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Quest: Prickly Sap Collecting:
(Dive out the way before it grabs you!)

Your quick reflexes are on your side today, as you get to your feet and make a desperate dive out of the way as the full force of the cactus comes lunching at your from above. You cough from inhaling the dust around your skid across the loose dirt, flipping on your back to see the sageistro behind you. It's haunting frown has now shifted into an angry scowl.


Dusty: Get up! Hurry! It can move!

Dusty's warning finds you just in time, as you're back on your feet again once again. You notice the sageistro unearthing itself to mobilize towards you, and it's faster than you'd think a cactus creature could move! You and Dusty scurry away from it as fast as you can until the spite realizes it cannot catch you and retreats back to its spot. You look towards Dusty, thanking him for saving you.


Dusty: ..Y-you're welcome. You gotta be careful which cactus you use for shade out here. ...I gotta go back to work now….

You tell Dusty that you're actually here to help him, but a bit embarrassed that he ended up helping you.


Dusty: Oh… Ash sent you, didn't he?


Dusty: I told him I'm okay by myself… He still doesn't trust me to do things on my own. (sigh) If Russell were here, he'd let me do my own thing.

You feel a little awkward, as if you just got in the middle of some family drama.


Dusty: ...S-sorry. Just, I know how to tell the sageistro from the normal cacti. Once you look at enough of them, it's not so bad.

You ask if Dusty could maybe teach you how to tell yourself!


Dusty:  ...Oh. S-sure. I have still have a lot more sap to get. I can show you some small signs I look for if you want to follow me… 

The best way is to look for cactus flowers. They only bloom once or twice a year, but it's an easy way to find real cacti. Flowers don't grow on the spites, that's why. Um, there's more. Let's go and I'll show you. 

Although you weren't able to help Dusty with the job, you're at least happy to receive a free lesson! What things will you discover on this little tutorial from Dusty?

Rules for Questing:







Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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