What are Upgrades?

Upgrades are the main attraction of owning a Wyngro!

Wyngrew are a species that start out with a very simple design that aren't very unique.

Their uniqueness comes from your involvment in the community and how you develope them as a character! Remember that most upgrades are earned simply by drawing Wyngrew in the community, but there may be other requirments depending on the upgrade!


  • Some are only achievable by events that are hosted by the community!

  • Some require you to use a certain medium of art!

  • Some require you to draw Wyngrew owned by other artists!

  • Some can only be won in auctions!

  • MOST require you to have a certain amount of wyns!

  • Can I draw certain requirements for upgrades while my wyngro is still a Wyngling? Will it count? YES it will! (Unless stated otherwise. Please make sure to read carefully!)


But what is wyn? Wyns are Wyngro's tally system to help you keep track of all your art!

There are quite a lot of upgrades to look through, so we've seperated them into categories for you! Click below to see what you can get!


You'll notice that every upgrade image has a little symbol in the top left corner! 

These symbols correspond with our SHOP ITEMS that you can purchase. 

The Upgrade Marble can be used to bypass upgrades with easy to moderately difficult requirements.

The Upgrade Gem can be used to bypass upgrades with very difficult requirements.

Make sure to check these before buying an Upgrade Marble or Gem!


In order for us to moderate, we require you to post PROOF of upgrade requirements when adding a new upgrade to your wyngrew.


Example: Say adding a “Colored Sclera” upgrade. When you post the new deviation showing your Wyngro’s new sclera color, you’ll simply need to label in the description which upgrade was applied, and the proof to the requirements. (A link to a deviation where your Wyngro was crying.)


So, again, when posting a picture of any Wyngro with a NEW UPGRADE, please label it in the description, providing links to PROOF if the upgrade needs it. This is going to make gallery monitoring much smoother, so thank you for doing this for us everyone

Important things to remember about upgrades!

  • Please draw the type of art as specified by each upgrade, whether sketch, coloured or polished. Otherwise it won't count as a requirement. 

  • Please follow the upgrade example images when drawing images! Deviating too far from the example image may lead to mod message asking you to make edits. 

  • For most upgrades (unless otherwise stated in their Rules), you must draw/earn the given requirements BEFORE applying an upgrade!



Are you a switcher or a ditcher? Time to change things up! 

Wyns needed:  0

How to use the Switcher-Ditcher Upgrade: The Switcher-Ditcher upgrade is used when you want to either remove an upgrade entirely, or move it from its original position. In order to use this upgrade, follow the rules below:

  • You must have at least 5 deviations of this wyngro uploaded to the group with its current upgrade(s) clearly visible before applying a change. 

  • In your description, list that you are using this upgrade: Switcher-Ditcher, and then link 5 deviations where you can clearly see the upgrade you are removing or changing. 

  • This upgrade is the only way you can move markings around! Marking colors can change color as you move them around if need be, so long as they are base, secondary or accent colors that already exist on your wyngro.

  • Switcher-Ditcher can be used to replace one type of ear for a new one! (It can either remove things or replace them!)

  • If using the Switcher-Ditcher on more than one upgrade, your 5 deviations must show all of them clearly, and each one must be listed out. 

  • Downgrades are not compatible with this upgrade. See requirements for those separately. 

Drawing Requirement must be a Colored Piece, or Polished Piece.