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Quest: The Great Cartographer


Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Your wyngro must live outside Wynsiph. (Last Notch residency or roaming)

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Dezzmar is known for his maps and stories of his many travels. You learn he is within your area, time to go get yourself a map!

Steps: 1



It’s been some time now since you’ve decided to venture out into the world. To go out and discover the world's mysteries! Before you can even think to traverse the vast landscapes however, you kind of... have no idea where you're going.
Good thing you've caught wind that Dezzmar is around the area. Quick as can be, you ask around to find out where he was last seen and promptly head over to the location.


Making your way through the outdoors, you catch a glimpse of blue and head towards it. Is it… yep, there he is! The man, the myth, the legend: Dezzmar the cartographer! 

You excitedly move your way towards him, his back to you as you approach. You quickly realize the mistake in coming up to him so quietly from behind, as the next movement shocks you to the core. In one sweeping motion, the man turns and has a blade to your throat in an instant.


Dezzmar: Can I help ya, little grub?

His expression is dark as You gulp, putting a hand up in a non-threatening gesture. You plead that you were just looking to buy some maps, and mean no harm. Dezzmar's expression softens at this, and he quickly sheaths his weapon.


Dezzmar: Well shards, why ya trying to sneak up on me like that then? I thought you were a bandit!

You sigh with relief, glad to be out of danger. You mention that you’ve heard of a well-known cartographer around these parts, and ask if he is in fact as good as they say. He smiles proudly at this.


Dezzmar: Haha! Well, I have yet to hear of anyone else who makes maps as good as me. You’re very sharp! I am Dezzmar, yes, are you looking to buy a map from me? 

You nod your head. You ask if he has any for sale, and for how much. Dezzmar pulls out his case of maps and shows a few to you, asking where you are interested in going.


Dezzmar: I got maps from all over the place! I tell ya, the stories some of these maps can tell you! But I'm sure you’re not too interested in hearing those.

You perk up. The idea of hearing a story from such a well-seasoned traveler is almost too good to pass up and luckily for you, there is nothing else to do for a little while. You insist that Dezzmar shares a story.


Dezzmar: Haha, well aren’t you a curious one. Well pull up a tree stump and I’ll tell ya one!

You settle onto a nearby log to listen to Dezzmar's tale. He clears his throat before he begins his story.


Dezzmar:  I remember when I was but a youngun, fresh in the whole cartography career, and I didn’t know much about anything. Let me tell ya kid if you get given advice about anything, you dang well listen to that advice or you’re gonna get yerself killed! 


Dezzmar: I was stupid and wanted to check out some uncharted territory. A big old-growth forest that not many folk go to. I was told 'be careful out there, the place is riddled with sneebs', and I was like 'yeh sneebs, sure. I’ll be fine!'

Well, tell ya what... I got lost in those woods pretty darn quick!

You lean forward on the log and rest your chin on your hands, eyes wide with anticipation.


Dezzmar: Being lost may be unproductive, but at least I was able to do some sketches for my next set of maps! Fat lot of good they'd be if I ended up dying though, so I knew I needed to do something. And tell ya what, I'd be dead for sure had it not been for the wild herbs to keep me going… but the real danger was in finding water.


Nearly two days without it, and I was starting to lose it. Luckily, drawing out maps of the area kept me from going in circles. Finally, I found a pond that looked good enough to drink from! I was saved! That is until…. I saw it…

What!? What did he see? You ask, excited to hear more of the story. Dezzmar opens his arms big and wide.


Dezzmar: It had to be a 25 footer, the biggest sneeb you could ever imagine! With its large, menacing eyes... and teeth as long as swords!

He whips out his own sword for extra effect, the metal unsheathing sound stinging your ears. You gasp with anticipation.


Dezzmar: I tell ya, I spared no moment and ran as fast as I could! I didn’t even stop to take a breath, no sir! I ran and ran and ran until my legs were about to give out! Lucky for me, I somehow found my way out of the forest! 


Dezzmar: I tried tellin' folks about that sneeb, but no one would believe me! Said it was a bunch of crock and that I was hallucinating everything! Well, I know what I saw and it was definitely a giant sneeb! Ugly one at that too.

You ask Dezzmar if he ever went back to the forest to finish charting, and if he ever saw the sneeb again. Dezzmar chuckles and shrugs.


Dezzmar: Never saw it again, but aye, I did go back and finish charting that forest a few years later! But this time, I took an expert with me to make sure I didn’t get lost again. 

Dezzmar then pulls out a map and unfurls it on the ground for you to see. Blowing some dust off it, you stand up to get a better look at the map. The paper has been wrinkled on the edges, looking as though it's been discolored overtime. This is indeed a very old map.


Dezzmar: This is the map I drew shortly after! You can tell it’s an early map, by the inexperienced lines and all. I carry this old map to show anyone interested since it’s nice to show the progress of discovery over the years!

You feel like you’re staring into the past. You’ve seen maps way more detailed than this, you almost find it hard to believe that Dezzmar was the one who even made the map in the first place.


Dezzmar: The moral of the story is to take advice from those you come across. Even if it sounds like utter gurp turds, some travellers you find on the road know way more than you think! You gotta use your brains kid!

He pokes you in the forehead and chuckles. You can’t help but chuckle along with him. You thank Dezzmar for the story, glad that you got to hear one of his many adventures.


Dezzmar: Naw, ‘tis my pleasure! I don’t often get the chance to tell stories these days. Most folks prefer to buy a map or ask some advice before hittin' the road. Speaking of, you still want a map for yourself?

You nod, and Dezzmar wastes no time in grabbing a map for you. After paying for it, you thank him once again for everything and hope to see him again one day.


Dezzmar: Safe travels kid, remember to use your head and to seek advice from those well seasoned. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again someday.

Rules for Questing:







Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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