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Quest: Do it for Ernie:
( Stay out of it )

Although this situation is a bit strange, you realize you've never been in here before, and are maybe missing some history, so you keep your nose down and look back at the menu. 

Before you know it, Ernie comes skating back over to see if you've made your decision.


Ernie: Ahhh, I see you eyeing the Cold Shower, huh? That's a Wynsiph classic that a new employee brought to the menu! It's very refreshing on a hot day like today! I'll whip one up for ya-- on the house for a new patron!

Before you can even react to the statement, Ernie fetches a slim glass and begins pouring the drink. You're impressed with his ability to read customers, and make them feel so welcome! You hope he's not hassled too much and can work his way up in the world.


Ernie: Now for the flourish-- Ash! Can you give it the finishing touches? 

You spot a familiar face as the other tapkeeper turns around, moves his fingers across the top of the glass, and the entire drink glows bright blue as it's covered in a thin mist of ice. Oooo, fancy.


Ash: There ya go. Now don't go blinding customers with that head of yours. 

Ernie: Ahahhh-- (he turns back to you) now give this a taste and tell us what you think! 

You see now that even those that work here also harass this guy, so it must be the theme. You pull Ash aside and ask why everyone gives him a hard time.


Ash: Hmm? Oh Ernie? That's the owner. We always give him a hard time. It's just how everyone shows they care about him. I know it looks kind of weird to outsiders, but it's all in good fun, really. 

You feel relieved to hear this, and wow! Ernie is actually the owner of the entire place? He sure doesn't give off that vibe, but his impressive customer service that you've seen is enough to convince you! You sip your drink and enjoy the rest of your time at the Ori's Quarry. 

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Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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