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Quest: Beeb Care 101



A FREE beeb for first time beeb owners!


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: Travel Unlocked

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: On your travels, you stumble across a stray beeb spud! I wonder who it belongs to?



As you stroll through the fields south of Wynsiph, you check your map to see where you are. Hey! Not to far from Brimbee Lake! You roll the map up as you start off again, but a chirp in the distance catches your attention. 

What was that?

You creep forward slowly, listening to the chirps. Is it a baby bird? A few more steps closer to the bush in front of you and...


Beeb: Coo!

Out pops a beeb! A little spud to be exact. 

You kneel down to examine it. It seems a little distraught. Are you lost, little guy?


Beeb: Coo-cooooo!!

The beeb hops up and down, leading you in a certain direction. You reach down to pick it up and it smiles at you. It continues to nudge you to the same direction, so you walk that way. After all, there's no way this beeb would lead you into danger... right?

After a few minutes of walking, you notice something in the distance, among the trees. Oh no... is that?


???: Hm? ...Who's there?!

You freeze with fear as you see the antlers. It's not a wither is it?? 

Suddenly, the beeb chirps loudly and pops right out of your hands! Oh no! Watch out little beeb!

You see the figure rise and step into the sunlight...



Larissa: Oh! Why hello there stranger! The name's Larissa. Looks like you found mah spud! I been lookin' for this one all day-- thank you! 

She beams a bright smile at you, thankful for finding her beeb. You nod, relieved that the mysterious figure isn't as scary as it could've turned out!


Larissa: I tell ya what, why don't ya follow me back to my farm, and I'll reward you with your very own beeb seed. That way, you can grow your own!

You kick a foot sheepishly, embarrassed to admit you don't know much about growing beebs.


Larissa: (gasps) Never grown a beeb before!? Oh darlin', it's so easy! Come on and follow me, I'll show you the basics so you're all set! You'll never be in better hands than with me!

You follow Larissa through the trail to her farm, amazed by her long, winding beeb fields! In fact, you notice many other wyngrew live her, along with a ton of wynglings who greet you with interest. Looks like Larissa has quite a big family!

She leads you through to a particular field and stops at a wooden box. As she opens it, you spy quite a large pile of tiny white seeds inside. And look, one is for you!


Larissa: Here you are! Now, let me show you to my supply cabinet over here. I've got some spare flower pots you can help yourself to. We'll fill er' up with some quality soil, and all you need to do is stick that seed in the soil about 1 or 2 inches deep, and water em' every day!


Just a good hearty sprinkle is all it'll need, but did you know that singing to it will make it happier too? Talk to it! Tell it about your day! Guarantee you'll be seeing those little ear nubbins pop out within a few days! When it's ready, it'll pop out all on it's own. DO NOT dig it up until it's ready! Some take longer than others. It all depends on the beeb. 

You nod repeatedly, following Larissa's advice. She notice you taking your notes and smiles fondly at you.


Larissa: Here, I've got just the thing for a willing learner like you! Take my book and give it a read! All sorts of good info packed in there for beginners and veterans alike! 

And if you're ever in the area again, bring your beeb! I'd love to see how it grows! ♥

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw a scene using this prompt as a guide! You can be flexible with it. Be creative!

  • Required to draw Larissa for this quest!

  • Larissa's beeb may be whatever color you'd like!

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here!



A FREE beeb for first time beeb owners!






Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 

How to claim your beeb: In order to claim your FREE beeb, please drop a link to your Quest in the #applications channel in our Discord server!

Note: ONLY those with NO beebs can claim one!


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