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Quest: Do it for Ernie:



Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Must be depicted in the Last Notch area.

Prerequisites: Travel unlocked / Roaming Egg OR Last Notch Residency.

Briefing: The most popular tappery in Last Notch is always busy, and one of the tapkeeps seems to be dealing with harassment, on top of managing a myriad of customers! Will you stand up for the poor guy? Or join in?

Steps: 1




It’s a busy day down at the Ori’s Quarry Tappery. The sun is high and the townsfolk are thirsty, including yourself! Nothing beats the sensation of a cold brew on a hot productive day and you soon find yourself walking through the front doors of the tappery.

You take in a deep breath as the smell of cold sap and smoking ribs fills your nose. Townsfolk are laughing and enjoying themselves, with some live entertainment giving the place all around good feels. Weaving through the crowd and tables, you approach the bar, where tapkeeps are feverishly filling drinks and offering them to patrons.

You notice a particularly skinny fellow amongst the bustle of tapkeeps, his round glasses so thick you can barely make out his eyes on the other side. The other thing that stands out is his bare, balding head. He finishes off a bubbling glass of sap and sends it gliding down the counter, all the way to the end. You're amazed at how the glass not only dodges the other cups of sap it slips past, but also how the customer catches it in his palm with ease. Before you can even process the stunt, you notice the pair of glasses from before right in front of your face.


Tapkeep: Why howdy there friend! I can spot a new guest from a mile away, so welcome! What will you be drinking today?

He doesn't waste any time getting to the point, and you're so struck by his efficiency that you haven't even had a chance to decide what you want. The tapkeep seems to notice your agap jaw, and smiles earnestly at you.


Tapkeep: Ahh, might I make a couple of suggestions for you, then? These are the house favorites! Take a peek and I'll be right back to check on you!

You take the menu he's offering and watch him sprint away to the next customer. Wow, there sure are a lot of patrons vs. staff today. This poor fellow is getting worked to the bone. You see him stumble a bit as he goes back and forth. A large man at the corner begins shouting his way, holding up an empty glass at him.


Customer: OYE! ERNIE! Who's ass do I gotta kick to get some more sap around here?!


Ernie: One moment, Earl!

You now notice another customer laughing as Ernie shuffles around and breaks his back in order to keep up the orders.


Customer: Ya look like a mother ringadot who's lost her chicks! HAWHAH! Slow down, Ernie! Don't wanna scuff that glossy head of yours!


Earl: At least his head is brighter than your future, Cletus!


Cletus: At least I can still have a "bad hair day"!

Earl and Cletus roar with laughter at Ernie as he passes them their drinks. You're impressed with how the insults seem to roll right off his shoulder. 


Ernie: Ahahhahh, very clever. Never heard that one before!

Ernie wipes the sweat off his brow and continues to take the onslaught of roasts from various patrons. You take a moment to decide how you feel about this situation. It seems to be the general accepted vibe to rag on this poor employee, so maybe you should join in? Or perhaps these guys need to knock off their behavior.

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