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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.


Wynsiph's Low Income Housing


Coraline: Welcome welcome, young adults! The Gumbuckle family personally saw to putting forth some funds to help establish new living quarters for those who may not be able to afford their own home or the rental fees of rooms at the Rattle’s Rest…


Spa: Hey sis! I put a lot of coin into refurbishing those rooms so they are top of the line for out of towners! And you know what daddy says; “When you got the greats, they’ll pay the rates!” 


Coraline: Yes well… Ahem. We wanted to give shelter to anyone needing it in Wynsiph. The opening of the Cranny will surely reduce our homeless population to my personal goal of NONE! This will also give more room in the Nook for incoming eggs! Can you believe we were actually having to ship some of the eggs back home because there was no room for them? But not to worry, those eggs will be well cared for by our own Hatchery Mum, Tal’baa! 


Alma: ...You didn’t really give us a choice in shipping those eggs… We were managing…


Coraline: Oh Alma you are here! Joyous! Please come up and share your opinions on our new policy concerning the Nook and how much more time and care the eggs and wynglings will receive now!


Alma: Ah-- alright. *sigh* Residents of Wynsiph… *Opens a piece of paper to read off of* 

From this day forward, all registered Nook residents who have become of age will no longer be able to reside in the Nook for overnight stays. As such, we will be implementing a grace period of 5 days once a wyngling’s baby spot has completely faded. Within that grace period, you will be given a set of keys to a room at the Cranny, where you will be allowed to stay, so long as ongoing requirements are filled. Please see Reed for further assistance in this matter… 


Coraline: Yes, wonderfully said, Alma mum! Now I know this is a big change for everyone, but it’s going to be a progressive step in the right direction for moving Wynsiph forward socially and financially! I’m looking forward to seeing all the new adults grow and learn from this experience. Now, I have a luncheon with our lovely Mayor I must attend, but I leave the final details with our new Landlord of the Cranny, Mr. D'Claire! 


Reed: Hello. Call me Reed. I’m not here to sugarcoat things for you. The Nook was overcrowded. I noticed some adults were popping out eggs WHILE they were still living there. Incredible. I have observed Wynsiph to be nothing short of entitled, lazy, unmotivated residents who provide nothing to this community other than producing more entitled, lazy, unmotivated wyngrew spawn. I have observed several homeless wyngrew circling the streets begging for coin and shelter.


Reed: I have observed wynglings trying to live in the dangerous Fickle Forest because they have no parents or direction. I have observed abandoned eggs littered throughout the town. Why eggs were being abandoned when the price of offering them to the Nook was FREE is beyond me, and clearly not working. As such, we have implemented a law against abandoning eggs. If you are found leaving an egg unsupervised outside or are clearly attempting to abandon it, you will be fined heavily for this act, and may even serve time for it.


Alma: I think you're over-exaggerating how many abandoned eggs we really see here...


Reed: On that topic, The Nook will also require a small fee in order to leave your eggs there. This should encourage eggs to be raised by their true parents, rather than so easily dumping them off without a care. The fees given to our Hatchery Mum will be used towards the growth and development of these eggs and The Nook as a whole. 


Alma: This wasn't MY idea.......


Reed: Now, moving forward. The Cranny. We’ve resurrected this old building into living quarters that should sustain all residents with nowhere else to be. It’s not the Rattle’s Rest, but it’s shelter from the elements and food will be provided twice daily in our cafeteria on the 1st floor. Your room will also be furnished with a bed. Anything else desired must be bought and brought in by you. All residents will start off with a Box styled room. These rooms are small, windowless, and do not allow more than 4 pieces of furniture. They also do not allow pets. If you don’t like it, you’ll need to work hard and earn coin to upgrade. We have other, better rooms available, like the Sun style and Suite style rooms, but you’ll need to pay to move into those.
Graw’Falla will be arriving every Saturday and Wednesday morning in our “Mini Chant” downstairs on the 1st floor. You are all encouraged to attend his prayer sessions and listen to his words of wisdom. There are 3 stairwells you can use to reach the upper floors. A courtyard on the bottom floor may be small, but it contains a small community garden and a space for recreational activities. Please keep things quiet there when Graw’Falla is in the building. 


Reed: Now, in terms of “rent”. Here’s how it works. You are offered a free room upfront for 30 days. Within these 30 days, you must check the “Chore Board” and accomplish a total of at least 30 points worth of chores. New ones will be put on the board at the crack of dawn. You can accomplish more than one a day if you wish, and have more time off in between chores, or you can do them consistently every day. Make your own schedule, and stick to it. We have assigned certain residents to keep a close eye out and make sure you’re doing the jobs you checked off correctly. If you do not complete the necessary chores needed every month, you will need to vacate the Cranny for a total of 30 days until you are allowed to come back and try again under a “trial period” that is less lenient.


Reed: Chores range from cleaning tasks around the Cranny to dinner duties, to even outside the Cranny like maintaining the Bath House. Some chores are harder, and thus, will earn more points. Accomplishing more than your required 30 points per month is not only easy but encouraged. In fact, you’ll earn coin for extra chores you complete. There are always extras to nab once the main necessary ones are completed. Remember to wake up early if you prefer to do certain tasks. Latecomers might be designated for cleaning the outhouses. 


Now, does anyone have any questions? Yes? You there. 


Question: What’s with all the chirping sounds in the walls?


Reed: This building is old, and we weren’t able to remove all the pests at the time of opening. Not to worry, as setting traps and removing these pests trapped in the cubbies of the Cranny is listed as a chore. If you happen to find one, please do not feed it and attempt to keep it as a pet. If you want more info on these pests well, here you go.


Question: How do I upgrade my Box style room to a Sun style room?


Reed: Ahh you want a window huh? Everyone wants a window, but the fact of the matter is, not all rooms have windows. So, if you want a window (and slightly more room), you need to pay for it. It’s 2 knots a month. If you want to keep larger pets, like runeboos, and have more room for furniture, you'll want the suite room. These can host 2 wyngrew, and cost 5 knots per month. Rent is due on the 1st of every month. If you can’t pay this, you’ll forfeit your room and either need to move out, or move into an open box room. Make sure you’re doing enough chores to secure your stay as well as pay for the extra upgraded room. Or, you know, get an actual job. Also, please be aware of the small 5 twig fee for moving rooms.


Reed: That’s all for questions. Thank you. If you have any further concerns or issues, please feel free to stop by my quarters in Room 1A. I will be… H-Happy to help you. Goodbye.

Mechanics In Group & What to know:

So you want your Wyngro to live in this junk heap? Cool, let's go! Here's how to get started:

Cranny Rules & Restrictions:

  • Each member can enter one wyngro into a Cranny Room once per month.

  • Each member of the group can have a total of 3 wyngrew in the Cranny at one time. 

  • Members who have been completely inactive in Wyngro for 1 year will have their wyngrew removed from the Cranny.

  • If the Cranny fills up and there is no occupancy, a "chore event" may be implemented to make room for new residents by removing inactive ones. This will only happen if the Cranny completely fills up, and all members will get plenty of time to participate in the event.

How to create a room: ​

  1. Make sure your wyngro is officially an adult.

  2. Make your room using the CRANNY Box Room TEMPLATE PSD. File [LOCATED HERE]!

  3. Using an art program that can open a PSD. Examples: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI are popular options. If you don't have one, there are plenty of free options. We recommend Google searching for "Free art programs" and looking up lists that suit your needs. Programs like Krita, Fire Alpaca, Medibang, etc. are all free options that open PSDs. 

  4. Open it up and observe the layer folders:


The little "eyes" on the left side of the folder indicate if it's visible or not. Each program looks a little different, but generally you are looking for a checkbox to toggle on and off to make the furniture appear. 

If you want some furniture to overlap others, you're also able to move layers up and down to where they look right. 

Opening the folders, you'll see some layers labelled as "Color Changeable" or simply "Color", which means you can color it in your own customized way!

Please do not change the line-work or change the furniture in any way that changes the silhouette!


Here are some rules to check before you finish your room drawing to check over!

  • Make sure you use no more than 4 pieces of furniture in the room. (Small items like Jar & Candle do not count)
  • Feel free to add small items (such as papers, pouches, clothing splayed out, etc. as you like)

  • Do not change the silhouette of the furniture. (Keep the base the same. Changing colors is fine)

  • Do not add any pets. They are not allowed in the Box rooms. (Not even beebs! They need sunlight!) 

  • Add an image of your gro in the little white circle on the top right! This is found in the first "Name Tag" folder. Make sure this layer is set to 'Multiply' so it stays inside the black border. 

  • Write in your Wyngro's name in the RESIDENT: section.

  • Draw your Wyngro in the room somewhere!

  • Save it as a static file (PNG, JPG, etc) and upload it to DeviantArt. 

When uploading it to DeviantArt, please fill out this form and add it to your description:

Wyngro's Official Name: 

Link to Adult Approval: 

Style of Room: 

Room# & Floor: (add in after room# is given in Discord)

Brief Personality Description: (optional)

Link to Profile Tracker: (optional)

If you have any questions on making your room, feel free to ask in our Discord server! 

Room Examples!


I submitted my room! Now what?


Now it's time to apply for a room, officially!  First, go to our discord server!

Look for the channel called #the_cranny.

Click on the icon on the top right corner of the channel 📌 called "Pinned Messages" to view all the rules and forms needed to apply for a room! 

Once you fill out the form to get assigned a room, you'll be given a set of keys and a room number. Congrats, this is now your room! You can view which room is yours with our CRANNY- Resident's List:


That's it! Now that you have an official room, let's talk about The Cranny itself!

Ideas for Cranny Art!


Here are some ideas for drawing your wyngro around the cranny:

  • The courtyard! (image to the left) It's a little dingy, but maybe your wyngro can spruce it up a bit?

  • Hallways, maybe bumping into another resident?

  • Their room! How do they interact with their new room? Is it messy or clean?

  • Outside the Cranny! Maybe they spend as little time in that place as possible?

  • Chores! Maybe your wyngro loves to help out by doing chores in the Cranny? (There's a chore list on the bottom of this page for ideas!)

Check out all art of The Cranny in THIS FOLDER for even more ideas!

(The CRANNY: courtyard)

How do I upgrade my room?

Using the same channel in Discord, you'll fill out the form designated for upgrading your room, as opposed to getting assigned one. 

Here's how to do it!

  • Draw 3 Polished Pieces of your Wyngro in question somewhere in the Cranny. 

  • Make sure they are all submitted to the Cranny folder in the gallery!

  • Fill out the form and submit your 5 Polished Pieces in the #the_cranny channel.

A mod will look over your submission and either have adjustments for you in #moderation, or hook you up with a new room! Your old room will be given occupancy for someone new, and you will be assigned a new room that contains a window!

Styles of Rooms: (ALL rooms must do a minimum of 30 chores per month)

  • BOX Room    - FREE / Room Application Image

  • SUN Room    - 3 Polished Pieces of your gro in the Cranny + 1 month from your move in date

  • SUITE Room - 6 Polished Pieces of your gro in the Cranny + 3 months from your move in date

What does my wyngro have to do "in lore" to keep their room?

Your wyngro must do chores around the Cranny to keep their Box Room! An upgrade costs a small monthly fee in order to keep the Cranny maintained. Your wyngro will pay in twigs and knots in order to keep their upgraded room. The coin system explained by Reed is purely for story and lore purposes. You will only lose your room if you are inactive in Wyngro completely for an entire year. 

To understand more about currency, check out the Bank for your Buck quest! 

Room Benefits: Here are the differences between each of the 3 types of rooms in The Cranny!

  • BOX Room    - Smallest room. No window. No pets allowed. Limit of 4 large pieces of furniture. 1 tenet only. 

  • SUN Room    - Slightly larger room. 1 Window. Beebs can be kept. Unlimited furniture. (As much as will fit) 2 tenets allowed.

  • SUITE Room - Largest room. 1 Window. Pets allowed (except oris). Design your own furniture. 3 tenets allowed.

Cranny Removal

Your wyngro will only be removed if you are inactive in the group entirely. This is done at the start of the new year to make sure that all wyngrew listed in The Cranny are active in the group and are therefor available to plot with, draw, and be there for others in the Cranny to participate with. 

Things we look for: 

  • No activity in the Discord for 1 year+

  • No art submitted to the Wyngro gallery for 1 year+

  • Officially left the group on DeviantArt

  • Officially left Discord server

  • Has been banned from the community

  • The member has made it clear somewhere that they no longer wish to participate in Wyngro

How do I reapply?

The same way you got your room the first time! There are no restrictions, and if your old room is available and you would like the same one, feel free to ask. 

Chore List!

The chore list is purely for story purposes, and ideas for what you can draw for your Cranny Drawings! In lore, your Wyngro must complete enough of these each month in order to maintain their residency. 

Your Wyngro needs a certain amount of chores done around the Cranny before they can commit all of their work towards tasks outside of the Cranny. Extra Credit Chores are usually only issues once everything else has been completed, and only too those who have done less "fun" tasks. 

Within the Cranny


  • Sweeping the floors & hallways

  • Washing Dishes

  • Dusting surfaces in the Cranny

  • Shining floors

  • Cleaning the Mini Chant

  • Breakfast Duty

  • Dinner Duty

  • Laundry Duty

  • Mopping the Kitchen

  • Removing any litter in the Courtyard

  • Pest Removal - Setting traps and checking them

  • Trimming the Grass

  • Cleaning the walls

  • 1st floor Window Washing 

  • 2nd floor and higher Window Washing (Wyngrew with wings highly recommended)

  • Painting Cranny Exterior Touch-ups

  • Cleaning the Outhouses

Extra Credit Chores:

  • Nook: Helping Alice with Nook school

  • Bathhouse: Water Sanitizing (Requires Basic Water Magic)

  • Lasso’s Ranch: Pulling Weeds (Requires Basic Earth Magic)

  • Rattle’s Rest: Housekeeping Duty

  • Smokey Bluff Forge: Stoking the Fire (Requires Basic Wind or Fire Magic)

  • Nook: A Day with a Wyngling 

  • Kalypso’s Caravan: Runestone Maintenance and Removal (Requires at least one Basic Magic)

  • Magic School: Babysitting Thistle

Outside of the Cranny


  • Bathhouse: Cleaning the tiles

  • Bathhouse: Soap replenishment

  • Bathhouse: Refreshing towels with new ones

  • Rattle’s Rest: Washing Dishes

  • Rattle’s Rest: Sap Collection

  • Nook: Cleaning up rooms

  • Nook: Eggsitting, turning eggs, checking on them

  • Lasso’s Ranch: Cattle Wrangling 

  • Lasso’s Ranch: Ori Stall Cleaning

  • Lasso’s Ranch: Fence Repairs

  • Lasso’s Ranch: Ori Beauty Maintenance

  • Lasso’s Ranch: Removing Rattle Mites

  • Palamino Lake: Gurp Removal 

  • Palamino Lake: Removing Litter 

  • Magic School: Cleaning the schoolhouse (exterior) 

  • Magic School: Cleaning the schoolhouse (interior)       

  • Smokey Bluff Forge: Anvil Repairs

  • Smokey Bluff Forge: Sweeping up ashes

  • Smokey Bluff Forge: Removal of scrap metal

  • Smokey Bluff Forge: Building Repairs

  • Jurant Carpentry: Chopping wood for Chester 

  • Jurant Carpentry: Helping Chester repair roofing

  • Jurant Carpentry: Organizing materials 

  • Jurant Carpentry: Sanding Wood

  • Jurant Carpentry: Carrying/moving supplies/materials

  • Kalypso’s Caravan: Coatala Beauty Maintenance 

  • Kalypso’s Caravan: Bathing Pets 

  • Kalypso’s Caravan: Cleaning up excrement 

  • The Library: Categorizing Books

  • The Library: Dusting (Iset is very anal)

  • Wynsiph Chant: Cleaning the floors

  • Wynsiph Chant: Cleaning the stained glass windows

  • Rudy's Store: Unpacking delivered supplies

  • Rudy's Store: Stocking Shelves 

  • Rudy's Store: Taking Inventory


Reed: Thank you for reading this all the way through and learning about the Cranny. 

You.... did read all of it, didn't you? It might be a good idea to do so before you start asking questions and wasting our t-- I mean, taking up the time of official wyngrew. Yes. Please read. It's quite handy if you want to do things correctly. .....Goodbye now. 

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