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General Information:

Pronunciation: “Roon-Boo”

Plural: Runeboos

Baby Runeboo: Runebabe (Baby boo)

A bunch of Runeboos: An Arcane (wild)

Anatomy & Intelligence
This species is more animal-like than human like. Meaning they are more simple-minded and are more focused on survival and breeding, than complex life. They are however very intelligent for an animal species. (Think Dolphin or Pig intelligence)
Their soft bodies are covered by a hard, flexible shell that is very difficult to penetrate. The shell is also resistant against most natural elements, such as water and fire. Their soft bodies can stretch quite a bit, allowing a Runeboo to tuck itself almost all the way into its shell for protection. They have heart shaped shells around their eyes as well. This is believed to be where they store their magic!
They are mammals that have litters of 2-8 around once a year in the spring.
Life expectancy for wild Runeboos are usually 8-10 years. Domestic ages can range wildly, especially when linked magically to a Wyngro. (see below)

NOTE: Runeboos DO NOT EVER HAVE FUR of any kind!


Magic & Runes

Runeboos use bits of elemental magic in order to survive. Wild Runeboos usually only know little bursts of magic, such as spitting a little poof of fire, or adjusting the wind to let it float in the air a bit longer. This magic swells inside them like a balloon, and if not expelled, the Runeboo can get terribly sick and die from magic overload. In order to expel magic, Runeboos will transfer bits of magical energy to small items they find, such as stones, leaves, flowers, pieces of bark, etc. Doing this leaves a magical glowing rune on the trinket, which can be used by other species as a way to control the magic inside it until it runs out. (usually only a one-time short burst of magic) Once the magic is used up, the rune will disappear.
Runeboos usually tend to create rune trinkets at least once a month, but it can be weekly, depending on the Runeboo and how much they use their magic normally.


Wild vs. Domestic

Runeboos in the wild are very wary of strangers and avoid confrontation. Although they can be curious and approach other magical creatures if the situation is right.
Runeboos can be bred and raised by more intelligent species to obtain certain traits, such as elaborate markings and floppy ears.
Domestic Runeboos live much longer when raised by other species, and a strong bond has been known to prolong their life as long as their master if strong enough. This seems to be linked to the quality of magic between the Runeboo and its owner.

Diet & Family


Runeboos are omnivores, although they mostly eat fruit, nuts, and bugs they find. Grains like hay and grass are not easily digestible and can cause a Runeboo to bloat. Heavy meats can also cause many health diseases in Runeboos as well, as this is something they do not have access to in the wild. Although cooked fish is okay as a special treat.

Runeboos in the wild travel together and live in families that branch out as they grow. Although they are often seen independently foraging for food, most Runeboos always have a den that they fall back to.

Because of this social nature, Runeboos were fairly easy to domesticate and enjoy the company of all creatures, so long as they understand how to work with them.

Runeboos in Wyngro Society


Runeboos have been companions to Wyngrew since anyone can remember, and since then have been domesticated to play many roles, such as lap-boos, trick-boos, guard-boos for detecting magic, and even helping Wyngrew learn and focus magic better. They work very well along-side Wyngrew because of their magical link in the elements.

For example, a Wyngro who knows Earth magic might train a Runeboo to go out and help their gardens grow while they are gone. Or a sheriff can train a Runeboo to detect malicious magic in the area in order to prevent crime!


They communicate with adorable cooing and chirps, such as "Kwoo" & "Kwah". They cannot use speech. Although they make little noises to each other often, Runeboos mostly communicate with subtle body language.
Wild Runeboos don't understand the meaning of complicated speech, but trained Runeboos can be taught to understand fragments of speech, much like a dog can “sit” when you ask it to.  If bonded to another magical character, the communication can go much deeper even.

Although Runeboos are not normally very threatening physically, (since they have small teeth and soft edges) they can release somewhat powerful magic in order to defend themselves as a last resort. Most Runeboo turn to a quick shot of fire at an enemy's eyes to scare them temporarily in order to retreat. A Runeboo rarely has the ability to do much damage with their magic, but with enough training they can be a formidable ally along-side a Wyngro.

Because of all their uses, Runeboos are highly sought out as pets and companions.
Their prices can range from a few coins to thousands, depending on the color rarity and pedigree.

Many Wyngrew will simply try to find a wild one and tame it, but this is more difficult, and although wild Runeboos can make fine pets, they are not always as interested in training since they are used to taking care of themselves.


A domesticated Runeboo that is bonded very deeply with a Wyngro can live much longer than a wild one. This has something to do with the Runeboo feeding off and trading the magic of their master, and benefitting from that healthwise. Runeboos in the wild usually die from “Magical bloat”, as their bodies are not capable of being able to handle the magical flow they possess for very long, which increases how fast they age. When they live around Wyngrew, there is a healthy flow of magic bouncing back and forth between pet and owner, and thus can slow down the aging of a Runeboo tremendously. (Let’s not forget the benefit of a healthier diet and vets that can treat illnesses)

It’s been known for Runeboos to live up to almost 50 years with a strong bond. Although a Runeboo never seems to outlive its master for very long if the Wyngro dies, since the bond goes with it and the Runeboo will wither away if it’s already past its prime.


A Runeboo can be the pet of many Wyngrew family members, or be shared, but you will always notice them drawn to one particular Wyngro more than the rest. Usually a firm, but loving personality will attract a Runeboo more, but it also has a lot to do with the Wyngro’s use of magic too. Some Runeboos are more attracted to water magic, and so on.


Domesticated Runeboos are much easier to work with, live longer, and seem to have a reliance on Wyngrew, while wilds are more independent.

Runeboo Group Rules!

  • Each Runeboo is linked by one member, so you may do as you like with your Runeboo pets. They can be attached to one of your Wyngrew as a pet, or shared among all your Wyngro family members as a "Guard-Boo" or family pet. (Although keep in mind that Runeboos usually take a liking to one specific Wyngro the most!) Or they can even be a wild Runeboo that has its own adventures within the Wyngro community! It's up to you!

  • Runeboos cannot be resold for any kind of currency. (DA points included) Although they do not need to stay within the Wyngro group, please do not resell them in any way.

  • Runeboos may be traded for items within the Wyngro community. Such as Upgrade Gems, etc. Trade at your OWN RISK, as the Wyngro Group and its staff members are not responsible for any misunderstandings within trades etc.

  • You may also stop by the Trading Post and set up trades with other members!

  • Runeboos NEVER have fur, so please do not draw one with fur!

  • Runeboos can use magic! But remember they are not nearly as powerful as Wyngrew are, so keep this in mind when drawing images of them using magic.

  • Runeboos do not naturally know how to use complex magic, such as Light or Ice. These elements must be taught to a Runeboo by a Wyngro!

How to Obtain a Runeboo?

So now that you know all about Runeboos, how do you go about getting one?

Runeboos can be obtained in many different ways, so let's check them out!

Joining our $5 tier on Patreon will give you early access to runeboo and coatala sales. This means that when a new pet goes up, you'll get an email showing it! These pets go fast, so you have to act fast! Typically Runeboos cost anywhere from $33-64, depending on the rarity. 

This is your best chance to buy pets and get first pick at a new one!


Join Patreon here!


The Trading Post is a place where members may post a Runeboo they bought and couldn't connect with. They may be willing to trade for other items or even art! So this is a great place to stop by and have a look from time to time! Just make sure to read the rules!


The Trading Post can be found HERE!


Kalypso also has her own breeding program, where you and your friends can breed your runeboos together. This is also the place to look if you are looking for a cheap runeboo. The trade-off is you won't know the exact design until after you purchase one! It's a mystery boo!

Read more about it HERE!

(Make sure you are watching the journals on the Wyngro DeviantArt group because we will update her shop journal when new breedings become available for purchase!)

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