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What is Wyngro?

Wyngro started as a community hosted on DeviantArt based around a dragon-like species that could grow and gain “upgrades” from your personal participation as an artist! Hosting many events and drawing prompts to encourage and promote artistic growth.

The Wyngro group was designed for artists who enjoy creating and developing fun and interesting original characters. Our goal was to encourage people to be creative, have fun, and connect with other artists.

As your character starts as a basic, simple looking baby (wyngling),and grows up, you draw and develop ideas for them, are encouraged to write stories, tweak their designs, make friends for them, teach them magic, and so much more!

Now, it exists as a project for world building, comics, and all things fantasy. While the mechanics and community are things of the past, we appreciate any support for upcoming stories and adventures within the Wyngro universe, and encourage anyone to make their own wyngro character if they are feeling creative!  

Many of the pages on this website still correspond to Wyngro as it was when it was a hosted art community, so please advice that not everything is up-to-date!

Thank you to everyone who helped Wyngro become the rich lore-filled world it is today. 


Wanna help support this project? Wyngro relies on patrons to help keep it going. While Wyngro is a passion project that will be worked on at the pace its creator can keep up with, any type of support will be used to quicken that process, so thank you.


What to expect from Wyngro:

  • A fun fantasy world called "Ennth", where magic exists in everything!

  • Fun, colorful characters you can follow along with!

  • Plenty of fantasy creatures, companion pets, and neat lore attached to how they function in the world!

  • Creepy monsters called "spites", that are dangerous enemies to wyngrew and fueled by negative energy!

  • So much variety to each wyngro, whether it be wings, horns, tails and much more!

  • A rich and detailed world map, with many locations to visit!

  • A detailed description  of magic and how to learn it!

  • Fantasy plants, and how the residents of the world interact with them!

  • Detailed history, religions, politics and other world lore!

  • Honestly if you like animal-like characters that do cool fantasy stuff, you'll love it. 

Below is a calendar containing the birthdays of our NPC characters! Which NPC is closest  you your birthday?

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