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Quest: Rattle Cattle Wrangling




Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Lasso needs help wrangling her rattle cattle! You'll either be helping milk the cows, or settling the rowdy bulls down! Either way, some nice rewards are headed your way for your help!





You wander up to the main barn at Rolling Rattle Acres. The owner of this farm, Lasso, is busy in the main pen wrangling rattle cows. Boy, they sure are big! It’s a wonder she avoids getting run right over! You watch in amazement as she manages to lasso a bull around the neck with her tail and wrestle it to the ground. 


Lasso: WHOA THERE! Come on Billy, I know them ladies smell good, but this is no reason to fight with your brother now!

Lasso promptly gives a hardy smack to the bull’s hind leg and sends it off before catching sight of you.


Lasso: Yeehaw! The help has arrived! I thank you kindly for comin’ to help a girl out during the busy season. Gotta love Wynsiph for community spirit! Eh? Alright, now first things first, we need to decide where to place you!

What are you?

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