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How to Make your Own Wyngro!

If you're interested in making one, you must follow the guide below in order to be accepted!
Keep in mind that you must purchase a MYO ticket in order to make a MYO Wyngro!

(Tickets are currently unavailable)

Step 1: ANATOMY - Let’s start drawing a Wyngro!

The anatomy of a Wyngling (a baby Wyngro) is small & stubby!

 Think of them like little beans.

They have many unique features, so let’s look at them all individually!

Bump Nose | Round Nose | Claws & Paws

Your Wyngro can have a bump nose, or a round nose!

They may also have either front or back claws & paws! (But they need a set of each! And these must be easily defiend!)

  • Arms, legs, and neck must be very short. Adding any length to them will result in your image needing edits.

  • Tail is a nub that is thick at the base and tapers off. Anything that looks like it could “wag” on its own will be denied.

  • Baby fat. Wynglings have very chubby front arms. This fat extends outward from the backs of the arms. Making them too skinny will result in need of edits.

  • Magic Gland. You know that black marking behind the eye of every Wyngro? This is a consistent species trait that gives them magic powers. Make sure to add this and make it easy to see!

  • Round, bumpy ears. Make sure to copy the shape of the ear. It must be rounded with the largest “ear bump” on the highest point of the head.

  • Mouth notches. Wyngrew have a very specific mouth shape. Make sure to follow this and do not add extra “notches” to their approval image. Please do not give them a smooth mouth either.

  • Brows. Wynglings have circular eyebrows. Make sure to add them! (And make sure they're not too tiny!)

  • Nostrils. Your Wyngro needs these to breathe, make sure to add them!

PAWPADS: Please note that Wyngrew should NOT be drawn with any pawpads!

(This used to be allowed, but is now a very cheap upgrade you can get later!)

What kind of pose should I use?

  • When drawing your new Wyngro, make sure to draw them in a very simple, boring, standing pose!

  • Use a side view like the ones displayed so we can see the whole body!

  • Make sure all four feet are on solid ground!

  • Do NOT trace your approvals! (Draw your own art please!)

We want to make sure you understand the anatomy all on your own, so give it your best shot! Poses may be referenced, but do not trace! 

(See to the left for examples on referencing vs. tracing)

Step 2: Eye Color

  • They can be ANY color you want, but remember that pure white and black are NOT COLORS and therefor should not be used on an iris.

  • Choose carefully, because your Wyngro's eye color can NEVER CHANGE.

  • Do Not shade eyes, they must be a single colour.

  • No Pupils! (They can get pupils later)

  • Also please be aware that your Wyngro cannot be born blind!

Step 3: Pick some COLORS!

  • Base Colors: Are the little "Wyngro heads" displayed here!

  • Secondary Colors: Are the little squares inside the base colors.

First choose a base color. This base color must easily be able to tell that it covers the MAJORITY of your Wyngro's body.

Once you choose a base color, let's look at how to lay down the secondary colors!

Step 4: Baby Spot

  • See that very light, 5th and final color swatch on each pallet? This is your Wyngro's baby spot!

  • All Wynglings (baby Wyngrew) need to have a baby spot! 

  • Baby spot must be located on the tip of your Wyngro's nose. (see below)

Step 5: Secondary Colors

  • Choose a max of 2 secondary colors to add to your Wyngling. Do NOT use more than 2!

  • Please use an EYEDROPPER to get the colors exact as you can.

  • The little eyebrows may be either of the Secondary colors you choose to include.

  • (And may also overlap color placements!)

Step 6: Secondary Color Placement

Here are all the options for where you can add your secondary colors!

  • Please pick a maximum of 5 placements.

  • The color placements below must be followed exactly and ARE NOT OPTIONAL!

  • You can mix and match them together! For instance, a face mask can bleed into a chin or tummy placement.

  • They should never merge to make complicated shapes, bands, spots, stripes, thin lines, or overlapped colors.

  • Please note that the eyebrows & baby spot may overlap secondary colors!


Good rule of thumb: SIMPLE IS KEY

We reserve the right to ask for edits on any Wyngro that may have complex markings, so do your best to start simple! Remember, this species EVOLVES! They take time to become unique!

(You can click on any image below to see a larger picture!)

heart fix

Step 7: Accent Colors

  • Accent colors can be placed on your Wyngro's tail, toes or fingers.

  • They can be ANY COLOR!

  • You can add this color to one or two  placements, or all!

  • You do NOT have to add accent colors if you don't want to!

  • Make sure if on tail, it covers the whole nub.

  • Accent color should only cover the the toes and fingers, not cover part of the arm or "hand".

  • If you choose to add to fingers and toes, please cover the entire finger/toe! Not just the tip!

Step 8: Mouth/Tongue Color

This one is pretty easy!

Wyngro tongues/mouths are pink/red, like ours!

Step 9: What NOT to do! (OHNOES!)

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Your Wyngro cannot be born blind, with a loss of limbs or any ailments that would effect their appearance!

Step 10: Add your new Wyngro to our Template!

Now that your Wyngro is all finished, it's time to add them to our template!

It's a very simple template. All you have to do is find your color pallet, add or draw your Wyngro in, and write a name for them!

Step 11: Submit & Add a Description!

Now all that's left is to add a small but of info about your Wyngro! This part is very easy, just fill out the form:

Biological Sex:
Hatch Location:

Your Wyngro must have a name picked out when you submit it to the group!
Don't worry, you can change it later if you like, but we discourage changing your Wyngro's name, as this will confuse the friends they've made and other members!

Biological Sex
This must list either Male or Female. No other gender may be listed, as we need to know what they biologically are born as.
If they identify as a different gender, you may list that too!

Wyngro subspecies like Imps and Pixies are in development, so almost everyone will put in "Standard Wyngro" here!



  • If you created your Wyngro yourself, it is considered a "MYO Wyngro". (Make Your Own)

  • If you Adopted a Donated Design, it's considered an "Adopted Wyngro".

  • If you bought or won a Wyngro design in an auction within the group, it's considered a "Purchased Wyngro".

  • If your Wyngro was the result of a "breeding", it is considered a "Bred Wyngro"

Hatch Location
You may use 1 of 3 options here:
1. The Nook
The Nook is the Hatchery in Wynsiph where almost all abandoned eggs are taken to be cared for. This is a great option for new members as it's an easy template to use when writing your Wyngro's backstroy! We recommend this option the most!
2. Raised by ______<--Wyngro's name here!
Raised by another Wyngro in the group is another idea! Either by your own Wyngro or someone else in the group you may know.
3. Other
This can mean the egg was abandoned outside of Wynsiph, in the mountains, raised by ______ species, and so on.

Keep in Mind: Eggs that hatch on their own without anyone to care for them will likely die. Newly hatched Wynglings still nurse and are extremely helpless, so it's unrealistic for them to hatch in the middle of no where and survive with no help.

Step 12: Make it official!

Last thing to do it get your Wyngro approved!


Comment in the journal linked above with your deviation. We will help you from there!

Need Help?

Whew! That sure is a lot to take in! Need additional help getting your Wyngro approved? 

Check out these excellent resources below!

Wyngro Flash Maker

Click on the button above to try our handy Wyngro Flash Maker. It will help you play around with colors and markings and get a better grip on how wynglings can look. 
Play around with various design till you find something you like!

Discord Server Help

Click on the button above to join our server channel where you can post your art to see if it will be approved, and staff can even visually draw over your art to help show you what you need to do! 

You won't be able to access the entire server until you have at least one Wyngro approved, but this channel will be able to help get you there!

So What's Next?

Once your Wyngro is approved into the community, the real fun begins! You might want to check out our

Upgrades Section to see what kind of features your Wyngro can get!

But in order to get upgrades, you'll need to learn how to earn them! So read our wyn system tutorial!

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