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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Magic is learned two different ways:

  • Classes (Homework Prompts)

  • Self Taught (Independent Magic)


The choice between the two depends on the personality of the Wyngro you have learning, your own personal schedule, and how much time you have during the week to draw. A certain type of drawing is required in order to be counted for magic.


Each drawing you use towards learning magic must be a separate drawing, whether traditional or digital.

Here's a handy graph to show the differences between each style of learning magic!

Still unsure which route to take? Take a quiz!

Click here to answer some simple questions and we'll help you figure out the best course to take!

Taking a Class
  • A fast method of Learning that only takes 1 month!

  • Only requires one drawing per ability!

  • Drawings must be “Polished pieces”

  • Has deadlines and limited signup opportunities!

  • Unlocks certain upgrades.

  • Awards you a Graduation Certificate!

Classes are the faster way to have your Wyngro learn magic! Most months a Basic Class will open and a registration journal will be posted to the group. Any member with a scholarship ticket may sign up one adult wyngro to attend the upcoming class. Those who don't have a ticket are welcome to join the raffle linked in the journal. At the end of registration, 5 lucky users will be randomly selected to attend the class! Every so often, an Intermediate Class will open up, but these are very limited and difficult to get into!


  • Magic Tickets are available for purchasing in our shop or may be obtained from other members through the Trading Post! These vouchers help support the group! Be sure to buy the correct level class ticket for the class you want to get into, as Basic classes and Intermediate classes are different!


  • Registration for a class will be open for generally 5-7 days. Once registration closes, the class will start and a journal will be posted with "Homework" for week 1! 

  • Classes run for one month and a new ability is learned each week. Each weekly announcement will have the teacher explain techniques to practice each different ability in class, (whichever element your Wyngro is learning). Depending on your element, you must follow that specific drawing prompt for it! Some homework assignments require another classmate! So be prepared to draw other artists Wyngrew every so often! 


  • Essentially, you are drawing one picture per ability. Once your "homework" is turned in (submit deviation to Magic Artwork Folder) and approved by a mod in the discord server, your Wyngro officially has knowledge in said ability. Does that make them an expert in this skill? No, but we recognize that your Wyngro has practiced. 


  • If all four homework assignments are turned in on time during the month of class, you Wyngro will receive a graduation certificate for whatever class they took. This certificate will be useful later in the group, is considered a "special item" and cannot be gained any other way. 


  • If your Wyngro does not pass, (If you didn't have time to submit an image in time that week) you'll need to pay to retake the class when it's next offered to pass..., or continue learning on your own, but a certificate will not be awarded. 

Independent Learning
  • A slower method of learning that takes at minimum 2 months before submitting to the master list.

  • Has no deadlines or set prompts! Submit pieces whenever you want. 

  • Requires you to create Polished Pieces.

  • Requires twice/thrice as much art than Classes.

  • Does not unlock certain upgrades.

  • Does not get awarded a Graduation Certificate.

  • Must come up with your own prompts & ideas.

If classes aren't your thing, (maybe you don't have enough time to commit to a drawing prompt every week, or your Wyngro isn't the "school" type) then you can learn basic magic on your own! Keep in mind, this will take a lot of time and effort and it’s important to follow the guidelines & limitation for each ability so you don’t create an overpowered character!

Basic Magic:

  • 2 Month wait after first learning image is posted.

  • 2 “Polished Pieces" of your Wyngro trying to use each Basic Ability for the Element your Wyngro is trying to learn.


Intermediate Magic:

  • 3 Month wait after first learning image is posted.

  • 3 “Polished Pieces" of your Wyngro trying to use each Intermediate Ability for the Element your Wyngro is trying to learn.

In order to "learn" one element, You must draw your Wyngro trying to learn each ability for that element

(Twice for Basic Elements, and three times for Intermediate Elements)

So if they wanted to learn "fire", you must draw two pictures of your Wyngro learning to "increase their body temperature", "Melt things", "Manipulate fire" and "Conjure fire". (As an example)

Once you've finished your 8/12 magic images and it's been 2/3 months since your first image for that magic, post your learning images on our Magic Approval channel on Discord. From there the masterlist will be updated:  [MAGIC MASTERLIST

Our staff will then look over the pieces to ensure they're polished, then add you to the Magic List. Congrats, you now officially know a magic element!


What kinds of things should you draw in your magic learning images? Here are some ideas:

  • Your Wyngro reading a book on magic and trying to use it.

  • Your Wyngro practicing outdoors, using nature to learn

  • Your Wyngro practicing on a friend

  • Your Wyngro injuring themselves while learning. Oops! 

  • Your Wyngro accidentally using a bit of magic in a random situation!

    • (Did they hiccup a water bubble? Maybe got super mad and accidentally melted something with their hands!)

  • Your Wyngro using magic and a story to go with their experience!

NOTE: Your Wyngro does not need to learn abilities IN ORDER like you do in class. They can practice one ability once, move onto another, and come back to the first one later if you like! Just keep track on where they're at!

-->IMPORTANT<-- Please make sure any drawings that depict your Wyngro learning magic are submitted to THE MAGIC FOLDER!

The creative options are endless, but whenever your Wyngro is learning a certain ability make SURE to read the specifics on said ability above in our Basic or Intermediate magic pages!


Independent Learning Shortcuts


In some instances, there are wyngrew who have an easier time learning certain magic than others. For example, subspecies will always have an easier time learning their natural element (the specific bonuses for each individual subspecies can be found on their species page). 

Standard wyngrew, while not aligned to any specific element, can also rarely be born with a degree of affiliation for a specific magical element. This happens when a standard wyngling is born with what is known as a “magic quirk”. Magic quirks are not limited to standards either, other subspecies can also be born with them.  

Whatever magical quirk the standard wyngling is born with, gives the wyngro skill in that ability. That means: you will only have to draw your wyngro drawing that particular magic skill one time for independent magic!

For example: A wyngling born with a magic quirk for Wind Gusts would only need to draw one image for that magic skill when learning Basic Wind magic as an adult. Or, a wyngling born with a quirk for Breathe Fire would only need to do one polished piece for that skill when learning Intermediate Fire. 

Additionally, a wyngro born with a quirk for one of the complex magics (Ice, Lightning, Light) does not need to learn the normal two basic magics normally required before beginning to learn the complex magic they’re born with. 

Example: A standard wyngling born with a magic quirk for Call Snow would be able to immediately begin learning Intermediate Ice magic as an adult, along with only needing to draw one polished piece for Call Snow if learning independently. 

Magic F.A.Q.s:


Q: Can my Wyngro learn more than one kind of magic element at a time?

A: Yes! But keep in mind trying to learn multiple kinds of magic at once is like trying to get several different college degrees in the same amount of time it takes most people to get one! Needless to say it would be very difficult and stressful to both the artist and Wyngro, but not impossible!


Q: Are we allowed to self teach multiple Wyngro at one time (if we own more than one)?

A: Yes!

Q: Can my Wyngro learn Basic Fire Magic and Intermediate Fire Magic at the same time?

A: No! The Basic Magic must be learned first and officially added on the Master Magic List  before your Wyngro can begin learning the Intermediate level of that element!

Q: Can my Wyngro learn Dark Magic?

A: Because of the Ban on Dark Magic in Antova, Dark Magic cannot be Learned independently, or through official classes.

Read more about the Ban here!

Q: Do I have to learn the magic abilities in order when learning independently, like in class?

A: No! You can learn the abilities in any order you want to!

Q: If I draw two Wyngrew in the same image learning magic together, does that count for both of them?

A: No! You need a unique image for each wyngro you want to learn magic!

Q: Can I collab with another artist for magic related art?

A: Yes!

For magic classes, just make sure that each unique image counts for one magic entry (Do not submit the same image for two different wyngrew).

For independent learning make sure you are doing enough of the work that you could still count it as you're own. 


Q: My Wyngro didn't pass their Class! What do I do now? Do they have to take the class all the way over?

A: To get the diploma, YES, they need to retake the class.

If you just want your Wyngro to finish learning their element, however, you can use what you did submit towards their independent learning!

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