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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Wyngro Magic Guide

Welcome to the magic guide, where we'll share everything you need to know about magic! For your convenience, here's a helpful key!

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Intro to Wyngro Magic  - World & Lore

The Elements

In the Wyngro world, possibilities almost seem endless. This unique species is able to tap into the magic of the world and harness it for their own purposes. Magic comes in all shapes and sizes, and without it, the Wyngro of the world would soon shrivel and die out.

Types of Magic & The Elements


Magic can do many things for a Wyngro. Magic is used to help a Wyngro hatch from an egg, and to then produce offspring. It’s used to feel the planet, the changing tides and the moon. Everything about life is tied to how a Wyngro feels and uses magic in its daily life. When you think of “magic”, it’s easy to assume it looks… well magical, flashy, sparkly, impressive. But there’s so much about magic that you can’t see, and that a Wyngro uses subconsciously. It’s not about casting spells and performing, it’s much deeper.


While many kinds of magic have different uses and purposes, they are most easily broken down to the elements. Each of these elements has its own set of followers, religions, and stereotypes attached to them as well. Almost as if each element is its own race at times. While Wyngrew can learn several kinds of magic, most are subconsciously going to use one the most.

Basic Magic vs. Complex Magic

The four Basic Elements to learn are Fire, Water, Wind & Earth.

The four Complex Elements are Lightning, Ice, Dark & Light

The Basic Elements can be learned from no experience, but the Complex Elements require a complete knowledge in two specific Basic Elements before they can be learned. 

For instance, in order to master Lightning, an understanding of both Beginner Fire & Wind must be learned first. Let’s look at this guide to see what you’ll need for each element:


This guide shows how you can learn complex elements, and which basic elements you need to have in place first.

Lightning = Need Fire & Wind
Ice = Need Water & Wind
Light = Need Water & Earth
Dark = Need Fire & Earth

So say your Wyngro wants to be a master in ice magic. Well, first you’ll need to get them educated in Basic Wind & Water magic first! Listed below will be all the guides you will need to further help your Wyngro along with learning their magic. Use them wisely, because with great magic comes g̶r̶e̶a̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶p̶o̶n̶s̶i̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y greater power. 


Element vs. Personality

  • Fire - Passionate & Brave are often associated with fire. Fire is wild and free, without attachments. Those who tame it seem to have this same mindset. Wanderers that don’t like commitment, like to keep their schedules free, spur-of-the-moment types. They are known to be reckless and have a hard time paying attention to how they affect those around them.


  • Water - Steady minded and consistent, much like the constant flow of a stream. Wyngrew into water magic can be associated with serenity and calmness. Also some claim them to be boring and unwilling to take risks. They have a set plan and don’t like veer from it. This may be why fire and water seem to butt heads very often. (Almost like comparing an extrovert to an introvert)


  • Earth - Easy going is a more common term for Earth magic users. They’re easy to please and even easier to live around. They don’t complain much and generally get along with most of whom they meet. Although they have a hard time adjusting to new things easily, can be very stubborn in their ways, and move slowly.


  • Wind - Flighty and always moving. Wyngrew Wind users adapt well to new situations and love a challenge. They work hard and are true to themselves. But they can have a hard time focusing and following through. Leaving many unfinished projects, procrastinating, and known to be very forgetful.


  • Lightning - Very energetic, Lightning users keep busy! They’re great at multitasking and brainstorming. Some of the most innovative minds are drawn to lightning. They also are stereotyped to be the biggest nerds around. They’d rather work with inanimate objects, plants, or even animals more than socialize. They get very involved with their work and tend to be very on edge and jumpy.


  • Ice - One of the most neutral of personalities, those involved with ice magic are known to be very selfish, but never cause a fuss either. Flexible, easily going along with whatever situation they find themselves in. They can be hard to understand, usually associated with being indifferent or aloof to others. But they tend to observe things better than others and are a wonderful source of information if you know one.


  • Light - Enlightened, willing to help others at the cost of themselves, Light users are not usually known to be great leaders, but are always held close by to those in power. Although mostly followers, they’re extremely loyal and can be hard to sway. Held as one of the highest regards of magic, a Wyngro leaning towards Light is usually one that isn’t good at making their own decisions, but is good at thriving in a community, relying on others.


  • Dark - Cunning and thoughtful, those driven to dark magic are very frowned upon and thought to be marked as “evil”. Although old documentation claims that the magic of Shadow enlists those that are highly intelligent, but easily disturbed by their surroundings. They thrive on change and pursue ideals they are passionate about. Although this passion is often fueled by hate, which leads to many abusing the power of Dark magic. This is usually where it’s terrible reputation comes from.

Ability Chart

Ability Chart


Magic Lore

While many Wyngrew know an assortment of magic elements, they usually stick to being good at only one or two. Those who practice a rainbow of elements usually only know the basics, or have a hard time using them in extreme situations where they are less prepared. Many teachers will only allow students to concentrate on one element at a time because of this.


You’re probably wondering, “Well can my Wyngro be an expert on every type of magic?”

To answer that, I’d like you to imagine how believable someone would be if they told you they were an expert of 10 completely different occupations.

While it might make sense that a gardener is pretty knowledgeable with Water and Earth, it would be less believable for a farmer to be an expert on Lightning, for instance. Much like the skills & languages you learn in real life, magic use can be forgotten over time if not utilized in day-to-day life.

Remember that your character is mortal, not a god. The better you portray their limits as a character, the more believable their abilities will be! 

Uncommon, Rare, and impossible Magical Talents

Now we talk about what would be considered overpowered in the Wyngro world. Because of this, we don’t allow members to give their Wyngrew abilities listed below on a account of how rare they are supposed to be.


Documented in some cases over time where an individual is able to use magic while they are dreaming, affecting those in the conscious world. This is considered a dangerous condition, as some Wyngrew in the past were hurt or even killed by accidental magic use of a sleeping companion. Taking dream suppression ailments can stop this from happening, but it’s considered extremely troubling if a Wyngro is known to have this ability.


A very rare ability given to only the most talented and gifted Wyngrew in the past, this is the ability to use two elements simultaneously. Only very old, sage-like Wyngrew are known to be able to do this, and at a great energy cost no less.


Wyngrew tend to have one element they lean towards, and it can be very difficult to switch between them. It’s sort of like having a lawyer switch gears and start performing surgery on someone without changing their clothes or preparing first. It takes a lot of concentration and practice to use two different elements side-by-side and switch between them. You almost have to shut a part of your brain on and off when switching.

Now this being said, knowing a variety of elemental basics can really help understand new abilities too! For instance, trying to manipulate soggy earth can be a lot easier if you’ve worked with basic water magic first!

As all elements are very different from each other and range in personality, they are all tied together in some way.

Mixing of Magic

Wyngrew can certainly work together to merge their magical elements together when needed! Such as contributing extra water to form a giant water wall, or multiple Wyngrew creating a wall of fire around themselves as a shield.

Light and Dark magic are a bit different, as they tend to deal more with matters of the mind rather than the elements of the world. Healing can be aided by a partner, but both must be very good at working together or it can go terribly wrong.


“True” mixing of magic can occur in different situations, however. Although it’s not very common and usually only occurs when powerful magical items are used. The Wyngro eye is a very important trait when it comes to mixing of magic. The gland will glow an unusual “white” light when magic mixing is taking place. The most common occurrence of this is during the magic lock that occurs during breeding, and is used to produce eggs.

Though this intriguing use of magic is yet to be explored further.

The Magic “Gland”

The magic “gland” itself is not a physical gland at all, actually. The magic a wyngro has is tied to their skull. The black mark that is seen on the eye of a wyngro is just an indicator of that magic. If a Wyngro loses their eyesight, for instance, this doesn’t mean their gland is gone, only unseen. 

Even if the eye is closed, however, the gland should still be seen glowing if magic is being used!

Concealing Magic Glands

Concealing your magics glands in Wyngro society is considered extremely suspicious and illegal in some places. They emit a bright colored glow, and are not hard to cover up.

Eyepatches and sunglasses are perfectly acceptable, because they still allow others to tell whether or not the Wyngro is using magic. However, blindfolds, wrapping a scarf or bandage tightly around the eyeline, etc. is very frowned upon, and will asked to be removed in large cities. Antova has a law against it due to the dense population and effect it can have in such a large place. They will take you in for questioning if you’re seen concealing your glands.


History states that corrupted groups would blind themselves on purpose to avoid suspicion of using manipulative Dark magic to take hold of power. By brutally mutilating their face, they could avoid being detected and pose as a feeble blind citizen. Using Earth magic to detect where they were and see the world around them, and Dark magic to manipulate in secret became a very dangerous way that evil Wyngrew could corrupt and destroy.

This is why it’s never acceptable to conceal your glands, and many masks that Wyngrew wear for occupations will require the eyeholes be big enough to show the glands as well.

The Colors of Magic

Fire = Red

Water = Blue

Earth = Green

Wind = Orange

Lightning = Pink

Ice = Light blue

Light = Yellow

Dark = Purple


When using different magic, wyngro magic glands will glow brightly with that magics color. Each element has their unique color!

A thing we see quite often is that people draw yellow magic glands, while their wyngro is using wind magic. Please make sure that the magic glands glow the correct color, to avoid confusion. 


Dormant Magic

Dormant Magic vs. Active Magic

Throughout this entire guide so far, we’ve been referring to “active” magic, which relies on the Wyngro performing elemental magic for one specific purpose, and their magic glands glowing in response to that.

For instance: The gro’s eyes glowed red as they were conjuring a flame.


Dormant magic is a bit different. It is a deeper magic that exists within the core of that Wyngro, and cannot simply be taught. Many races and families are tied to certain kinds of dormant magic that they take pride in.


Dormant magic can be something that surrounds a Wyngro, or can be cast onto another living or non-living thing even. (Although this is quite rare)


For instance: A gro spreads their wings and feels the wind rise up against the appendages, giving it lift to hover for a few moments, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.


Can my Wyngro learn dormant magic?


Lore-wise, yes! There are schools and tutors that teach this kind of magic, but it’s an advanced kind of magic that isn’t as easy to grasp as active magic like elemental bursts of fire and water.


Wyngro mechanic-wise, there is no known way (yet) to learn dormant magic.


What are some examples of dormant magic that we’ve seen?


  • Azoth’s barrier around his cottage is a good example of dormant magic. He doesn’t need to be there in order to make sure his home is shielded. However, if he is absent from it for too long, the barrier will weaken.


  • Another example is Ivy’s ability to see the threads of the future, or so she claims. Sibyls are one kind of Wyngro that are known for a powerful kind of ‘future sight’, allowing them to make accurate predictions. Although most of the time, they are regarded as fortune tellers performing parlour tricks, and nothing more.


Some other examples that books often tell tales of dormant magics are:


  • Casting spells on inanimate objects to perform in some way when they are touched, approached, or tampered with. (Such as a book bursting into fire if the wrong gro opens it)


  • Dream Seafarers are a type of gro that can perform a dormant kind of magic that allows them to get a glimpse of another gro’s dreams while they are sleeping. Sometimes these gro will even fall into another gro's dreams while dreaming themselves, if there are others in close proximity.

Other kinds of dormant magics are unknown by citizens of Wynsiph, although the possibilities seem far and wide.

Group Mechanics

Group Mechanics



(So don't draw the average Wyngling using magic please!)

Adults have a chance to pass on a bit of magic to their children when being officially bred.

Wynglings who inherit a magic skill must still officially learn the magic once grown up.

Dark Magic Cannot be learned the same way that other magics can be learned.

For more info on why, check out "Antova History & Religion!"

If you want to see a list of all current Wyngrew who are official in magic, click on our


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