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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Beeb Guide 101

A beginner's guide to beebs, by Larissa Whipthorne.


About the Author: Larissa Whipthorn was born and raised in the town of Morbalook, helping support her parents with their farm since she was still a wyngling. The Whipthorns are a prominent family of animal-keepers in the Brimbee Lake region, spreading as far as SoliQ! Much like her parents, Larissa strived to be a great farmer, but struggled with the typical farm animals, instead becoming more fascinated with the plant life. "I never felt very in tune with em', but papa always encouraged me to keep at it!". Eventually, she found her true path in nature AND animals, a great compromise for her and her family. Larissa says beebs are the perfect merging of plant and animal, helping young ones to grow and learn the value of all kinds of life. Today, she cares for over 2000 types of various beebs in all stages of growth at her "Whipthorned into shape!" retreat. Here, she provides both a rescue service to unwanted beebs as well as a nursery for growing her own brand of unique Whipthron brand beebs. She is always willing to sign a copy of this book if you pay her a visit, so stop by anytime and pick up a new best friend! 

What is a beeb? 

Beebs are cute little pets that are easy to take care of and fun to collect! Beebs are a magical plant-like animal that were made from wyngro magic, and can evolve as you take good care of them! After receiving plenty of love, care, water and sunshine, a beeb seed will sprout into a spud! They come in all kinds of different colors, are extremely affectionate, and are loved by all wyngrew around the world! 


How do I obtain my very first beeb? 

First, you'll need to complete this guide and take the Beeb Guide 101 Quest! [Click here to get started] Please note that you will need to do the following before attempting this quest:

  • Have one wyngro grow up into an adult. [Guide here]

  • Have one adult wyngro unlock Travel. [Guide here]

  • Use that wyngro in the Beeb Care 101 Quest!


Next, let's hop over to Discord! 

Beebs are taken care of in our Discord server, so you'll need to get over there before proceeding. In order to gain access to the Wyngro Discord server, you will need to:

  • Have a DeviantArt account that's at least 3 months old with 3 deviations submitted to it.

  • Create a custom wyngling through our custom maker here.

  • Get it approved in our #custom_wynglings channel in Discord.

  • Register your account to get the member role!

  • Once you have the "Beeb Care 101" quest drawn as a Polished Piece and have successfully posted to the group folder, head on over to the #applications channel under the Other Mechanics section. 


  • Click the pins to look for the Beeb Seed form. A staff member will then check your Polished Piece within 2 days of you posting. If it takes longer, please open a ticket in our Sheriff's Office section of the Discord and let us know! 


  • Once a staff member checks your piece, a reaction will be left under your post. You will immediately get pinged by a bot that lets you know you have obtained a beeb seed! Hurray!!

Intro to Discord Slash Commands:

In order to interact and play with your beebs, you’ll need to use Discord Slash Commands! Beebs are almost completely controlled by our custom Discord bot called Xander-bot. Discord Slash Commands are a newer Discord feature that allow you to communicate with bots in a more straightforward and direct manner. (No commands to memorize at all!)


In order to use a Discord Slash Command, first, make sure to enter the #bot_commands channel. For this server, slash commands can only be used in certain channels like this one. From there, type in a “\”. Discord will pull up a drop-down menu of all of the possible bot commands you can make. If you are confused on what commands do what, type in and choose /help and hit enter to pull up a list of possible commands and what they do.


User commands:

There are many commands you can use in our discord server! 

  • Check your inventory

`Example: /inventory`

  • Check in daily to keep up your streak

`Example: /check_in`

  • Gift novas to another member

`Example: /nova gift DA-username amount`

  • Change your discord nickname

`Example: /nickname nickname`
(if multiple nicknames or spaces, make sure to surround them with quotes EX: "Wyngro Nickname")

  • Check in for a daily streak, weather report, active events, and any beebs that need attention

`Example: /check in`

  • Choose a beeb to interact with

`Example: /beeb choose`

  • See a list of all beebs you own

`Example: /beeb list`

  • Rename a beeb you own

`Example: /beeb rename`


Taking Care of your new seed:

Now that you have received your beeb seed, you’ll now have to water it every day in order for it to grow! Your beeb comes with a default name which you can check for using the slash command /beeb list. This command pulls up a list naming every beeb that you own. 

To change your beeb’s name, use the command /beeb rename and write in your beeb’s old name & the new name you would like.

Now that you know your beeb’s name, use the command /beeb choose. There will be an option to write your beeb’s name from there. The bot is very particular about spelling and punctuation, so make sure you write the name in exactly!

Select your new Beeb:

Now that you know your beeb’s name, use the command /beeb choose. There will be an option to write your beeb’s name from there. The bot is very particular about spelling and punctuation, so make sure you write the name in exactly! 

  • Hit enter, and the bot should pull up your beeb seed! Now you can finally get to taking care of your beeb!

  • Press the water button to water your beeb.


  • You can water your beeb once every 24 hours! After watering your beeb for 3 days, the next day you can grow your beeb up into a spud. 

Congratulations, you’ve successfully raised your first spud!


Caring for your beeb:

You can interact with your beeb or try to teach your beeb a trick once every 24 hours! Every time you water, pet, or sing to your beeb, your beeb’s mood will increase and your beeb will earn a little bit of experience. If you don’t interact with your beeb in over 48 hours, your beeb’s mood will start decreasing every day until you interact with it again. Every beeb has their preferred interaction, and choosing that interaction may increase their mood and experience at a greater rate! What preference does your beeb have?


In order to grow your beeb, you will need to level it up! You can gain EXP by interacting with your beeb, successfully teaching your beeb tricks, and drawing your beeb. The amount of EXP you earn from teaching your beeb tricks and drawing them is significantly greater than the amount from interacting with them! 

  • Add new art for your beeb in the #beeb_art channel!


You can check your beeb’s level by clicking on the stats button when you chose to interact with them. 


Teaching your beeb Tricks:

Under the care button, you can chose to teach your beeb tricks! Some beeb personalities have an easier time learning tricks than others. What takes one beeb a day or two to learn a trick may take another weeks! 


  • Choosing to teach your beeb a trick will not increase their mood, but it will not decrease it either. 

  • Make sure your beeb is at a good mood before teaching them tricks, if they are not in a good mood, they will not be able to learn the trick.

  • At each beeb stage, your beeb will be able to learn 3 new tricks.

  • If your beeb is loved, over-leveled, and has more drawings than required, they will be able to learn the trick easier!


Here’s a table showcasing what requirements it takes to learn each trick:

*Note the mood is only the minimum mood required to learn the trick

# of Drawings

Benefits of Leveling your Beeb:

As you teach your beebs tricks and give it attention, it'll level up! Here's some fun little tricks to know:


  • Once your beeb successfully learns a trick, you can ask it to preform for you whenever you want!

  • Select "🛹Tricks" to have your beeb do one it already knows.  

  • Learning tricks gives your beeb a lot of EXP in leveling up!

  • Once your beeb has learned enough tricks, leveled up and has enough art, you can grow it up!

  • The "Grow" button will be green when your beeb is ready go!

Here’s all the requirements to grow your beeb to each stage:

# of Tricks Learned
# of Drawings
3 Days
2 Weeks
2 Months
6 Months

Beeb Sales: How do I get more beeb seeds?


Sometimes, beeb sales are run on the Wyngro discord server!

Beeb sales are always announced in #announcements, and as long as you have a nova, you can enter the sale and obtain a random beeb seed from Rudy.


Each beeb seed costs 1 nova and can be any kind of color or rarity. Test your luck to see what beeb seed you get! 


Coming Soon!

Our beeb mechanic is always going through new features and updates! Here's some fun things we're working on to look forward to:


  • Beeb Swapping

  • Accessories

  • Backgrounds

  • Adventure Mechanic 

  • New spendable currency system

  • Beeb shop

  • & more!

Thanks for supporting our small project! 

These Discord bots are all custom written by Wyngro Staff and take a lot of time and paid servers in order to function. Consider supporting us on Patreon if you'd like to help keep things running and progressing!

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