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Gurps are strange creatures that inhabit the Wyngro world, although no one seems to know where they came from. They just sort of…. Appeared one day, bobbing rhythmically in lakes.

General Information

In the summer they like to scream at night. Endlessly and seemingly without reason. Some Wyngrew have theorized they scream when there are a lot of them together, some say they scream when there aren’t enough bugs around to eat. But regardless of why, their screams are shrill and obnoxious. What’s more is when they scream, you can see their glowing tongues wiggle around as they do so.

This glowing tongue is meant to attract insects to consume. Or just annoy anyone who sees them. Wyngrew hate Gurps for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is how much they eat Loomees, which are considered lucky in Wyngro society. Wynglings will often try to save the poor Loomees from Gurps when they are able to.

Even worse: Fully-grown Gurp taste horribly bitter and nasty, so the species is extremely annoying, quick to overpopulate, and largely useless as a food source. Strangely enough, Coatalas seem to be the only predator immune to this horrid taste, and will happily dine on Gurps any time.

Gurp Young: Winkwonks

Like frogs, Gurps produce large amounts of semi-translucent eggs during the summer, which sit incubating in small ponds and areas of still or slow-flowing water. These eggs have a tendency to look like random bunches of eyeballs just floating around.


These eggs hatch into Gurp young, which most call ‘Winkwonks’. The Winkwonks have a single large eye and live primarily in water for the majority of their childhood (much like tadpoles) before slowly developing into proper Gurps: growing their many legs and extra eye slowly over time in an aquatic environment until they fully mature. 

Nicknames that Wyngrew use for Gurps:

(any of them can be used as an insult towards another Wyngro)

  • Blobber Butt

  • Pooper Pop

  • Scream Blob

  • Hunker Dunk

  • Plopper Bups

BEWARE! Gurp Vocalizations!
Lone Gurp - Gurp
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Gurp Group - Agony
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