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Wyngro Chatroom Rules and Etiquette

Those unfamiliar with Discord, in general, may benefit from our short user guide! We will also cover what is expected in the server and each individual channel, and how to use it most efficiently!

How to get on Discord


In order to join, just click our Discord icon here on the front page! This will take you to Discord’s browser version where you can log in or make an account! Discord is also a program that you can download on your computer and an app on your phone as well!


Discord Browser version vs. Program/app


Discord is a very lightweight messenger compared to Skype, and can be used without downloading anything! Simply log into it via browser and enjoy!

However, downloading the application on your computer and/or phone is convenient as well! We suggest trying both. Both versions are easy to use and notifications can be customized and turned off whenever you want.

Be aware that having Discord active on your phone might murder your battery life though! (So plan accordingly!)

The Admins


We have 3 types of staff colors that you can recognize here:


Blue: Nestly

The owner of the group. Has the final say with anything in the group, but makes dumb mistakes like everyone else, so pardon her forgetfulness at times.

Teal: Sidekicks & Partners

Partners are considered highest roles among the admins and have 2nd in command when it comes to decisions and handling situations. Sidekicks are the role right under Partners and usually specialise in specific fields. They both have the power to kick/ban members if needed.


Green: Helpers

Helpers are essentially 3rd in command and trusted to answer most questions and to generally be helpful if you need a little aid! They are very helpful helpers indeed.


Now, let’s check it out!

First, you will need to create an account in order to join the wyngro server!

What you need to do to officially join our discord and have full access to all the chatrooms is READ THE RULES! Everything you need to get full access is in there! Once that’s done, just post the filled out form in #registration_form!


First, you’ll notice that there are multiple “channels” within our server, which all have different topics to chat in. We encourage to stay on topic as best as you can, but we also understand when things get off track sometimes, so we’re very lenient on this.

Nicknames and how to change them!


Please, keep your name the same as your DA account name so we know who you are!

If you are already using discord, you need to change your name to your deviant art account. Click the gear by your user icon, then Account, then type in the change in the appropriate box!

If you want a nickname in the server, please type it into the #nickname_req channel. A staff member will add it for you. 

Here you can change a lot of different settings as well, including changing your icon. 

Pins & Channel Rules!

If you’re unsure if a channel has rules or not, check the pins! And important information about a channel (if it has any) will be found there! Be sure to check the pins before posting in a channel you haven’t used before!

“Questions” channel!


In the #wyngro_questions channel, you can get concrete answers on questions within the group. They can be general questions or personal ones you have about your own membership on Wyngro.

Do NOT post anything in the Questions channel that is NOT a question or an answer. (This includes saying thank you)


We just ask that this is a Q & A ONLY.

Avoid chatting about things in Questions. Move to any of the "GENERAL-CHATS" channels to talk about them!
Please DO NOT answer questions if you are not sure what the answer is.
Please also do not accept answers as a 100% legit answer if they are not a staff member. (Remember that Partners/Sidekicks are colored teal, and Helpers are green.)

This is NOT a debate channel!
Please move all conversations to the appropriate channels, as this should be a free and clear place to ask questions and receive answers!

If this is a serious question, please contact Nestly privately!

Questions involving other members, or otherwise issues, please take it to a private chat.

Kicked & Banned - A guide to Discord etiquette 


Wyngro staff have the right to kick and/or ban any member deemed unfit for the server at any time. 

The server is a privilege that should not be abused, so please see below the rules to help keep it a wonderful environment for everyone to enjoy!

We are a very reasonable staff and understand that misunderstandings can happen, but please do your best to be chill and respect that sometimes you need to step away from the keyboard if you start to get upset. 

What's the difference between Kicked and Banned?

If you are kicked from the server, it means you have received a warning. You can come back immediately, but you must re-register and lose any roles you previously had, (going back to member status)

Banned means you get 100% banned from the server indefinitely. There is not coming back from a ban. 

Don't be a dick

Pretty standard stuff here, guys. Just don't be an asshole. We are a drama free group, and are very strict about attitude here in Wyngro. If you are promoting hate, egging on members purposefully, guilt tripping, posting inappropriate links or topics, stirring up drama or otherwise creating bad vibes, you can and will be kicked/banned from the server. 

Avoid Inappropriate and controversial topics

This is an especially important rules with the rant channel. Things like politics and such. Respect that we all have opinions, but talking about topics that tend to get very heated and have very passionate sides can cause discomfort in some members. We want to keep this server fun and light, so while light venting is fine, please take these kinds of topics to private chats only!

Hate talking individuals publicly

Bad-mouthing other members or persons related to this group, regardless of whether they are in the server or not, is non productive and unfair.  

Hate-talking one individual in Discord can and will get you kicked and/or banned. Promotion of bad-mouthing an individual, no matter what they may have done, should never be encouraged. We are VERY strict on this rule, so just avoid speaking negatively about your peers! (This reflects group and non-group members on DeviantArt alike!)

If you have an issue with another member, please note the group so that we may address the issue.


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