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Quest: Leaving Wynsiph


You explain to Dezzmar that you're looking to travel east...


Dezzmar: East, now that’s where the wind fills most sails! You’ll find plenty of company on that path and plenty of carts to take a ride on if your feet get sore. You won’t need to pack a tent, so long as you keep to the main roads. There are loads of inns all along that route.


Dezzmar:  Only drawback is, you’ll want to keep to a group and try to travel by daylight if you can. Bandits are always sniffing around that route, looking for any careless or weary travelers to prey upon. Keep a weapon handy and your magic well-practiced if you intend to use it for self-defense. 


Nymble:  Yeah, and we got some weapons to buy here too! Like this cool sword! *he swishes around a very sharp, very dangerous-looking saber*


Dezzmar:  *Promptly picks the sword from the youngers grasp* Oi Nymble, when’s it gonna sink into yer head that you’re to stay away from these! 


Nymble:  Heh. Right, sorry! Just wanted the customer to know about our products! 

(One day, you will be mine, Swishing Death!)

Dezzmar: Alright, where were we… ah yes! It’s also the main route to Last Notch! If you’re keen on dry weather, clear skies, and plenty of feathered friends, you’ll be in luck! Buhaha!
It’s the largest city in the region, so I’d recommend taking a gander if you’re heading that way. It’s well worth the trip. Don’t skimp on packing water, though: once you go far enough east, the rivers run dry, and there likely won’t be a drop of rain to quench your thirst.

Things of note:

  • Plenty of inns & small settlements along the way!

  • Good weather, but it gets pretty dry towards Last Notch, so bring water.

  • Thick with bandits and thieves because it’s so well-traveled.

  • Plenty of other travelers, so help along the way if you get in a bind. 

  • Great to take a rattle cart, or if you own a quarry ori. 

  • Might be able to hitch a ride along the way if you’re walking.

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw a scene using this prompt as a guide! You can be flexible with it. Be creative!

  • Include Dezzmar and/or Nymble somewhere in the piece. 

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here!

  • Don't forget to go Discord to have your travel officially unlocked!






Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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