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Quest: Bank For Your Buck



Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Must be depicted in the Last Notch area.

Prerequisites: Travel unlocked / Roaming Egg OR Last Notch Residency.
Location: Last Notch

Briefing:  It’s important to have your money kept in a safe place. Thankfully at the Last Notch Bank, you can do so! Why don’t you go to the bank and set up a new account! 

Steps: 1



You walk up to the large building in the middle of the city, the coins swinging from the pouch on your hip making you look around in a shifty manner. Lugging around so much coin can be dangerous (as well as a little annoying), which brings you to why you've come here. 

After much griping from your family & friends about how important it is to keep your funds safe, you've sucked it up and finally decided to pay the bank a visit. Welp… Might as well get this adulting over with.


You push the tall, heavy metal door open, and you are hit by an immediate change of temperature. As the brisk, cool air hits your sweaty brow, you feel much better about coming in now. Wow, what a nice establishment!

You take a look around. Smooth marble pillars hold the pristine vaulted ceiling in such an open, freeing way that you feel like you can breathe easy.  


As you make your way in, you find that part of the room seems barred off from its guests. Several panels of open windows line what look like bankers behind these bars. Huh… why are they behind bars? Are they dangerous? You notice several wyngrew are lined up to talk to each stationed banker and realize you might be here for a while. As you step into what you assume is the shortest line, you spot an empty window with a young lady sitting beside it. Best part is, no one's in line for this one! She must have just opened her panel.


Excited, you sidestep over to claim your spot and face the lady. She doesn't look up at you, but seems to be more focused on the book she's reading. You tap your figures on the counter to subtly try and get her attention, but she doesn't even flinch. You curve your head to see what she's reading, and only then do her eyes flick at you with heavy judgement.


Blanca: Can I help you?

She quickly snaps her book shut and tucks it behind her, but her slouched posture remains unchanged. You ask if she's a banker and can help you? At this, she clears her throat unenthusiastically.


Blanca: Absolutely. Welcome to Last Notch Bank. The biggest and finest financial institution in the northwest, and your.... ‘ last stop ‘ for all your banking needs.

As if reciting some tired greeting, she seems to grimace through the last part with the pun. You awkwardly look at each other for what you feel like is a full minute before she speaks again.


Blanca: Right. My name’s Blanca, how can I help today? (or not)

You place your bag of coins, explaining that you wish to open up an account here. The teller looks at the bag of coins and then back up at you, her expression now changing to one of tired regret.


Blanca: Hhhuuh, I guess. Here. Sign these.

Blanca shoves the bag of coins aside and drops some papers in front of you unceremoniously.


Blanca: Here’s a pen. You can go over there and fill these out… or you can just stand there and invade my space. That's fine too. Make sure your writing is clear and legible. This is a bank, so we pay attention to these things. (Take your time, then I can go back to my book)

You smile and thank her. You take the papers and go to a table and begin filling them out as best you can, returning to the desk when you're done.


You're surprised to see that Blanca has disappeared from her station, and look around from behind the bars to see where she's gone. After glancing around the room to get the attention of some other clerks, you awkwardly sway in your stance waiting to be tended to. Where on ennth did she--


Blanca: Oh good, you filled them out so promptly.

(I didn't even get to finish my chapter, huuuh.)

You grin as best you can, hoping that she can help you quickly so you don't have to piss her off any further. You are starting to realize why this line was empty.


Blanca: Okay, now in order to open an account, we need a deposit of 2 klips minimum. We can exchange any knots or twigs you may have for the required klips, but it's a 2 twig fee for such exchange. ( Please don't make me count your old grimy twigs. )

You ask Blanca why you would exchange twigs for knots and… what were they, klips? What are knots and klips anyways? She stares at you with the darkness of a moonless night, unable to come up with proper words for a second.


Blanca: You're kidding… right?

You look confused. Have you offended her somehow. You ask again if she can clarify what these things are.


Blanca:  Ohmygawds, we're really going to get into basic currency here? You're pathetic. Okay look, I'm only doing this because my boss said I have to open at least one account this month, so pay attention 'cause I aint' explaining it twice. 

She goes into the back to fish something out of a drawer in the back, and comes back with three shiny coins of different shapes. She places them on the counter in front of you.


Blanca:  The bronze one shaped like a Y is a twig. It's the most common. You take 10 of these, and they make this silver-colored one with the hole in it. That's called a knot. Got that? You better, cause you then take 10 knots to make a klip. Seriously, it's wyngling stuff. What did they even teach you in school?

You shrug, asking why they're different colors. Is the klip really made of gold?


Blanca:  Pffft no. It's just colored differently for your convenience. It's not solid gold or anything, just fused with nitz like the rest of them.

You look confused again. What is "nitz"?


Blanca:….Seriously? Are you like, really that dumb? Nitz, you know, the metal that all coins are made with? It's kind of how keystones are able to even work. 

You hesitate to ask what a keystone is, because you don't want to make Blanca call you an idiot again, but she seems to pick the confusion right off your face this time. She finally loses her "calm" attitude and loses it.


Blanca: Oye, were you born under a rock? And was that rock hit with a stupid stick? And was that stupid stick broken off from a tree that went extinct from its own idiocy? WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THESE CUSTOMERS!? 

You step back a bit, the other bankers looking at her with concern. Blanca takes a sharp breath and swallows hard to contain herself.


Blanca:  Crap. No, this is fine. I'm better than that. Don't wanna hear it from mom later. 


Blanca:  Where were we… keystones? That's right. Keystones are a special type of rock that are able to absorb money. Y-yep. Your own personal magical wallet… just for you. With the turn of a magical key, the stone can absorb your money and spit it back out at your command. In fact, we can set you up with your very own (shitty) keystone for opening an account today with us! Just hand over 2 klips and-- why don't you just give me your bag of coin there and I'll figure it out for you. 

You don't even get a chance to agree before she swipes your coin purse and turns into the back corner beyond her window. You hear some odd magical noises, a glowing green light, and various shuffling. Finally, she comes back with a mysterious item in her hands. It's what looks like a rough textured rock with a swirling indent in it. In her other hand, she's holding a key with similar indents and a pretty gem. 


Blanca:  Here. I have condensed your coins into a new keystone for you (and deducted your owed fee from the total).
Now, whenever you need money, just put the key into the keyhole on this stone, give it a turn, and your coins will magically appear around the keystone in solid form. When you want to put them back, turn the key the other way while it's touching your currency so it can absorb it. Easy. This one doesn't hold that much-- maybe 5 klips or so. It's also not magnetic. You want a fancy keystone, you better pay up for it. Kay. We done?

You thank Blanca for her instructions, and put the keystone somewhere safe. Who knew there were such cool magical inventions!


Blanca:  Don’t mention it….ever.

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