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Quest: Prickly Sap Collecting:



Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Must be depicted in the Last Notch area.

Prerequisites: Travel unlocked / Roaming Egg OR Last Notch Residency.

Briefing: Ash needs a helpful wyngro to look after his brother Dusty while he collects sap for their tappery!

Steps: 1



Near the center of town sits a building with a large crowd of wyngrew gathered around the entrance, waiting to get inside. The board at the top reads The Ori’s Quarry. After a moment of thinking about it, you remember hearing about this place! It’s one of the most popular establishments in Last Notch!

With such a prestigious following, of course, the place is hopping. You squeeze yourself inside, blinking at the stark contrast of the bright light outside, momentarily blinded by the cozy lighting inside. It takes you a couple of moments-- and in those moments, you’re shoved around by other patrons trying to get to the bar counter. Weaving through the crowd, you manage to find a seat at the counter-- the last one too! Take that, cowpoke. 

You’re prepared to wait a while to be waited on, with how crowded this place is. However, you’re hardly waiting at all when the barkeep comes up and takes your order. To your surprise, while he’s making your drink, he strikes up a conversation. Your eyes widen as you realize who you’re making small talk with-- Ash, the creator of the crazy popular drink, the “cold shower.”.


Ash: You look familiar. Have I seen you before?

Oh wow, it’s Ash! The original owner of The Rattle’s Rest in Wynsiph! Looks like he’s doing well for himself in Last Notch, so you congratulate him on the new establishment.


Ash: Hmm? Oh no, I don’t own this place. It’s been here for ages. We don’t have enough money to open our own tappery in this town, but the owner was nice enough to give us a job. It’s a lot more expensive to set up shop in this city, so we’ll need to keep saving for a while.

You ask if there’s any way you can possibly help out!


Ash: Hmm, I suppose. You look like a reasonably tough wyngro. Want an easy job? You see, my brother needs an assistant to watch his back while he’s out sap collecting. I’d do it but, ah …

Ash gestures at the lively crowd, then shrugs.


Ash: I’ll put a decent credit on your tab for your trouble. Dusty is pretty self-reliant; he’s just a little … more sensitive when it comes to potentially coming into contact with spites nowadays. Just watch his back, keep him safe while he collects cactus sap, and I’ll call it a job done.


Ash: Remember to be extra vigilant of the cacti. Here in Last Notch, we've got a sahgeistro problem, and those spites not fun to encounter. If you get too close, it’ll try to give you a hug. I don’t think those things have ever killed anyone, but they hurt… a lot. (I’m still healing the puncture wounds from the last one that grabbed me)

Give the cacti a poke for Dusty, so he knows which ones are safe to tap, okay? It’d mean a lot. 



Sageistro hotspot


You nod to Ash head out. You make your way out of the city and towards the path out of town. That's where all the untapped cacti lie, and where you're supposed to meet up with Dusty. It's hot… much hotter than you've planned, and you feverishly wipe the sweat from your brow as you make your way through the rows and rows of desert flora. You take a look around for any spites. Nothing. Just the beeping of ringadots scuttling through the sandy dirt and the looming glare of those tall cactus in the distance. 


After at least an hour hike out here, you look for the tallest cacti you can and retreat for shade. You realize you can cool off while keeping an eye out for Dusty. As you whip out your canteen to take a break, you see a shift in the shadow before you, and look around to see if Dusty is approaching you. ...Nothing. Hm. Perhaps it was a wild animal. Oh well.


You turn back around to see a small wyngro standing before you about 10 feet away. You smile as you realize the brown feathery boy is what Ash described to you as Dusty! (finally) You give a friendly wave before realizing the look on his face is of pure fear, and he's only able to shout out one word:


Dusty: RUN!!

Your eyes widen when you realize the shadow from before wasn't a wild animal, but the cactus itself hovering over you. As you turn around, you see the horrifying holes in the top of the cactus make a frightening face. Oh no, it's a sageistro!!

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