Traveling in the Wyngro World!


Dezzmar: Arrrrrrr welcome welcome, to Dezzmar's Map Emporium of Exquisite Goods for the Traveling Wyngro! (Otherwise known as "X Marks the Spot!" )


Nymble: I call it "X Mart" for short!


Dezzmar: Oi! Nymble! I've told ye not to call it that!


Nymble: Oh right! How about... Dezzmar's Travel Shop instead?


Dezzmar: ....That'll do!

So you want your Wyngro to travel the world of Ennth? Well let's dig into it! In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know, provide locational maps, and all the mechanics that go into Travel! 

What is Ennth?

​Ennth is the name of the world! This is what wyngrew refer to when they refer to the world as a whole, or their known existence on the planet, basically. When referencing soil/dirt/ground etc., gros still use the term "earth", it just doesn't also mean the planet. So the phrase, "What on Earth!?" would instead be "What on Ennth!?" 

Is there a "World Map"? 

​There sure is! This is the known world in Antova country, with all the currently known locations labeled on it to scale.

(Note: There are more established locations that are known by wyngrew, they just haven't been release or created yet in the group) 



​The Antovian Kingdom is split into separate territories, and each territory has its own ruling city that helps to represent the Antova laws, acting as a central hub for traveling officials. These hubs receive funds from the central city of Antova in order to establish a cultural and societal standard. Although each town may have its own ruler, all fall in line with King Zenith, and must adhere to any ruling that comes to pass. 

Leader Territory Towns:

Northwest Territory: Last Notch

Southwest Territory: Unknown
Northern Territory: Unknown

Central Territory: Antova

Southeast Territory: Unknown

Northwest Territory Map:


Nymble: I hope you like my map! I worked on it for almost a whole year getting it perfect! Dezzmar has better maps that go over the geography and stuff but.. it wasn't very pretty to look at. So just remember everything on here isn't exact, and more as a general guideline. (I may or may not have exaggerated on some things... hehe.) Oh, and you can fullview it here!

Northwest Territory Locations:

Below are the current selection of towns your wyngro can move to and become a resident of! 


Description: Wynsiph is the main town you start in! A "humble beginning" sort of village! Although there is one magic teacher, Wynsiph is more concentrated on farming & fishing, as it has one of the largest lakes in the area: Palamino Lake. It's also known for bordering the Fickle Forest, which is one of the largest and condensed forests in the Northwest Territory. 


Residency Needed: None

Leader: Tendarei Rellik

Hatchery: The Nook

Residency Requirements: 

  • Dark Magic Ban 

  • Marked wyngrew cannot gain residency within the borders


Description: Last Notch is known for its strange name and nova tree nicknamed "The Arch". Located southeast of Wynisph, Last Notch is the lead territory town of the Northwest Territory. It began as a mining town and is rich in minerals, quarry oris, and wibbles.


Residency Needed: None

Leader: Huepoe Gumbuckle

Hatchery: The Wyngling Ranch

Residency Requirements: 

  • Must complete the “Last Notch Residency Quest.

  • No Finns (For their own safety) 

  • Dark Magic Ban 

  • Marked wyngrew will be fined if seen in Last Notch

Different Methods of Travel:


Once your wyngro is packed, it’s time for your them to choose how they’re going to get to their destination! 


Traveling via Shared Wagon:

Most wyngrew take a wagon when traveling between towns. Merchants and traveling-folk alike usually are willing to offer a spot on their wagon if they have room, and some towns with high enough traffic between them have regular wagons running just for transportation alone.


 Wagons offer safety in numbers, and most efficient transportation of goods if your wyngro has a lot of things moving with them. The best part is, they’re usually very affordable! A few coins and you’re offered a seat. Not the most comfortable way to travel, but a good start for a safe trip!


  • One of the safest ways to travel.

  • Move more stuff.

  • Easiest physically. For gros that get tired out easier, this is a must!

  • Faster than walking.


  • Cramped space.  Butt cramps are real.

  • Costs money.

  • Stranger danger. Very close quarters with gros you may not get along with.

  • Possible motion sickness.


Traveling on Foot:

Those who wish to save on coin usually travel with a group of friends by simply walking to closer destinations.
This mode of travel requires light packing, and a prepared group in order to traverse the non-nova tree protected regions.

So long as the group is large enough, they will be safe enough from most common spites, but this method is full of potential anomalies, so it's more or less a last resort option for peasants. 


  • Fun bonding trip time! How many road songs can you sing?

  • FREE! (kind of)


  • Needs a prepared, well-balanced group in order to be safe! Do you have someone prepared to tackle any bothersome spites or foes like bandits & marauders? You’ll need some capable fighters just in case either way!

  • Major planning! Did everyone pack enough food and water for themselves for the trip? Do you have the supplies to camp out at night, and friends willing to keep watch in shifts so nothing sneaks up on all of you?

  • Must bring lasting snacks, or knowledge of edible fauna along the way! (Or the ability to hunt!) Risk of being poisoned or made ill from unsafe foods.

  • Cost of good supplies. (More than what you’d need for a wagon trip.)


Traveling on Quarry Ori-back:

The best, safest way to travel hands down, and the fastest for gros who don't hone wings or are exceptionally speedy in flight. Oris are the fastest domesticated steed known to wyngrew.

You'll need the ori first, of course. Which, is a very large expense in itself! Oris also are very expensive to care for, and need a lot of room to own one. So although the best method, it is also the most expensive. 

Oris also need riders that know what they're doing, and unless the ori is exceptionally bred and trained by an expert, you'll need a decent bond with the particular ori as well in order for it to be a good steed on the road ahead. 

There's nothing better than owning a good ori, so if you have this advantage and aren't planning on moving a ton of stuff, the ori is the best way to travel!


  • Considered the safest way to travel.

  • Pack a decent amount of supplies on your ori. 

  • Very fast! 

  • Non strenuous on your body!

  • Oris are quick enough to avoid any spite on the roads when running.


  • Ori maintenance. Watch for injuries, health, and feed your ori on the way! 

  • Using a non-trained ori or one that spooks easily can end in disaster, or you getting stranded or even injured from said ori!

  • Oris still need to rest, and being stationary for too long, can attract spites and bandits.


River Travel:

Depending on where you need to go, traveling by river might be in your best interest! Not only is is relatively safe, but it's a fast way to travel with a lot of stuff! Many who prefer not working with animals often seek river travel if available, as boats don't need to be cared for like animals. You'll need to unload a decent chunk of money if you're buying your own small boat, but many port towns have services that will take you to different destinations for a fee as well. 

If you're going with your own boat, you'll need some experience in maintaining and steering it, as well as steering clear of dangers that will lead you off course or down the wrong stream. It's also recommended that you know how to swim, just in case!


  • A fast way to travel! Not a lot of endurance needed, depending on the river.

  • Able to carry plenty of stuff!

  • Your 'vehicle' doesn't need to rest or be fed.

  • A fun, scenic way to travel!

  • Abundance of water at all times!

  • An easy option for finns!


  • Expensive. You'll need a boat, and all the equipment to maintain it. 

  • Experience. Boats take some knowledge to maintain and understand.

  • Risk of supplies getting lost or wet in the river. Also should probably have strong swimming skills. 

  • Restrictiveness. Not all places can be reached by river, and different courses require good planning. 

flying travel.jpg

Air Travel:

Wyngrew with wings can often turn a couple-days trip through rough or forest terrain into a one-day flight, especially if they know wind magic and travel extremely light!

Most wyngrew who deliver mail are winged for this reason, able to safely avoid most ground-bound spites and travel quickly between townships.  


  • Fastest way to travel!

  • Avoids most spites and common threats.

  • Harder to get lost, as landmarks are far easier to see.

  • Quills can easily push past several hours of flight on a good day, due to their hollow bones and natural wind magic.


  • Can bring very little with you. (little more than the clothes on your back and the coin in your pocket), especially if you don’t want to wear yourself out.

  • Intense physical endurance. Physically fit standard gros can typically be in full flight for around an hour before needing a break.

  • While flight is generally more safe, other flight able gros still exist, and winged bandits are not unheard of. Unless you are prepared for air combat, this is far more dangerous than getting mugged on the ground. 

  • Rest must still be regained on the ground, so those dangerous conditions still apply. 

  • Bad weather can be unpredictable! Prepare for the possibility that you will have no choice but to travel on foot.

Travel Rules:

The world of Wyngro is much more vast than the town of Wynsiph! There are some rules to follow in regards to your character visiting other official locations, so here's what you need to know:


Travel between the different towns, cities, and locations of the wyngro world is currently limited to the locations marked as Open on their info pages. Please be sure only to display your wyngro going to and in locations that are open to the public when you submit art to the official wyngro gallery! Traveling the world can also be dangerous! Only wyngrew who have proven themselves responsible and completed a specific number of Quests can travel to different towns! (see below on how to unlock Travel!)


How to Unlock Travel:

  • Only adult wyngrew can unlock travel via Questing. 

  • You may travel to any location listed above.

  • As journeys are strenuous (and sometimes dangerous), egg bound wyngrew/eggs/wynglings/slowgros cannot travel. 

  • To be marked as officially able to travel, an adult wyngro must first complete the “Leaving Wynsiph” Quest and be accepted through the #travel_masterlist channel in our Discord server!


Benefits of Traveling:

  • Have your wyngro explore the vast territory, go on adventures, and draw them exploring outside of Wynsiph for once!

  • Some upgrades will be exclusive to specific locations! (Some requiring residency!)

  • Different towns provide different quests, benefits, and rewards for the wyngro that lives there! 

  • Use the Traveling NPCs in breeding!

Travel Ticket: 

This special item can be found in the Store, and can be used to skip the quest requirements for unlocking Travel. This can also be used to unlock travel for wynglings. (If your wyngling is so bold!) 


Travel & Breeding:

Where your characters exist in the world will affect the Location of any eggs they breed! This is a big step in obtaining new characters that are officially born in places other than Wynsiph, so you can feel more expanded and free to spread out! Bred wynglings will have the option of being located in Last Notch, or other towns that pop up as the Wyngro world grows. This means you'll have to take careful note on the location of any eggs you want to trade for, as different towns have different NPCs, quests, settings, and more!
Below are the steps for breeding in a different town. 

  • Officially grow up your wyngro. 

  • Go to the Quests page and have the wyngro you want to travel complete at least 3 Wynsiph quests.

  • Take the Leaving Wynsiph Quest.

  • Unlock Travel by posting to the #travel_masterlist channel in Discord.

  • Once approved, you now have travel unlocked! Your wyngro can travel to any town, official or non-canon. 

  • If your wyngro breeds with another wyngro that also has travel unlocked, the egg rolled will be listed as Location: Roaming!

  • Eggs hatched with this label will be able to be portrayed anywhere in the known territory, but they cannot be born in or grow up in official towns. 

  • In order for an egg to have their location be an official town, your wyngro will need to take a residency quest for that particular town!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Residency: How can I give my wyngro residence in a different town?

While your wyngro can travel to and enter any town they come across, they’ll only be able to stay at inns and will be limited in what they can do in that town, unless they obtain a residency chip! (See more on residency chips below) 

Each town has different requirements on how to obtain a residency chip. Some require you to pass a “trial.” Others have requirements on your species, form, upgrades, etc. 

Check the info on each town to see what it requires of your wyngrew!


What is a Residency Chip?

Residency chips are very important items that are created with special materials and magic to each specific resident. Don’t lose your chip! (replacing them ain’t cheap!) 

There are also rumors of wyngrew forging false chips and selling them on the black market for easy/cheap residency. Be cautious-- as this is a criminal offense!

How do I get a wyngling born in another Town?

Adult wyngrew who have residency in a particular town can breed with any other adults in that town, allowing them to settle down and have a family… or not! All towns have local Hatcheries to accept and raise unwanted eggs. Just keep in mind that eggs cannot travel between towns easily. Wherever an egg is laid, that’s where it has to be officially labeled as its Hatch Location!

The only exception to this rule is Wynsiph: The Nook is a widely-praised hatchery, with eggs from all over being sent to Alma's doorstep. No matter where an egg is laid, you can still choose to have it sent to Wynsiph to hatch and grow there!

Can I discover and create my own town somewhere on the map?

Absolutely! Having your wyngro come across towns that are not official is encouraged! You're welcome to come up with your own lore, community, maps, etc. Perhaps your wyngro founded the town themselves! Feel free to make your own side group, invite your friends, and so on! You can even come up with new plants, landscapes, minerals, materials, etc. Just please note that unofficial creatures must not be counted for wyns/requirements and should not be uploaded to the main group!

Things to be aware when creating your own town: 

  • You may pick any place on the Northwest Territory map to say where your town is located, regardless of another member saying there is a town they created there. Any harassment of "claiming dibs" on parts of the map will not be tolerated. 

  • While you're able to use background characters to display an active, populated town, please make sure to avoid using unreleased subspecies, other group species, non-canonical character, etc. Please avoid depicting non-official imps in travel images. (As they are exclusive to Antova) 

  • Remember that reoccurring, non-official characters that appear in more than one deviation, having a specific role, etc. should not be submitted to the group gallery, counted for wyns, or be used for requirements. Displaying vague depictions of background characters or silhouettes is fine. This also goes for small fauna such as birds/fish/bugs/etc.

  • While we encourage you to fill the world with elements that will make it more realistic and rich, we want people to avoid creating new creatures. This is because it can be confusing for moderation, wyn counts, and counting characters for unofficial creatures. We also want to avoid leading the community to veer too far from the intended world design. We're always working on new creatures and world building for Wyngro, so thank you for being patient while we introduce more lore.

  • Disclaimer: Any content created within the group and submitted to our gallery may be used to official means. (This means that if we like your world building, we might use it for the official group!) 

Art Credits

Thanks you for all of the wonderful art! Images above were drawn by the following artists: