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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

How to Grow your Wyngro Up!

Hello and welcome to the “How to Grow your Wyngro Guide!”

First, let’s look at what you need BEFORE growing a Wyngling up!

Why Should I Grow My Wyngling up? (Do I Have To Grow Them?)

While there is no limit to how long you can keep your Wyngro a baby, we recommend growing them up eventually!

Wynglings are quite limited in what they can do in the group. They cannot access most of the group's upgrades, they can't learn magic, and they are not even allowed access to many group events that take place! So while it may be easier to draw your Wyngro as a baby forever, and as cute as they may be, you should try to grow them up!

STEP 1: Grow Up Preparations

Now, in order to “grow up” the Wyngro in question, they must be at least

1 month old!

You can go see how old they are “officially” by clicking on their approval image, and seeing the date it was posted!

  • You will need at least 3 Colored Fullbody Deviations of your Wyngling!

These must be separately uploaded, so make sure you’ve posted a separate fullbody deviation of this Wyngling at least 3 times!

  • Your wyngling approval image won't count as one of the 3. 

  • You will need these linked in your description once you submit your Approval Image.

  • Keep in mind: Just because you didn’t get all of the baby upgrades you wanted to, doesn’t mean you can’t get them as an adult!

STEP 2: Choosing BIPEDAL or QUAD

Wynglings can continue to grow on all fours, or they can grow into standing on two legs!

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide whether to grow your Wyngling into a bipedal or a quad! But how to choose?

Let's look at the differences!

Choose Quad if:

  • You want your Wyngro focused on training their strength, or being an athlete.

  • You want your Wyngro to have a job as a bodyguard, to compete in sparring battles, or to just generally be a bad-ass.

  • Or you just like drawing creatures on all fours!

Choose Bipedal if:

  • You want your Wyngro to wear elaborate clothing eventually. Upright Wyngrew are more easily tailored for. Clothing just tends to get in the way for Quads unless it’s armor or tight clothing. Bipedals often dress for fashion more than Quads do.

  • You plan on making your Wyngro craft items as a job, or tinker with things!

  • Or you just like drawing more anthropomorphic characters!


Once you decide, it’s time to practice that new anatomy!

It can be tricky to learn at first, so make sure to read this guide thoroughly and feel free to reference any images you see!

Quad Anatomy Tips:

  • Bent Front Legs

  • Sloped Back

  • Short, Small and Thin Back Legs

  • Long, Big and Thick Front Legs

  • Short Tail

Bipedal Anatomy Tips:

  • Short, Thin Arms

  • Small hands

  • Thick Legs

  • Big, Digitigrade Feet

  • Short Tail

STEP 3: Drawing Your Grow Up Image

First off, go grab yourself the approval template!

You can draw directly on it, however we recommend drawing your images separately and then pasting the transparent images into the template later!



You will need to draw your wyngling and its new grown up version side-by-side at a similar view.

Whatever upgrades your Wyngling had in the last image you drew of it must be present here, with no newly appearing upgrades!

(This is a grow up approval, so do not add any new upgrades!)

You will also need to make sure that there are NO ACCESSORIES on your Wyngling or adult images. We need to make sure no colors are covered up!

Also, please DO NOT ADD SHADING/HIGHLIGHTS to your approval!

Likewise, please avoid cross-hatching, line-less styles, and any overall messy styles.

If drawing traditionally, try to take a very clear picture in a bright room, flat surface, or use a scanner! If we cannot see your Wyngro clearly enough, we will ask you to try again!

Please avoid traditional approvals unless you have no other options!

Let’s look at an example of what a grow up image should look like:

Things to Note:


  • Remove the baby spot! 

  • ALL adults have 3 digits on their hands/feet instead of 2!

  • Do NOT add any new Upgrades onto this “Growing Up” drawing!

  • The tail grows longer, but not by too much!

  • If there’s an accent color on the tail it should still cover the whole tail!

  • Color placements must remain the same. 

  • Draw your Wyngro from a SIDEVIEW, and both Wyngling and adult must be facing the same way!

  • Draw them on level ground. No jumping/floating/bouncing! (Boring poses are better!)

  • ALL current upgrade must be visible. This includes upgrades shown on the back, such as Tiny Wings, Back Spikes, etc.

  • For Paw Pads & Colored/Spotted Tongue: If any of these upgrades were applied between your wyngling approval and the grow up application, they must be shown here! You can do this via lifting your gro's leg/having their mouth open, or drawing an additional view of the paw pad/mouth. However, if the upgrade was already previously on your wyngling app, it does not need to be shown on the grow up app at all.

  • The description MUST contain a link to your Wyngling’s original approval image, and 3 separate fullbody pictures!

STEP 4: Things To AVOID!

Here are the most common problems we've come across that you can avoid doing.

These things will most likely result in you needing to make edits!

Neck Length Guide:

Your Wyngro's neck should not get longer! This can be especially tricky if your Wyngro has neck fluff, so please view the image to see what we mean!

The two Wyngrew on the bottom have necks that are far too long!

Tail Length Guide:

Pretty self explanatory.

Just make sure your Wyngro's tail length is quite short, but also no longer a nub!

Sideview Guide:

Remember that all approvals should show a sideview so that we can see any features or placements back there! This can be especially tricky with bipeds, so below is a visual guide to go off of!


STEP 5: Uploading & Description

Once it’s ready for uploading, submit it as a deviation (NOT stash!)

Make sure to add the following in your description:





Approval Image:

3 Colored Fullbody Images:


In “Form”, you’ll just add “Bipedal” or “Quad”

Please also list the upgrades your Wyngro has!

Make sure to LINK all the appropriate deviations into the form as well so staff can check!

NOTE: Make sure you have been counting your wyns correctly on all Wyngro related deviations! If we find you have been miscounting or implementing upgrades wrong, this makes the process much longer and we may ask that you fix those first!


How Do I Get Mine Approved?

We currently do approvals through our Discord server, so make sure you've joined!

To learn how to register for the Discord server, check out our Discord Guide here!

  • Click on the #adult_approvals channel

  • Follow the instructions in the pinned messages and fill out the form. 

  • Wait for a staff member to reply to you. All approvals are dealt with in the order they are received. 

  • If the staff members asked you to make edits, please be courteous and grateful for their help! 

  • Only reply back to them once edits have been made. 

  • We will often give you redlines, resource images, and other tools to use to help you along!

Once your approver gives you the thumbs up, you're all good to go! Yay!

Make sure to pick up your approval sticker!

What about Slow Growing?

If you want to slow gro your wyngro you are welcome to! There are just a few things to keep in mind when doing so!

  • You must have your adult wyngro approved before starting a slow grow.

  • You cannot add any upgrades until the slow grow is complete.

  • Your wyngro cannot learn magic until the slow grow is complete.

What the heck is "Slow-growing"? Click here to find out! (coming soon)

So What's Next?

Once your wyngro is approved, it opens up a whole new range of possibilties;

Your wyngro can now learn magic, get more upgrades and participate in more events!

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