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Welcome to Wynsiph, Wyngro's "starter town"! Known for one of the largest lakes in the Northwest Territory, Wynsiph relies on farming and fishing, making it a well-known for food production. It has a little bit of everything, from the beautiful Caravine Cliffs, to the mysterious Fickle Forest the surrounds the southern border. Wynsiph is also your last stop for a rest at a nova tree in the northwest, as going further north is dangerous and unknown.

It connects to a main road leading to the capitol city of the Northwest Territory: Last Notch. The town is very basic and uses very limited technology, relying mostly on hard labor work for farming and fishing. Most small wyngrew homes still rely on gas stoves for warmth and lanterns for light. Wyngrew here are also very “low magic”, meaning they do not rely on magic to power their lives. Mostly hard work and brute strength get the work done here, although the use of magic is not unfamiliar either, especially since Mrs. Netty opened a magic school.

Laws are fairly tame, and due to how far away Wynsiph is, the Kingdom of Antova rarely gets involved in the town.

During the Deelagun attack, Wynsiph's nova tree was destroyed and replaced with a new nova tree, provided by Last Notch. 



Wynsiph is a 4 seasons town, experiencing the chilly snow of winter and the humid heat of summer. Notable features include:


Palamino Lake: Wynsiph's pride and joy, and one of the largest lakes in the Northwest Territory! Surrounded by cliffs, mountains and forests, its no wonder Wynsiph was built on the foundation of such a cool mass of water!


The Nook: The largest hatchery in town, owned and run by Alma Ataru. Another staple of Wynsiph is how welcoming all eggs are raised with care, regardless of their heritage. The Nook is a multi-level home with several rooms for all stages of growing wynglings.


Rellik Estate: Wynsiph's Townhall, where the Rellik family gathers to discuss topics of the town and other decisions. Owned by Ivy, elder of the Relliks and town sibyl. Because the family is so small, non-related officials of the town are also welcomed. 


Wynsiph Chant: A newer addition, Wynsiph's chant is a place of healing and sanctuary. Run by renowned lantern Graw'Falla, wyngrew can come here anytime for healing or spiritual guidance. 


Dezzmar's Travel Shop: On the outskirts of Wynsiph stands an enormous tree that's been fashioned into a house/shop. Dezzmar offers anyone on their way to travel a variety of goods, such as maps and weapons!


Nova Tree: At the center of the town is Wynsiph's own Nova Tree, which protects the town by repelling spites. Although the tree is still small (as the previous one was destroyed), it nevertheless shines bright.

Detailed Bird's Eye View Wynsiph Map
(Click to zoom for detail)

Wynsiph (Take 5).png


All events below are points in history that were made by the impact of member participation and severely impacted the town.

The Giant Deelagun Attack

And destruction of the Wynsiph nova tree

On Warptide Night of 2018, a giant deelagun spite inexplicably crashed through Wynsiph, making a beeline to the center of town where the nova tree resided. The deelagun acted crazed, and attacked any that came near it. It seemed bent on destroying the nova tree, clawing at it and gnawing at the crystals whenever it was not currently being attacked by reinforcements.

Elder and town sibyl Ivy prophesied three different paths for Wynsiph depending on the actions of the town working together, and warned that killing the beast would result in the destruction of the nova tree and countless deaths. 

Head of the guards, Russell, led all able forces to attack the deelagun ruthlessly, despite Ivy's warning. 



This deelagun was ten times the size of any deelagun encounter on record, and had the unusual ability to morph as it became more injured. Three stages, to be precise. The third of which sprouted wings from the flesh on its own body and attempted to fly away before it was killed. 

The town was highly efficient and only lost minimal life in destroying the beast. However, in killing the deelagun, the spite flew into the air and then collapsed onto the tree, destroying what was left of it and impaling itself at the same time. 

This ended the battle, but the blood spilled from the deelagun caused a cursed plague to engulf the town. 

The Deela Plague

And the pact with Last Notch

As a result of the bloodlust from the townsfolk of Wynsiph, the deelagun's blood resulted in a plague-like sickness throughout the whole of Wynsiph. Any wyngro that resided in the town was likely to become sick. Nearly half of the town became infected, and hundreds died soon after contracting what was called "The Deela Plague". 

The Deela Plague was most notable for the deelagun-like black spots that appeared on the gro's body, trailing from the neck to the tail in a line. These spots, as well as the eyes of the gro became infected and secreted black oozing liquid. The infected wyngrew became bedridden with flu symptoms, coughing, struggling to breath, and several cases, dying. 

Once the town's doctor became stricken with the Deela Plague, the mayor of Wynsiph, Tendarei, had no choice but to agree to the terms and conditions sent by the neighboring town Last Notch. Due to the deteriorating, dangerous state that Wynsiph was in, Last Notch would only agree to send help, if Tendarei signed a scroll that technically put Last Notch as the new owners of Wynsiph. In addition, Tendarei would only be able to continue leading the town if he was betrothed to one of the daughters of the Gumbuckle family. (The family that owns rights to the Last Notch town) 

Once reinforcements arrived from Last Notch, the Lantern known as Graw'Falla was able to pinpoint that the sickness was due to a curse, and began to remove the curse from the core of the infected nova tree remains. 

This removed the Deela Plague from infecting the town, and Graw'Falla began to heal the infected back to health.

NPCs that reside in Wynsiph:












Mrs. Netty









Dr. F.


Chester & Maple
















NPCs (non player characters) are characters owned by the group. They may be used in any way you like in order to help develop your own characters! While only official NPC art is considered 100% canon, we love seeing where people's interpretations take these characters, and we may use what you come up with to be canon if we like it! So have fun with them! 

(Click on each icon to be taken to a full reference and description to get to know them better!)


"The Nook"

Wynsiph's Hatchery



Owner: Alma

Teacher: Alice

Rbcop  - Full.PNG

The Nook is Wynsiph's local hatchery. A “hatchery” refers to the growth center for all parent-less eggs. This is where all MYO wyngrew are born and live until they find their own way in the world! This acts as a great default for your Wyngro so you don’t have to wonder where their parents are or where they live.


Hatcheries are very common in wyngro society. Wyngrew moms may have eggs very frequently and do not always want them, so a hatchery is an acceptable place to leave an egg they do not desire to care for. (Or cannot care for) This is not frowned upon like it is in human society, and any wyngro orphans are happily accepted and taken care of by the town. Although hatcheries are common in most towns, some towns do not have them, preferring stricter policies on breeding in general, or apply fees and taxes to maintain them. It differs from town to town. 


The Nook is one of the largest, and accommodating hatcheries in the area, so pregnant wyngrew from out of town will often travel here to have their eggs and leave them in the care at The Nook, then leave soon after. Sometimes a gro who wants to adopt a wyngling to care for but is not ready to have their own children, or who cannot find a mate for whatever reason, will adopt an egg or young wyngling from here.

It’s not uncommon for most wynglings to live their entire childhood parent-less and at the Nook though, and neither is it considered sad, or that the wyngling won’t have any advantages in life. Although wynglings with parents and their own house may be able to have nicer things and travel, there isn’t much an orphaned wyngling can’t become or achieve.


The Nook is 3 stories, including an attic and a lower level basement. It contains a full cafeteria with scheduled lunches, several rooms for lounging and participating in social activities, a small library, a classroom (run by Alice), and many bedrooms!


These bedrooms house a total of 4 Wyngrew each, containing bunk beds with very limited space for a gro to have their own stuff. Almost everything is shared. This is the reason most gros end up wanting to go out and search for their own homes. That and there is a curfew to be back before dark.


Wynglings also have a small “kindergarten” school that they are enrolled in during the day to help teach them how to read and write, as well as any other basic common knowledge. Although, without individual parents, Wynglings are not as pushed in their beginning education and sometimes escape schooling to go play. It depends on the individual.

Once The Nook was also a place for young adults to stay while they figured out what they want to do with their lives, however since the changes implemented by the arrival of Last Notch's influence Wyngrew are evicted from The Nook the moment their baby spot fades. From here they can apply to stay in The Cranny for free or become homeless. 


"The Cranny"

Low Income Housing


Land Lord:



Established in Year 5 of Wyngro, the Cranny was refurbished from an old run-down building from the olden days of Wynsiph. After Last Notch bought the town, Coraline assigned this once-abandoned building to be the place of residence to all wayward adults who’d not yet found their footing in the world. In an attempt to leave no gro homeless, she appointed her right-hand assistant, Reed, as the landlord of the Cranny. 


The Cranny hosts a slew of small rooms within its walls, more than one would assume from the outside. Yes, it’s not the most comfortable of places to stay, but you can’t beat the price: FREE, so long as a quota of “chores” is met within the confines of the Cranny, as well as miscellaneous jobs around town. Refusal to complete a certain amount of chores each week comes at the cost of eviction, with the Wyngro in question not allowed to re-apply for residence for one month. This is to encourage a functioning society that must work hard for their stay in Wynsiph. As the law established upon the Cranny’s opening dictates: No grown Wyngro may stay for free within The Nook. (Once your baby spot has faded, you’ll need to make preparations to move to the Cranny if no other living quarters are secured.) 

Although most of the rooms are basically shoeboxes, there are upgrade options available for a fee. Doing chores past the allotted in order to secure your stay will result in a small allowance.


Basically, do more than your required share of work, and you’ll earn coin that you can spend on tidying up your room, buying furniture, and whatever else you’d like! You’ll be able to spend this coin on a better room at that point, which comes with extra perks such as: having a window, keeping pets, having more furniture, etc. With this system in place, Coraline believes it will inspire gros to grow into functional adults that will be able to support themselves and find what they are good at!






Mrs. Netty

Teacher: Zagor



"Magic School"

Home of Mrs. Netty, Zagor & Thistle

Magic Classes


Not far out of town, near the fields and forests of Wynsiph lies a small school for wyngrew to learn magic! This school is hosted by Ms. Netty and her husband Zagor, who open up classes every month to teach magic to all who enroll.  The school is also the home of these two teachers, along with their daughter Thistle. Ms. Netty has dedicated an entire room to her students learning magic, although most of the classes take place outdoors and around the house.


Ms. Netty’s humble little home is located right off the main road leading into Wynsiph, just outside town and offering plenty of space for the students to work.  She has a small library full of books on magic, and allows students to borrow them between classes.  Sometimes she even lets wyngrew who aren't students check out a book if they ask nicely!

Everyone in Wynsiph knows that the sound of her school bell ringing means that class is in session! (And Ms. Netty rings it with her wind magic of course!)



Wynsiph has not known magic for very long, and the popularity has only recently sprung up this past generation due to Ms. Netty.

Netty was born in Wynsiph, and was always intrigued by magic, but Wynsiph had nothing to offer for her because it was a relatively small town with little in the way of magic. The only magic anyone knew was the practical stuff, used to aid in farming.


Luckily her family had enough extra money from their carpentry business to send her to the city of Antova where she could learn more complex magic.  Although her parents were considered "well-to-do" in Wynsiph, they still had to scrimp to afford schooling in Antova. Netty felt very lucky!


"Azoth's Cottage"

Home of Azoth and his nephews, Nymble & Dryft






Deep in the woods, south east of Wynsiph, is a very small cottage owned by Azoth. Although very polite and kept to himself, Azoth came to the town years ago, along with his brother's egg and a tragic back story he wishes to keep foreshadowed until a later date. Because he is a "marked" wyngro from the city of Antova, there are those in Wynsiph who judge Azoth, promoting a lot of rumors and slander against his character. Because of his dark and mysterious vibes, some say he still practices the terrible Dark Magic, but these are only rumors. (No matter how much Russell claims to have "proof") 

Because of unprovoked attacks against him, he keeps a dormant magic barrier around his cottage at all times, which prevents wyngrew from being able to enter past his gate. 

He currently has hosts his twin nephews, Nymble & Dryft. If you ask Nymble nicely, he might even sneak you in to see the mysterious cabin!


"The Rattle's Rest"

Town Tappery & Inn






Rattle's Rest.png

The Rattle's Rest is the most popular pub in town, that also functions as a "Tappery".


A tappery serves "sap", which is Wyngro's equivalent of alcohol. Sap has a naturally inebriating effect extracted straight from the tree, and wyngrew have found ways to make this a delicious and exciting drink for social gatherings or just creating a drink to relax with. 

The Rattle's Rest is open to gros of any age during the daytime, but after curfew, wynglings are not allowed!

They serve comfort foods and special sap concoctions alike, so it's easily the most recognized place for wyngrew to gather in all of Wynsiph! 

Along side being a tappery, it also serves as an inn, and has rooms for rent upstairs for those traveling from afar or staying temporarily.

Previously owned by Ash Karmik, (inherited by his father), it was sold to the Gumbuckle family after Last Notch bought the town of Wynsiph. The previous owner took his brother Dusty to Last Notch, ironically, in order to find residence in a safer, spite-free town. 

The tappery is now owned by Spallazani (Spa) Gumbuckle, where many residents claim she's turned it into more of a... brothel of sorts at night. It's definitely less family friendly, but the inn side of things can now host far more residents than previously, so it does very well as a business since it was rebuilt from the ground up. 

Knavish also has a permanent residency here due to a certain "Bet" during the Heartkindle of 2020. 



"Kalypso's Caravan"

Mobile Pet Emporium



Right outside of the Wynsiph main roads lies a colorful caravan, decorated with lanterns and attachments for critters to climb and lounge. There's even a little wooden fence to contain the Runeboos. 

Kalypso's caravan is a mobile store she moves around Wynsiph as needed. Although you can usually find her southeast of Netty's magic school tucked in the opening right outside the Fickle Forest.

Kalypso is a rather recent resident of the town, coming from a district in Antova. She was less into profit than she was producing high quality litters from her pets, so it was very difficult to make it in Antova since she refused to cut corners when it came to the quality of her care. 

Although she has some hard feelings towards the city life because of these experiences, Kalypso learned a valuable amount of knowledge about pet varieties that she wouldn't trade anything for. 

She is very protective over her babies and is very picky about the gros that adopt her pets. 

She still has a lot of contacts in Antova and other smaller towns, so she often will obtain abandoned pets that need homes.

Kalypso also sells various pet related shop items, such as food and collars you can buy. 


"Smokey Bluff Forge"

Local Forge




The Smokey Bluff Forge is run solely by the blacksmith of Wynsiph known as “Gulch”.

Gulch is a no-nonsense old man gorge whose life is dedicated to his forge. He prides himself on his craftsmanship of both weapons and other useful metal works. He's doesn't craft jewelry very often, but will for special orders and is fully capable of helping others learn. 

The forge is open to the public, as long as you pay for or bring your own materials. (And don't break anything)

Just make sure you ask Gulch first so he can make sure you’re not going to murder yourself in his forge during your first visit!

"The BathHouse"

Community bath house 




Wyngrew don’t have personal bathrooms in their houses to wash up. Instead, they go to the public bathhouse when they want to get clean! Bathing is a social thing for many wyngrew, and many like to invite their friends to go bath with them.

Because wyngrew are an acceptably naked species that do not display sexual differences in casual daily life, there is no separation of sexes/genders when it comes to any kind of personal grooming.

The bath house is composed of one very large room with smaller rooms for privacy and relaxation. The main room has multiple shallow pools of water for bathing in.

It’s the community's duty to keep the bath house clean, using water magic to rinse out the pools and refresh them with clean water. Many wind students will even help dry each other off!


"The Library"

Home of Iset's family and countless knowledge.






The local library is run and owned by the knowledgeable Iset and her son, Giacomo. The main purpose of the public library is to provide various resources and information to wyngrew of all walks of life. It is open regularly to suit the needs of the town and is most often populated by curious minds and scholars. Those who wish to read anything from children's books to tips on how to hone one's skills in complicated forms of magic will find what they are looking for among this large collection of reading materials. Not into reading? Even those simply looking for a quiet place to escape the bustle of everyday life are welcome here. It's a great place to socialise for some of the quieter wyngrew around town.

No matter the purpose of the visit, all wyngrew are expected to take great care of the books and the library itself. Iset will not tolerate any trashing her books as they are practically her babies.


"Palamino Lake"

Wynsiph's largest lake


One of the largest lakes in the area, and one of Wynsiph's largest attractions. Palamino lake is a marvel to see and experience, as its beauty gleams with the surrounding mountain scape and overarching cliffs. In the winter, it's a beautiful ice rink and many icy caverns are easily accessible. In the summer, the gorgeous fauna and flora provide an amazing experience for all who come to it. 

Gilligan is always happy to teach young wynglings how to sail and experience its grandness, (If they're willing to put up with his long-winded stories, that is) and many come to this location for fishing, swimming, learning water magic and more. 

"Wynsiph Chant"

A "Chant" is a building that represents the worship of Chii'Falla and serves as a place for healing and sanctuary.  Essentially a church. 





A "Chant" is a building that represents the worship of Chii'Falla and serves as a place for healing and sanctuary. 

These buildings were constructed centuries ago during the Warpstorm ages, when struggle and loss where what all wyngrew knew, and hope was nowhere to be seen. These served originally as sanctuaries, to hope and pray for health and happiness. 

Wynsiph's chant was constructed after the tragic events of the Deelagun attack and plague that followed. 

The current lantern is renowned lantern Graw'Falla, lighted in central Antova by King Zenith himself. Not many wyngrew in the world are honored with such a title, and Wynsiph is lucky to have such an established healer in town. 

"Dezzmar's Travel Shop"

Located east of Wynsiph, right outside of the town is a map shop owned by Dezzmar the cartographer! 

Part shop, part home, Dezzmar is often traveling and making more maps, so it's often assisted by Nymble, Dezzmar's assistant! 





Dezzmar's Travel Shop has been around a long time, although the location originally was used as a weapons dealer and spite lookout. You can still see the remains of the actual lookout itself to this day, although it's used now as a tourist spot.

The owner of the shop's name is Gibbol Dezzmar (Everyone calls him Dezzmar, who began work as a cartographer for Wynsiph. Although maps were made of Wynsiph in the past, they lacked the fine detail and range that Dezzmar was able to display. He was drawn to Wynsiph for its its neighboring uncharted land up north. Dezzmar began selling hand-made maps via cart downtown, eventually earning enough to buy his own shop just outside of Wynsiph. This is where he began helping those in need with all sorts of travel tips! Eventually, his shop became more than just maps. You looking for protection against spites? Bandits? Travel packs and canteens? He sells it all, even making his own hand-cut canvases. Hell, Dezzmar even sells maps for all Northwest Territory locations! 

A busy guy, Dezzmar is often gone for long stretches of time mapping new areas, so the store is often manned by his assistant, Nymble! Although the goofy teenager is often making mistakes, he's passionate about mapping himself, and will often offer guide through rough terrain around Wynsiph to help others out. 


"Caravine Cliffs"

Cliff sides located right outside of Wynsiph

No one

West of Wynsiph, past the trail behind Ms. Netty's school hosts a beautiful cliffside. Full of steep cliffs, tall waterfalls and view that you just can't beat, Caravine cliffs is a popular tour destination for travelers due to its gorgeous scenery, especially during sunrise/sunsets. 

The valley below is rich and luscious, but it's also very dangerous, so not many live there. This location is a hotshot for flight able wyngrew, however. Many families and flight schools often have wyngrew practice their first flying lessons off the cliffs. 

It's only a couple hours past Ms. Netty's magic school and is a great place to go hiking. There are many man-made trails that lead up to several cliffs, but the further you go, the more uncharted it gets. So wyngrew are advised not to go too far, as many have gotten lost forever in the valley's below. 


"Fickle Forest"

A very large and condensed forest south of Wynsiph

(Formerly named Auranna Forest)

No one

Surrounding the southside Wynsiph, lies several miles of trees. Named the Fickle Forest, for its elusive nature, these woods are incredibly easy to get lost in, and many Wynsiph residents who go too far deep into it are never found again. Because of this, Wynsiph officials have clear marks on where you should not enter, and it's advised that you never cross those dividers. Wyngrew parents often have to teach their wynglings very early to never ever enter the Fickle Forest by themselves, and how to find their way back in case they find themselves lost. 

Obviously, the marked portions of the Fickle Forest is used quite heavily by the town, and is where most Wynsiph residents go hunting for mushrooms, wildlife, and other fauna. 

There is a wide trail the locals call The Shadow Wood Path, that goes through the forest and leads south to other communities, but many avoid this path for it's dark nature. The trees are so condensed, that they create a tall canopy that entwines together so tightly, there is little to no sunlight for the majority of this trail. This makes it a nesting ground for spites to pick on travelers, as well as just generally getting lost. 

Wynsiph has many volunteers working to keep the perimeter safe for all residents, and any gros found living like savage animals are usually picked up by Russell as to not disrupt the wildlife ecosystem and scare any Wynsiph residents.

The Fickle Forest is famous in the area for its legends and tall tales, like whole communities of old going in to find its secrets and never coming out, or mythical creatures lurking deep within its trees. So much is unknown about this mysterious forest, that there are always new stories of adventurers going in and never returning. So much that it doesn't even make news anymore. Wynsiph residents know better than to mess with that. 

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