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Quest: Leaving Wynsiph

(Unlocking Travel)



Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: N/A

Prerequisites: The character you want to take this quest, must have done at least 3 other Quests first!

Briefing: So you wanna get out and travel the world huh? Well first things first, you’ll need a map to show you the way! Head on over to Dezzmar’s Map Shop and see if he’s got a map for the direction you want to go, and he’ll help you out!

Steps Included: 1



You've waited a long time for this day: The day you're leaving Wynsiph to travel the world! (Well, maybe just the neighboring areas first) 

But before you go, you know you'll need to, well... know where you're going! So the obvious first stop is Dezzmar's Map Shop, located right on the eastern edge of Wynsiph, past Lasso's farm. 

You finally come to an unusual shop, or is it a house? One building is supported up in a tree, while the one below seems set up as a business. You're a little unsure if you're in the right place or not until a familiar blue wyngro pops out and waves at you. 


Nymble: Hey, I know you! You're here because you're thinking of going on an adventure, right? 

Lucky for you, Sir Dezzmar has everything you need for that!


Nymble: I'm Dezzmar's apprentice, Nymble! Well, don't be shy-- come on in! You're gonna lose your MIND when you see all the cool maps! Come on, come on!

The young lad doesn't give you much choice as he practically pulls your arm off to get you into the shop. 

As you enter the dimly building at the bottom of the tree, lit by a mix of natural light and hanging lanterns, the smell of fresh parchment, various inks, and what seems like… fungi? Hit your nose. (It’s an acquired smell).
A glance at the walls covered to the point of nearly blocking out the windows in various maps,  atlases, and traveling supplies tells you that Nymble, for once, isn’t exaggerating. One wall seems entirely dedicated to selling traveling equipment; leather packs, sleeping rolls, canteens, ponchos, compasses, journals, quills, and ink sit for sale. There are even a few weapons thrown in the mix, reminding you that traveling is a dangerous prospect. 

 As your eyes sweep the rest of the room, they settle on a burly wyngro behind the counter. This must be Dezzmar. He seems excited to see you as he steps around the counter, but Nymble pipes up before he can talk.


Nymble: Dezzmar, I found one whole customer!


Dezzmar: Ahoy there! Welcome, welcome~ Come on in!

(Boy, you didn’t drag this poor gro off of the street now, did ya? ...At least they’re in one piece.)


Nymble:  No way! They were totally about to come in anyway. I just escorted them through the door, like a good apprentice!


Dezzmar:  ...Hrm. Well, then what’s a good apprentice doing there dawdling when he could be finishing up his chores!


Nymble:  Ack! Sorry, Sir Dezzmar! I’ll go uh… put away these rolled parchments! 


Dezzmar:  Well then, how can I be of assistance to a fine gro such as yourself?

You explain that you haven’t traveled before, not outside of Wynsiph. You’re looking for a map and any traveling advice Dezzmar has to give.


Dezzmar: Oooo, yer first voyage into the wild blue yonder! Now that’s some exciting stuff. I remember my early days, back when everything was a wonder, and there was something new around every corner. 


Nymble:  So cool. You’re so lucky! I wish I could go on a long adventure like you are! *he sighs and leans against a shelf, accidentally knocking over several canteens for sale* 


Dezzmar:  Nymble! Do I pay you to talk?! Pick that stuff up and get back to work!


Nymble:  Well, sir, you don’t actually pay me at all.


Dezzmar: NOW THEN! I’ve only got one question before we get down to the brass tacks:

Which direction are you interested in shipping off in?

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