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General Information:

Pronunciation: BEE-b

Plural: Beebs
Baby Beebs: Seed
Group of Beeb: Pile (Example: A pile of beebs)

General Information: 

Beebs are cute little pets that are easy to take care of and fun to collect! These odd little balls are actually plants and not animals! They grow from special seeds after receiving plenty of love, care, water and sunshine. Wyngrew love these little guys as they are very easy to take care of. Not only do they not create any waste, but they can stay idle for many hours without needing attention. They are also a non-committable pet, as they do not live very long. They come in all kinds of different colors so wyngrew love collecting them. Best of all, they are absolutely adorable and are extremely affectionate!


Stages of Growth:

Unlike other pets, Beebs have the ability grow and essentially evolve throughout their lifetime! Here is a list of their known stages of development:

  • Seed

  • Spud

  • Tyke

  • Kid

  • Weed

The other forms of beebs beyond the 'spud' stage will be revealed soon! You will be able to eventually grow them into new forms!



Beeb seeds grow from the gnarlock tree, a genetically altered tree that was invented by wyngrew. Using old magic, beebs were the result of tampering with the growth of flora and mixing magic to enhance them. Beebs were one of the nicer results from such tampering and, ever since, they have been a staple in wyngro society. They are even a more common pet than runeboos!


Seeds are a little bigger than a coin (and worth about as much.) Because each seed is the same color, what grows from one is always a surprise! Most shops sell beebs as spuds because of this, as they can make a better profit from the popular colors that grow.


Seeds are planted in a pot of soil and need to be watered twice a day, receive a good amount of sunlight, and receive some form of wyngro interaction. Be it talking to them, singing to them, or using magic around them, beebs grow faster from this kind of care and attention. Seeds will sprout without a wyngro’s attention eventually, but it’s been proven that being around wyngrew speeds up the process tremendously.




Spuds are the most common form of the beeb. They’re round, bouncy, happy little blobs of joy! They come in a variety of colors that wyngrew love to collect. Many beebs will stay at this stage until they die, which is perfectly fine for most Wyngro.

Spuds that are left to their own devices, surprisingly enough, do not often grow into Tykes. What is much more common in the wild is for the Spud to (if not eaten by a natural predator, of which Spuds have many) bury itself in the fall, before sprouting into a new gnarlock tree sapling come spring. This seems to be the Spud’s natural life cycle, while it’s other form of growth is something spurred on artificially by being more directly exposed to a wyngro’s natural magic.


Spuds only grow into Tykes after spending a great deal of time with an individual wyngro. They will not grow if handled by multiple random wyngrew -- they require a singular owner for their growth to take place. This is why many wyngrew make sure to spend a lot of one-on-one time with their young pet Spuds to ensure they grow into healthy Tykes.


It is rumored that, every once and awhile, a spud will grow on their own in the wild. This is such a rare occurrence that such individuals of this type are often given the title “Elder”, as they have a very unique look. They tend to never leave the forest they grow up in. This is mostly a myth, similar to the fabled “pixie wyngrew.”



Not much is currently documented about Tykes. When cared for by wyngrew, Beebs are known to grow past their spud stage! This evolution is quite intriguing and somewhat unexplainable, but seems to deal with both plant growth and magic.

The Gnarlock Tree:

Finding a full-grown specimen of the gnarlock tree is difficult as these trees grow extremely slow. Due to their generally shallow root system, these trees also need specific shelter and care to survive into a full-grown state. Interestingly enough, this tree needs other structures around it to properly thrive. Its branches grow out and tend to grab hold of whatever is around, be it another tree or wyngro-made structure.


The tree will start producing beeb seeds at around 20 years old, which is commonly noticed to be once a gnarlock is the same height of the average biped (standard) wyngro. These trees do not grow very large at all. In fact, the largest record growth of a gnarlock was nearly the height of a bipedal gorge before it withered and died. For some unknown reason, these trees don’t seem to last for more than 50 years before they die.


How to obtain a Beeb!


Now you might be wondering one of two things:

“How do I get my hands on these adorably mobile chia pets?” or “Get these creepy ball things away from me omg”


If you’re not one of those beeb haters, well, we can tell you how to get your very own!

These little ones are available at Rudy’s Store during limited runs!

Rudy, the local merchant, gets shipments of beeb seeds in his store sometimes! He doesn’t have much of a green thumb, so he likes to just sell the seeds off for cheap so someone else can see what spouts from them! If you’d like a seed, keep an eye out for when journals on our DeviantArt group pop-up with the title: “Beeb seeds for sale!”


These sales will always last for 24 hours! After which, Rudy will run out of seeds until the next shipment comes in.


How much does a beeb seed cost?

Beeb seeds are 1 nova each! This is very similar to the “Potion Games” that happen in our group! Deducting 1 nova for a random chance at something cool!


Beebs can also be randomly rolled as rewards and prizes during select events, some of which may include special limited edition beebs!

Monthly Prompts

As a reward for completing all Monthly Prompts each month a random been will be rolled, including the special beebs of the retired Nova Tree mechanic! 

Fun Info:

  • Beebs have green blood! It’s gooey and slimy. Even has healing properties.

  • While not necessarily needing to eat (they can live just fine on water and sunshine!), beebs greatly enjoy eating just about any food and any sort of leftovers your wyngro may not want to eat! Many treat this species as a living ‘food compactor’ that particularly useful to farmers, as they excrete a very rich and valuable mulch after being fed!

  • Unless kept in a warm home, beebs go into hibernation during the winter months! They bury themselves in the ground during the fall in order to sprout into a tree the next spring!



Are beebs an official pet? How do they differ from Runeboos and such?

The difference between beebs and runeboos, are the way in which they are drawn and obtained. Runeboos, coatala, oris and nocs are all uniquely drawn designs that get uploaded individually as they are bought and released. Because each one has unique art and requires a talented artist to bring them to life, they can get a bit pricey! But with beebs, they all have the same drawn base, simple design, with minimal changes in coloration! This makes them much more obtainable and easy for us to create!

Can more than one person obtain the same kind of beeb?

Yes! You can try for certain colors/themes, try to collect them all, or just focus on finding that one perfect beeb for your characters. It’s up to you and how you want to use them in your stories!

Does drawing them count for wyns or requirements?

Unfortunately not for requirements, as their designs are a little too simple. But they do count for wyns!

Can we trade them?

Eventually! But until we have a more automated system, they will not be tradable.

They evolve??

Yes they do! Beebs have several stages of growth, and we can’t wait to reveal what they look like! More details about this will come soon!


Art Credits

Thank you for all of the wonderful art! Images above were drawn by the following artists:







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