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Quest: Bandit Had It!


& Trust Issues


Rewards: Upgrade: Rogue Ears

Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: Travel Unlocked / Roaming Egg for the wyngro taking this quest. 

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Travelling has its ups and downs. You’ve experienced the ups but now you find yourself having a down. You’ve come across a bandit in your travels, and they don’t seem too friendly. 



It has been a long day. Your feet ache, your back aches, everything aches. All day have you traversed across the Northwest, seeing sights that caught your eye or  chasing stories of buried treasure hidden in a chest under some rock in an obscure location. 

As night begins to fall, you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to camp by the side of the road. Not the most ideal, but it would be equally unsafe to press on in the moonlight. There are many unsavoury characters out in the dark, let alone the dangerous arrow heads that will gladly make a meal out of you if given the chance.

Still, you set up a small campfire and cooking spit, using some runestones that you had purchased from a salesgro at the last town you had visited. Soon you have a roaring fire and a small cooking pot filled with a very simple stew. The wind wafts the smell in your direction, you smile as you chew on some cured rattle jerky , looking forward to tucking into a hearty meal. 


Stranger: Pardon me.

You jump out of your skin as a voice seems to appear out of nowhere. You collect yourself as you see the voice belongs to a cloaked gro. As you wait for your eyes to adjust to the dimming light, the stranger appears to be a traveller like yourself. However, they appear to be traveling with far less gear than you are. 


Stranger:  I’m so sorry to trouble you my friend, but would it be possible for you to share your campfire with someone down on their luck?

You think hard about inviting a total stranger to stay.... What will you do?

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