Quest: Rattle Cattle Wrangle


Lasso leads you out to the pen of bulls outside that she was just wrangling. They’re both sniffing the air intently, when one looks at the other, and BAM! They’ve hooked horns, grunting and stomping furiously at each other.

Lasso: Oh dear, I forgot to get them separated before you got here! Welp, at least I’ve got help now!

You stare nervously at the precariously large and angry animals. You inquire about milking instead… perhaps? 

Lasso: What? Sorry buckaroo, but you’re a quad! Leave the milking to the smaller hands of the bipeds. Ya know what they say, four on the floor means it’s off to war! So let’s go get em’!

Lasso: Now, there's no time to lose! You go to the right, and I'll go to the left! We'll show these young bulls who they think they be messin' with. Oh- and take this!

She tosses you a fine looking rope, tied in a lasso.

Lasso: It's time you put those four legs o' yours to work! Show me some grit, and I might let you keep that fine craftmanship you're holding there! Yeehaw!

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw your wyngro wrestling the rattle bulls with Lasso! Are they raring’ and ready to tackle this task? Or do the stomping beats intimidate them? You can be flexible with it. Be creative!

  • Include Lasso and/or a rattle bull somewhere in the piece!

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here!





Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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