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The Night of Warptide

Magic, like almost all forces of nature, runs in cycles. Like the ocean, it has waves where the magic levels rise and fall locally, in small or large amounts. It pools where it collects in greater concentrations, and streams flow between points of power. 

Wyngrew well versed in magic are aware of this, and use it to their advantage, often building where the magic level is relatively high and the most stable over time. However, there are places where it is too dangerous to go, because the magic is too strong and turbulent.


It is said among the sages however, that magic also has tides, where the overall level of magic throughout the world either ebbs or swells. Ancient legend tells that milennia ago, the tide of magic rose so high, that powerful magic storms tore across the land, leaving devastation in their wake and altering everything they touched. Creatures that survived such a storm were mutated and turned into monsters, and the restless dead roamed as long as the powerful residual magics lingered. 

The ancestors of the modern Wyngrew survived the tide by building their homes into mountains and underground, where they could retreat when the storms came. But the monstrous creatures that remained, insane with pain and confusion, would sometimes find their homes and attack the residents. 

The Wyngrew protected themselves with magical wards, and disguised themselves and their homes to make it appear as if they too had changed, so that the warped scavengers would look elsewhere. Some took pity upon the damned, and would often leave out food and small gifts, both to help and to lure the dangerous creatures away from their domiciles.

Wyngrew still tell this tale, although to most, that's all it is-- a legend. 

However, every year, there is a wave of magic that reaches its peak in the autumn. It doesn't produce any warpstorms, but is considered a high time for performing magic. The legend of Warptide is still celebrated on the night of the highest magical peak, as young Wyngrew go out to roam among homes decorated with strange lights and sounds and twisted facades. They go out and cause mischief, looking for the offerings left out for the "monsters". Even the adults don scary disguises as they did in ancient lore.

Though the night is safe, so they say...  just tradition. But stories persist that strange things can and do happen on these nights. And the tide of magic is rising, little by little, every year. Those obsessed with uncovering the truth were able to find an underground sanctuary, and though years of research were poured into trying to break an ancient seal, it could not be broken. Ancient carvings on the stone sanctuary reveal the seal to guard secret scribes for uncovering lost magic. Obviously every effort was made in order to retrieve the precious scribes and break the seal, but strange things seemed to happen the more they tried. Sightings of terrifying ghosts, whispers that drove many scientists mad, and eventually, one member of the team unexpectedly took his own life. After this, the King canceled any remaining expeditions to uncover the truth, deeming it too dangerous. The sanctuary was closed and boarded up, never to reveal it's secrets. Until now...

Guards of the sanctuary recently reported to the King that they were ambushed by what looked like a horned Warlock Wyngro, cloaked in darkness and wielding incredible dark magic. Before they could act, the darkness overtook them. When they awoke, the seal was broken, the scribes missing from their tomb, and the guards were chased out of the area by terrifying wisps with glowing eyes. They appeared as flaming, Wyngrew shaped spirits, and have been swarming the neighboring areas, seeping even into the towns! 

The King has put out an alert to all brave Wyngro near and far for help. With his army hot on the trail of the mysterious Warlock, and the rest protecting citizens, he asks that any Wyngro willing to aid in the cause for peace find the shattered rune stones to reseal the sanctuary and contain the "Flare Wisps". 

He reports that they come in all different shapes and colors, and vary in aggression. Some only linger, but some will attack other Wyngrew, and can cause severe trauma as they invoke terror and fear psychologically once they get too close to you. They can also burn you. If you start to hear a crackling sound, followed by whispers, beware! A Flare Wisp is not far. They seem to flee around water or bright lights, but it is not always sure. (This may be why they seem to appear at night) 

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