Quest: Rattle Cattle Wrangle


Lasso leads you into the barn where a couple of cows are waiting in stalls, chewing absentmindedly on some hay. There’s already a short stool and a metal pale set up. 

Lasso: Alright, string-bean, you’ll be helping me with Miss Daisy here. She’s a sturdy ol’ girl, so she shouldn’t give you any trouble.

You peek out the entrance to the barn, inquiring if you can help with wrangling the bulls instead?

Lasso: *looks at you funny, then laughs* Hahah, you’re quite the bold biped, aren’t ye? 

Lasso: But no no honey. You’re better suited for this work. Could really use those delicate fingers of yours, after all! *She wiggles her thick claws on her front feet at you*

Lasso: No come have a seat. *Gestures at the stool* The trick is to gently pinch up top with two fingers, and then gently squeeze with your other fingers in a downward motion. But do not pull down on her udder, or she won’t be happy with ya!

Daisy moos playfully in acknowledgement.

Lasso: Awww hahah, looky there, she likes ya! Now partner, *she gives you a motivating slap on the shoulders* don’t let me down! 

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