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Quest: Prickly Sap Collecting:
(You're too shocked to move!)

As you turn to see the towering cactus behind you coming in for a sinister reach, you notice the holes in the plant make a haunting face. It chills you to the bones, causing you to freeze with fear as it coils its prickly arms around your entire body!


Suddenly… you snap out of your frozen fear as you are penetrated by hundreds of tiny needles piercing your flesh. Seconds feel like hours as the searing pain of the spikes cause you to yell out in agony. 

From the corner of your eye, you see the shuffle of brown as Dusty seems to be grabbing something from his pack.


Dusty:  H-hold on! I'll help you!

You see him clumsily obtain a rock and hold it out towards the sagiestro. As he stutters out a phrase, it seems to glow a fiery red color. Is that a runestone?


Dusty: I-GNITE!


The stone acts as a compact flamethrower and sends a rush of fire spouting from the rock. The sageistro roars a monstrous noise from being hit with an onslaught of flames, and you feel the heat of your skin as well. The burning heat is a welcome feeling as the spite releases its grip on you however, and you stumble to the ground limply, the impact of needles pushing further into your skin sends another painful gasp from your lips.


Dusty: Hurry! It'll run out soon!

You don't need to be told twice. Grinding your teeth in a painful grimace, you get to your feet and shuffle away. Turning back, you see Dusty reaching out at the sagesitro with the ignited runestone. The spite has somehow unearthed itself from the ground, using its little root-like feet to scuttle back and away from the both of you. 

As the flame sputters out from the stone, Dusty makes a sharp gasp and throws it on the ground with a start. Did it burn him?


Dusty: Ouch!

You look back at the sageistro, who's now noticed the flames have stopped, and is retaliating back on Dusty with a shrieking roar. You make a shout for Dusty to run, and he puts on the gas and sprints away from the menacing cactus spite. 


After putting a few meters of distance between the spite, it finally retreats, realizing it cannot catch you. The face seems even more menacing now, as half the holes in its face are charred and melting off from the fire.


Dusty: Are you okay? Hold still!

Dusty looks panicked upon seeing your bleeding body, covered in prickles. You'd like to nod and say everything is fine now, but you know it would be a lie. Now that the adrenaline has worn off, the crippling pain of each needle reflecting a stabbing sensation from a tiny movement kicks in. 

Dusty seems to be rummaging through his pack for something, and pulls out a shiny bottle, uncapping it without any hesitation.


Dusty: Don't move, okay? This will only sting for a second.

He pours a clear liquid on your limbs, and every area that has a lot of long needles in it. The burn of the liquid hitting your wounds makes you yell out at first, but within seconds, the pain has almost vanished completely, giving you a soothing, euphoric relief.


Dusty:  (Holds up the bottle) Pain potions. Don't leave home without them… heh. Are you feeling better now? We need to get you to the hospital right now. Sageistro needles can cause infection, but removing them can also be dangerous… here, you can hold my shoulder if you need help…

You thank Dusty for helping to save you, walking carefully as to not dig the needles further into your body. Things could have been much worse if Dusty hadn't helped. 

You sure won't be sitting under cacti for shade any time soon after this!

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw a scene using this prompt as a guide! You can be flexible with it. Be creative!

  • Must include Dusty somewhere in your image. 

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here!







Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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