Quest: Leaving Wynsiph

(Step 2: NORTH)

You explain to Dezzmar that you're looking to travel north...

Dezzmar: … North. You said north, right? That’s … that’s the mountains. 

Dezzmar:  I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re kinda hard to miss in Wynsiph. You can expect sheer cliffs, colder weather, and beyond that: more mountains, more cold, and mostly unmapped woodlands. Literally: I don’t have any map to give you if you go up that way. 

Nymble:  But Dezzmar, I’ve seen maps for that area in the--

Dezzmar:  OI NYMBLE. What did I say about that drawer! *He throws a handful of crumbled parchment at the boy, who runs away in apologies*

Dezzmar: Although it’s true that I sometimes… dabble in exploring the unexplored, *You swear you see a little sparkle in his eye as he tries to stay humble* I for one know more than anyone how dangerous those areas are, and it is NOT recommended you go doing the same. *He shoots Nymble a sharp glare with his one eye* 

Dezzmar: Wynsiph’s the most northernmost settlement in this territory. That’s right, we’re the last stop before the great unknown! You go any farther north, and you’re on your own. If you fall into a hole or hit trouble, it’s not like other main roads: there’s no chance anyone’ll pass by to help. Since you’re a beginner, I’d highly recommend any other direction besides north.

Nymble:  HMMM. I dunno Sir Dezzmar… They don’t look very convinced! 

Dezzmar: *Dezzmar raises an eyebrow at Nymble’s comment and sighs* Welp. You leave me no choice. How about this: if you can survive Nymble’s Caravine Cliffs Tour—

Nymble:  YES!

Dezzmar: --then I’ll give you what notes I have so far of the terrain north of Wynsiph. It’s a work in progress, but it would be better than nothing. (But seriously, Nymble, try not to kill anybody.)

Nymble:  Come on, I’m going to show you ALL the cliffs! I can even use some speedy movement to get us there even faster so we can--


Things of note:

  • Very cold, harsh weather.

  • It’s undiscovered territory, unable to find help if you need it.

  • No map, so… Please just don’t. You’ll get lost out there. 

  • Mountainous, full of spites, fall into a hole.

  • In short: very perilous and unforgiving of mistakes.

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw a scene using this prompt as a guide! You can be flexible with it. Be creative!

  • Include Dezzmar and/or Nymble somewhere in the piece.

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

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