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Quest: Leaving Wynsiph


You explain to Dezzmar that you're looking to travel south...


Dezzmar:  Ooooo, the south’s a bit dicey, I will say. And I assume you plan to cut right through the forest, aye? 

Dezzmar:  I’m sure you’ve been in the Fickle Forest close to town before, but actually taking the southern road is no walk in the park. Once you go past the warning markers, the forest’s a whole lot different than what you’re used to. It’s all untamed and overgrown in there.

The path south is kept clear for the most part, but beyond that, it’s prime spite territory. Yittles will be just the tip of the iceberg. Being a local of Wynsiph, I know you’re no stranger to spites, but beware… There are some spites out there we don’t even know about yet. 


Nymble:  Yeah, you gotta stay on the path at all times! It’s really easy to get lost in there! Unless you're Thistle and think the magical pixies will lead you out, haha.


Dezzmar:  Oi Nymble, don’t go spittin’ legends of fairy folk right now-- there’s nothin’ in that forest that has your best interest in mind, so trust nothing you see. 


Nymble:  *gulp* Got it, Sir Dezzmar! 


Dezzmar: Now, even if the path is visible, the forest canopy completely blocks the sky for most of it once you get deeper into the woods. It’ll be dark, even during the day, with naught but yourself or your fellows for company. You’d best bring torches or a friend that knows light or fire magic to keep you from wandering off. 

Even oris have been known to lose track of where they are in those blasted woods. If you can fly over it, do it. Most smart folk take the long way around if they can spare the time. Even well-traveled wyngrew have gone into that woods and never come out again. So it’s not a path I’d recommend.

Things of note:

  • Spites, lots of them! 

  • Lack of sunlight, easy to get lost if you veer off the trail.

  • Rough, ungroomed path: beware cart damage and roots tripping up oris. 

  • Easy to feel on edge and bewildered in the dark for so long. Beware of hysteria. 

  • Hard to find help if needed. Not a well-traveled path. 

  • Beyond the many dangerous spites, there are also dangerous predators as well looking to make a meal out of wayward travelers.

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