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Past Group Events

This is a page dedicated for all past group events! All of these events are now over, so you can no longer get the rewards for them. 

Will some events come back and make a return?

Some events happen annually, such as Warptide and Heartkindle. (two wyngro holidays)

But each year tends to have its "twist" as well, so don't expect any event to return exactly the same as it did last year! 

Some events, however, may never return or offer different rewards. 

Each event comes with a purple bordered sticker!

Some are unique to that year while others may make a return. You'll just have to keep an eye out!

Every event we've ever done is listed below

So if you have participated in one of the following events, you can unlock the Forked Tongue Upgrade!

Forked Tongue

Perhapssss you'd like to ssssee how sssssnake

like I can be!


Wyns needed: 20

Additional Requirements: 

Enter at least one EVENT with one of your wyngrew!

Age Requirement: 2 Months


  • Examples Events would be: Carousel of Mischief, Warptide, Heartkindle, etc.

  • Once you've participated in one Event, this upgrade is permanently unlocked!

  • DOES NOT make your wyngro's tongue skinny or make it longer! This upgrade simply makes a notch in your wyngro's tongue!


Jul 30, 2015 - Aug 4, 2015

The Early Bird Event was an event to celebrate the opening of Wyngro, with a special reward for the people who first made a wyngro, and in that way, supported the group. ​



Two different colored eyes!


How to obtain: EXPIRED

This exclusive feature was given to the first members who joined when we opened.


One of the rewards was the highly exclusive Heterochromia upgrade, which has become impossible to obtain any other way after the event ended. The upgrade also has a very special lore to it, which has not been revealed yet. ​

Oct 1, 2015 - Oct 31, 2015

The very first Warptide event! Read more about warptide here!


This event worked more as a contest, where the participants needed to select a couple of wyngrew, and tell the tale of their adventure to find one of the runestones. 


There were 3 winners, and the entries were judged on creativity using the story lore provided, and how well written the entries were. 


Staff collabed on a comic, which would provide some more lore about the reason for the event, but this was never truly finished. However, they picked the story up again for warptide 2016. This can be read further down the page. 



There were several rewards for winning this event. Winners could choose between 3 exclusive event upgrades; Beast Claws, Third Eye (or a pair of skeleton wings, which have later been removed.) Winners would also earn a medal of honor directly from the King for their bravery. They also won a basic Scholarship ticket.  If they won, they could also add a marking of the rune they wrote about to their wyngrew. 


Beast Claws

RWAR! Give your Wyngro a set of furry paws with large black claws! The fur can be any color

already on your Wyngro.

These are placed on the front arms/feet only.


How to obtain:


Third Eye

Third eye equals an extra magic gland! This upgrade can enhance your Wyngro's magic!


How to obtain: 


Medal of Honor
Basic Scholarship Ticket
Dec 24, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015

This event basically acted as a fancy weekly prompt with prizes. They had to draw their wyngro interacting with a Lumibug. The pictured also needed to include a background.


This event marked the arrival of the first official wyngro critter. 

Read more about Lumibugs here! 


Participants could add one of the following upgrades to one of their wyngrew, completely free!

(including wynglings!)


Lumibug Antennae

Little moth-like antennae! These are placed above your Wyngro's eyebrows. Or can peek out from hair!


How to obtain: EVENT ONLY

Fluff Tail

Feeling a bit wolf-like maybe?


Wyns needed: 130

Additional Requirements: 

3 months Age

Curled Fluff Tail



Wyns needed: 260

Additional Requirements: 

6 months Age

The Wyngro you want this upgrade for must have the Fluff Tail applied and drawn at least once before you can add this!

Glowing eyes/pupils

Your Wyngro's eyes may glow brightly in the

dark or at will!


Wyns needed: 250

Additional Requirements: 

6 Months Age & Make some sort of glowing animation with your Wyngro!

Can include this glowing eye upgrade!

Dec 1, 2015 - January 5, 2016

This was basically just a fun little art event. This the season of giving, is it not? 
Artist could sign up, and they would later be given an artist to draw a picture for. The artists were told to put a lot of effort into their drawings and make it a gift you would be proud to give away. 


Give and ye' shall receive. 


Wonderful art from different artists. Secret Santa is a reward itself!



Feb 1, 2016 - Feb 28, 2016

Heartkindle events is all about love and giving gifts. This is the time of year Wyngro couples take some time off from their busy lives to spend with their significant other. Planning romantic getaways and fun activities to do with each other. Meanwhile, young Wyngrew are growing up and discovering crushes and experiencing awkward conversations for the first time! 


In this event wyngrew could send anonymous gifts to each other, using the mail system that got set up for the event. 




The wyngrew got to keep whatever they received for heartkindle. If they got a custom gift, they are the only ones who can use it as well. 

October 1st - 31st, 2016

Greymoor Estate Escape was an event where you had to register one adult Wyngro for an adventure through the haunted Greymoor Estate! Mysteries surrounding flare wisps and the elusive runestones from last year circulating through the town, several groups of wyngrew snuck into the mansion to check it out. 

Members were randomly assigned into teams of 4, and each week, one member needed to draw a prompt that was given at the start of each week! 






Everyone who completed one prompt per week with their team was able to apply one exclusive event upgrade to the wyngro they used in this event! They were also able to add an exclusive runestone stamp to their wyngro's body somewhere! (A result of touching the runestone!)

Beast Claws

RWAR! Give your Wyngro a set of furry paws with large claws! The fur and claws can be any color

already on your Wyngro's body!

These are placed on the front arms/feet only.


How to obtain: EVENT ONLY

Grabby Tail

Very useful if two hands are just not enough!


How to Obtain: EVENT ONLY

Third Eye

Third eye equals an extra magic gland! This upgrade can enhance your Wyngro's magic!


How to obtain: EVENT ONLY

Return of Warptide Comic

Featuring staff characters, "Return of Warptide" was a flash comic project explaining the story of last year's Warptide event! Enjoy this 4 part story!

The best team entries from the event also appeared as cameos in the epilogue!

Part 1


Part 2 & beyond will not be uploaded because this gallery system sucks to upload to. 

This was originally created on a Flash comic, which is no longer supported. 

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