image 1:

Couple image 2:

Couple image 3:

Couple image 4:

Form Descriptions:

Current Ref:

Be sure the given reference is fullbody, unshaded, with all current upgrades (excluding Unlimited Clothing and Accessory so the wyngro’s body color is fully visible), along with showing the wyngro’s front AND back


A link to this wyngro’s parents’ references if they are official wyngrew! (Not NPCs) These are the egg's grandparents.  If you do not wish to use the grandparents in the breeding odds, still add their references, just put: 'NOT USING'.
If the they do not have official parents put 'NONE'.


List ALL upgrades associated with your wyngro.

Magic elements:

List out any official magic elements your wyngro has learned. You can check to see if they’re official HERE. If they haven't learned any magic, put 'NONE'.

Mother’s and/or Father’s previous egg roll date:

Only necessary if the mother/father has had an egg before.  If they have not had an egg before, put 'NONE'.

Travel Unlocked:

Does your gro have travel unlocked? Yes/No? Click here for more info on Travel!

List where your wyngro has residency. The default is Wynsiph if you have not unlocked any yet.

Character Tracker:

We highly encourage using a Character Tracker for breedings, as it's easier on the mods, and may give you an extra upgrade! Find the template here!

Getting Your Egg Rolled

Do you have all your information ready? Before your egg can be rolled, you must submit your form to this journal here so it can be looked over and approved. Once everything is in order, your egg will be rolled!​

Hatching Your Egg

Now that you have your rolled egg, there's a couple more things to note:

  • You must wait 1 month after receiving your egg’s info and ID# before hatching your egg.

  • While you are welcome to use the MYO maker to test and play around with your new palette, remember that you will need to use the template given on your egg roll for your actual approval app

  • Lastly, the following form must be in the description of your bred wyngling's approval image for them to be approved.

Biological Sex:
Egg ID#:
List of Inherited Upgrades:

All done? Post your new wyngling on this journal and wait for approval!

After the Egg:

Both the parent wyngrew must wait 2 Months after breeding before they can be bred again! (This is true of all subspecies excluding Imps, who must wait 4 Months between each breeding!)

Frequently Asked Questions for FREE breeding slots!

Can I get a reroll if I don’t like the egg?



Can I donate the egg to the group?



Can I approve my wyngling and donate it so I can open up another free breeding slot?

No. You only have one free breeding slot ever. You’ll need to purchase or obtain a breeding ticket in our shop for more breedings. (Think of your free breeding as a test run to see if you like it!)


What if I don’t want the egg I’ve been rolled? Do I have to get it approved?

Of course not! You can let the poor egg sit forever in limbo if you want.


What if my wyngrew couple are the same biological sex? How can they have an egg?

They can adopt! Alma has PLENTY of homeless eggs in the Nook, after all. ;)


I bred my wyngro with a friend's and they left the group.  Can I get the egg?

Unfortunately no. Free eggs cannot be transferred under any circumstance.

Can I get a twin/triplets, or a bright/shadow from my free breeding slot?

Nope! All of these situations only appear when using a Breeding Ticket shop item!


Frequently Asked Questions for breeding TICKET use!

Do I have to use all the upgrades given to my rolled egg?

Nope, all upgrades are optional! Just make sure to still list all the upgrades you do use in your approval description. That will help make it clear to the mods!


How are "non-canon" breedings regarded in the group?

Technically in group mechanics and official logs, all breedings are considered to be "canon". Whether you choose to acknowledge a breeding in your characters story is up to you, but we highly recommend adding character development and story into your breedings!

Can I portray my wyngro pregnant/with a pouch if the egg they are having is not canonly laid by them?

No. Your wyngro may only have a pouch and be displayed as having the egg they were rolled with! Bred wynglings will always have their biological parents established as far as submissions into the group goes.

If our gros interact with another in a friendly way, but not romance (even when the pics are for breeding purposes), does that mean that they somehow did it?

Eggs indeed require doing the naughty, correct!


I received an egg pallet that did not have the exact eye color or base color of the parent! Why is this?

Your eye/base color will only be changed in tint slightly, if it is out of bounds according to our rules. (Basically, if it's too dark/light) since we do not allow anything too close to pure black/white. The exception to this, however are Brights & Shadows! (Which are basically a genetic disease akin to albinism & melanism)


If I am filling out a breeding form that has grandparents involved, do I link the current references of them?

Yes, use all current references for parents and grandparents. Even if a grandparent has significantly changed since then. 

Can I choose not to list grandparents in a breeding roll, even if a parent technically has them?

No, please make sure to list the grandparents of both breeding partners! (Make sure that you let your breeding partner know this if you are studding the gro!)

Can I list GREAT-grandparents in a breeding roll?

For the sake of our moderator's sanity, please only list direct parents of either/both breeding partners. 

What if I want to marble/gem some upgrades on before an egg hatches, to say it hatched with upgrades it did not roll? Can I do this somehow?

No. All eggs much be approved before marbles/gems can be applied. You are welcome to depict their story as if they were born with said upgrades later, however. If people choose to draw your gro giftart before these upgrades are applied, however, they are free to. Any animosity towards those who depict your gro "unaccuratly" towards your story/plans will not be tolerated. Simply say thank you and move on. 

I bred my wyngro with a friend's and they left the group.  Can I get the egg back?

Unfortunately no. The only way to regain an egg is if the owner of that egg notes the Wyngro account saying that they are gifting the egg to you. This also applies to eggs you have traded away or gifted to someone else. As sad as this situation is, sometimes you need to move on and adjust plots where you can.

Rare Breeding Occurances

Brights & Shadows

   Brights and Shadows are so named for a rare genetic disorder that affects them at birth, causing unusual color alteration, along with missing either ears, or their tail. The most pronounced sign of both Brights and Shadows, is the accompaniment of the illness known as: Manafew. Manafew is a rare genetic disorder that causes the effected wyngro to not be able to use magic much, if at all, during their lifetime. This causes them to be very sickly and prone to a whole host of other problems while young. 

   Those that survive to adulthood can grow into healthier color complexions and even outgrow their Manafew illness, becoming healthy adults like any other. (Mechanic-wise, it's up to you to decide the direction of your wyngro's story!)


  • Born without tails. 

  • Born with baby spots darker than the base color.

  • Born with an unusually light coat, regardless of the parent's/grandparent's colors. 

  • Born with the Manafew disease. 

  • Born with only 1 Secondary Color.


  • Born without ears. 

  • Born with baby spots just slightly lighter than the base color.

  • Born with an unusually dark coat, regardless of the parent's/grandparent's colors. 

  • Born with the Manafew disease.

  • Born with only 1 Secondary Color.

Q: What if I used a Parent Color Picker/Dual Palette in my breeding and the child turned out to be a Bright/Shadow? Did that waste my item use?
A: In the event of a Bright/Shadow being rolled in a breeding where a body/secondary color item is used, you are refunded your item and it is returned, unused, to your inventory!

Q: I see Brights are born with the No Tail Upgrade/Shadows born with the No Ears Upgrade. Does this upgrade mean my Wyngling will have one less chance at inheriting one of their parent’s upgrades?
A: No! The Bright/Shadow tell-tale upgrade is given as an “Extra” upgrade, on top of the potential 5 a bred Wyngling automatically gets! (6 if you use the Profile Tracker correctly). However, any ear or tail upgrades will be null and void (Brights MUST have no tail, and Shadows no ears at birth).

Q: Can I use a Marble or Gem to give a Bright a tail upgrade anyway?/Can I use a Marble or Gem to give a Shadow an ear upgrade anyway?
A: Yes!

Q: Are they always born with red eyes/accent colors, like the example?
A: Nope! They can have any accent color, and are given a parent's eye color like normal for bred Wynglings (unless Eye Scope is used, of course).

Q: Are Brights and Shadows a subspecies?!
A: Nope! ‘Brights’ and ‘Shadows’ are just regular Wyngrew affected by a genetic disease that affects their color pigment, ears or tail, and natural magic production early on in life. Unlike subspecies, these Wyngrew can even grow out of these disorders as they age (with the right applied upgrades).

Q: Does being a Bright or Shadow affect a Wyngling's Eye Color?
A: Nope! The eye color is rolled as normal (or decided by Eye Scope if that breeding item is in effect).

Q: Can only Standards be effected by the Shadow/Bright genetic disease?
A: Nope, this illness can affect any and all subspecies!

Magic Quirks

Sometimes, when a wyngling has at least one parent well-practiced in performing magic, the wyngling can be born with what is known as a “magic quirk”! Magic quirks are small manifestations of magic that a wyngling cannot really control, commonly triggered by a specific strong emotion. These quirks can be funny or sometimes a little dangerous, depending on which element the wyngling inherits! 


When a bred baby is given a magic quirk, you cannot change what element/ability they are born with. However, if you are not happy with the emotion/trigger for the magic given, you are welcome to use another emotion/trigger for your character. Just keep in mind the general rule that wynglings do not have control over their magic quirk: it’s a result of strong emotional reaction!

Magic quirks also give Standard wynglings a little bonus when learning magic independently! Learn more on our magic page HERE!

Subspecies Breeding


Quills are a subspecies of wyngro that resemble birds. You can read more about them here!

Here are some interesting facts about quill eggs and breedings:

  • Quill eggs are noticeably lighter in weight! 

  • Quill genetics are so embedded into society, that a pure quill can be breed from two standards! (If they have enough visible quill genes!) 

  • Quills are born without baby spots! (Their entire shell is a baby spot!)

  • Quill / Quill breedings will always produce a pure quill. 

  • Because of their light weight, wyngrew often claim quill eggs are extra fragile. Although technically they have the same shell hardness as other eggs.


Finns are a subspecies of wyngro that resemble fish. You can read more about them here!

Here are some interesting facts about finn eggs and breedings:

  • Finn eggs have a somewhat 'wet' feel to them, making them very slippery to the touch!

  • Finn genetics are so embedded into society, that a pure finn can be breed from two standards! (If they have enough visible finn genes!) 

  • Finn eggs are usually hatched underwater, as their gills tend to be the first function they use when born. A finn that hatches above land can sometimes die if their body cannot figure out their lungs quickly enough. 

  • Finn / Finn breedings will always produce a pure finn.


Imps are a subspecies of wyngro that once nearly went extinct. You can read more about them here!

In order to keep their rarity, Imps have special rules applied to them when breeding:

  • Imp eggs are easily identifiable by their armor covering!

  • Imps can only be put through a breeding once every 4 months. 

  • Imp / Imp breedings will likely produce no eggs at all. (Due to the small gene-pool existing.) If no egg is rolled, your breeding ticket is refunded, but your Imp still has a 4 month cooldown.

  • Imp / Imp has 100% chance to produce a pure imp wyngling when an egg is produced. 

  • Imp / Standard will always produce an egg. Cool down time for Imps always apply. 

  • Imp / Standard has a low chance to produce a pure Imp.

  • Imp / Standard that produces a standard wyngro may have a chance of gaining Imp traits, such as arm armor, a mohawk, etc!

  • A standard can never inherit the long neck/body or the iconic mammalian nose/nose armor.

  • 2nd Gen (Bred) imps will only yield one pure imp in its lifetime. 

  • 3rd gen imps are infertile. (Meaning they cannot breed) 

Wanna test out the breeding roller for fun? Click the link above to try it out!