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For the current Wyn Guide, please go here!

How to Use Wyns!

Table of Context:

Wyns are what you'll use to tally up the art you draw in the group!

They also are what allow you to add upgrades to your Wyngro! (You can't give your Wyngro upgrades without them!)

Think of them more as milestones or tally marks. They never deplete or get spent!

They exist per artist, so you can use them for every Wyngro you own! They are counted by YOU and rely on an honor system method for you to keep track.

How do you get Wyns?

You get wyns by drawing art of anything Wyngro related! See below on how to count what they're worth!

  • Colored Headshot or Bust = 1 wyn

  • Colored Fullbody = 2 wyns

Image must be MOST of your Wyngro's body shown. It's okay if a tail or a toe get cut off, etc.

Fullbodies need to be decently detailed and shown at a decent size. Anything very small and not detailed will only be 1 wyn)

  • Add a Story (600 words or more) = +1 wyn

Add a story to go with your image in the description!)

  • Additional Background = +1 wyn

Background must be fairly detailed and have a foreground & a Background! See examples below.)

  • Wyngro Fullbody Gift = +1 wyn

If you drew a Wyngro owned by another artist, add 1 wyn per character! This includes NPCs! Only counted if fullbody colored!

  • Animation = 1 wyn

Animations count as 1 wyn per animation. NOT PER FRAME. Staff will award you more wyns sometimes though!

  • Official Pet = 1 wyn

Only official pets on our master-list (excluding beeb spuds) count for wyns! Wyns cannot be counted for other creatures/wildlife/farm animals. 

PLEASE NOTE that you can only accumulate a total of 50 wyns per deviation.

As you can see, gifts get you an additional wyn when you draw a colored fullbody!
Staff members may also comment on deviations awarding extra wyns for extra effort! (We reward people who put considerable amount of work into their art, are noticeably creative, or just generally deserve extra wyns!)
So you can pretty easily accumulate wyns! Don't be discouraged by high wyn counts on upgrades.


Additional things to note:

  • Please be aware that using the same line base for multiple Wyngro gifts does NOT count towards wyns! Effort!

  • Commissioned work or artwork that is paid for does not count for wyns!

  • Icons / Pixels can count as 1 wyn if they are at least 50x50 pixels, and are recognizable as a fullbody.

  • Acceptable official PETS count for 1 wyn per fullbody drawing of one! (Must be an owned pet, not just made up!) 

  • Non-companion creatures such as Puckoo, Gurps, Spoodles and insects do NOT count for wyns.

  • Stories must be included with a deviation image in order to count for wyns. But the image does NOT need to be colored.

  • Sketches do NOT count for wyns. If enough effort is put into them, staff may reward you, however!

  • Pasting your roleplays to your descriptions do not count for wyns. Sorry!

How to Count your Wyns - Step by Step Guide

This is "Bill". He's your new Wyngro! Say hi Bill.

Because he's your Wyngro, this image itself is worth 2 wyns, because Bill’s full body is showing!


  • Total = 2 wyns!

Oh look, Bill's friend Joe decided to stop by. (And he brought pie! Yay!)

Bill, as your character, is still full body and earns 2 wyns!


Joe is also full body and earns 2 wyns! But because he’s not your character he earns an extra +1 wyn because he counts as a gift! So Joe counts for 3 wyns! Yay!


  • Total = 5 wyns! (Added Joe!)

Looks like more has been added! There's Frank in the back, (Hey no one invited you Frank!)

Frank is not full body and is only worth 1 wyn! (Even though Frank’s not yours either, you don’t get +1 wyn unless he's a fullbody, remember that!

And oh look! A background has been added! But is that a background that can count for an extra wyn?

Afraid not! Although grass has been drawn, there's still no background past the horizon line, and everything is a bit flat. Remember that in order to count an extra Wyn for a background, the background must be detailed enough to stand on its own. Therefore, this would not count.


  • Total = 6 wyns! (added Frank!)

Hey, now that's more like it! As you can see, a background has been added, and the image is even shaded and has some shadows to really make it look 3 dimensional! They really seem to exist in this environment now!


  • Total = 7 wyns! (added a detailed background!)

Bill, Joe, and Frank all admiring a pie! Now, because none of them are full body, it doesn’t matter who belongs to you and who belongs to another member of the group, they’re all only worth 1 wyn!

**Now, Joe (orange gro) is ALMOST a fullbody, but his feet are cut off. Make sure that almost the entire body is showing to count a fullbody!

**Now, Frank (red gro) is so far back and not detailed at all that it wouldn't be fair to count a wyn for him. Poor Frank, this is why you're not invited! Remember to be reasonable and don't count wyns for extremely small and non detailed characters.


  • Total = 2 wyns!

Hey look! Now we can see more of Joe! Since only a very small portion of the toe is cut off, we can count him as a fullbody!


  • Total = 3 wyns!

Since Joe is still not your character, he earns an extra +1 wyn for being a gift! So Joe once again counts for 3 wyns! Yay!


  • Total = 4 wyns! (Added gift wyn)

How to format the wyns on your descriptions!

Counting your wyns is easy!

Please count wyns for each deviation you submit to Wyngro group. This way mods can keep track as well should an issue arise.
In the bottom of your description add "earned/total"  

  • The number on the left is how many wyns this deviation earned.

  • The number on the right is your new overall total of wyns!This way you can always look back on your last deviation to see how many wyns you left off on!

Example: 3/23 wyns

Or feel free to use our wyn emoticon by clicking the "ADD MEDIA" button at the bottom of your description!


Here's a look at how your wyn journey should look like.

The first one is your first ever Wyngro art! (This will always be an approval image, but ignore that!)

So it earns 2/2 wyns, since it's a colored fullbody of your Wyngro.

The second one is that image with Bill, Joe and Frank, as well as a detailed background!

That earns 7 wyns, and since you've already earned 2 from your previous image, your new total is 9!

Easy peasy! You could almost call it a wyn/wyn situation! ;D


Additional Info!

  • Some upgrades may still require additional unique prompts as well as wyns! (So be sure to read carefully!)

  • Your wyn tallys will affect ANY Wyngro you create. You do not need to start over if you create a new one. You must still follow any requirements though such as age or drawing prompts!

  • Wyns do NOT deplete or get "spent" when you get an upgrade. They only add up towards the next upgrade!

  • Wyns may not be given away or traded. They are permanently stuck to YOU

  • You can draw "flash-back" images of your wyngrew, (older versions) but they do not count for wyns!

  • Wyns replaced "Coins" on 1/31/17 due to the confusion that "coins" sounded like a spendable currency. So if you see someone refer to wyns as coins, this is why! 

What counts as a background?

Backgrounds must be a character themselves in order to count for an extra wyn. What this means is it needs to have both a background AND a foreground, and significant detail as well. Just a sky with some airbrushed clouds will not count. 

Not enough!

That's better!

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