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Lumibugs are small, nocturnal insects that have bioluminescent butts, moth-like antennas, and beetle-like shell/wings!

They are considered "lucky" in Wyngro society!

General Information:


Lumibugs is the plural

Glowing Abdomens & Communication

  • They can glow in various different colors. To attract a mate, they glow in the same color as them, taken as a "green light". If the partner likes them, they flash back. If not, they change color. 

  • Lumibug abdomens can glow at any color, but they usually have a "default" color that they wear most of the time. Emotions influences the color change as well, and this can change from bug to bug.

    • Ex: One lumibug can turn blue when happy and green when angry, while other bug can turn yellow or red. It depends on the individual!


  • Each lumibug is born with a unique wing pattern. It's like a fingerprint, impossible to be exactly alike. 

  • The markings are mandatorily black. 

  • Wings can fold and give them a beetle-like aspect. 

Compared to Wyngrew, Lumibugs are about the size of a small mouse, or a hissing cockroach. Wyngrew love them, especially during the cooler months! It is frowned upon to kill or eat a Lumibug in Wyngro society. (Considered very bad luck as well)

They communicate by vibrating their antennae and creating sound waves. Different frequencies mean different messages. 

In Wyngro Society

Lumibugs are considered to be lucky, and therefore it is unlucky to purposefully harm one. The relationship between Wyngrew and Lumibugs is thought to have begun when during cold winter months, Wyngrew bringing in firewood or evergreen boughs for decoration would discover the bugs among the branches or under the bark where they had been taking refuge. Like many insects that live longer than a year, they overwinter by finding places to hibernate where they will be safe from frost. 

Wyngrew homes would be almost ideal as they stay warm througout the winter, but if the bugs do not get cold enough to hibernate they require food and water. Winter can be a hard time for everyone, and as the lumibugs are considered charming and good luck, some Wyngrew took to bringing in evergreen branches or even small trees to their homes, and decorate them with hanging fruit to provide a comfortable environment for them. In return they enjoyed the beauty of the happy lumibugs' colorful twinkling lights warming their winter homes. 

Additionally, the lumibugs' good fortune was thought to protect the family living in the home as well, although being able to provide for the tiny guests is a good sign that the family hosting them is doing well. Curiously, lumibugs who spend a lot of time around Wyngrew live longer than ones in the wild.

The idea that lumibugs are lucky may be even older still, however. Folk tales going way back beyond memory state that watching their colorful light displays in the spring and summer will increase one's chances of finding true love, or strengthen the bonds of couples who watch them. Watching a lumibug light dance is still considered romantic to this day.

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