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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.

Kalypso's Runeboo Breeding Program!


Kalypso: Hello, everyone! I have a new breeding program specifically for runeboos that I wanted to share with you today! That's right, you can now breed the boos you own! Now, I can only focus on a few breedings at a time, so you will have to keep an eye out for when I open a time for them!
If you want to breed your boo, just give your runeboo to me and I will enter them into a breeding program for you! There are a few different options you can do when it comes to finding a pair of Runeboos to breed:

- Pair two of your runeboos together

- Pair a runeboo you own with another artist’s Runeboo

- Pair a runeboo you own with one of my Stud Boos!

Cool! How Does It Work?

Where do I get a Runeboo Breeding Ticket?

Runeboo Breeding Tickets are hard to get a hold of, and can be obtained in two ways:

  • Most commonly can be purchased on our Patreon $20 tier!

  • Given away as a prize for certain contests

Once you have a ticket, please comment below on THIS JOURNAL with the following information:

Link to Runeboo Masterlist ID: (On Wyngrew account)

( If one runeboo is owned by another artist, they must reply to your comment with a thumbs up that they’re okay with you using their runeboo. )


  • After you comment, your breeding reservation is queued, and the staff will begin to draw your litter ASAP. 

  • The designs will be drawn on a BASE. (You can see examples of this base below!

  • A random # generator will decide the size of the Runeboo litter. The litter number depends on how rare the parents are. Generally, the rarer the parents are, the less amount the litter will be. (4-8 for Plentiful/Unusual Pairs. 2-4 if a parent is Scarce)

  • If a parent has a "rare trait" it will sometimes be passed down to one of the babies! But this is not guaranteed. (randomly rolled)

  • The rolled number will be replied back to you shortly after you submit your breeding, and Kalypso will let you have 1st pick of the litter at no additional charge. (#1 pick) 

  • Once the litter number is revealed, the ticket holder may decide to buy the remaining litter for $25 per baby boo if they wish. If they do not buy all the remaining litter, the baby boos looking for homes will be adoptable to all members in the Pet Shop.

  • Baby Boos in the pet shop are always $25.

It will look a bit like this:

We have a new breeding announcement! 
______ will be bred to _____
Their litter will consist of [6] Runebabes! 
[2] Baby Boos have been reserved, so [4] are available for reservation!
Comment below to reserve a pick of the litter! 
Picks are $25 each 
The higher your Pick # is, the more designs you will have to choose from! 
You will NOT know the design until after you buy a pick #! (It’s a surprise!!) But the design will end up looking like one of, or a mix of the parent’s designs. 

Only ONE slot can be claimed per artist once reservations are open to the public! 

Kalypso's Runeboo Studs


Kalypso: If you want, my studs are always willing to breed if you have a good breeding candidate that you want to have baby boos!

I am still on the lookout for good stud-boos, so my selection is a bit small right now. 

Hopefully I will have more soon!

Please look below to see who's currently available, and any notes on them if you decide to use them!

Name: "Ark" 
Full registered name: KPE's  ARCHIMEDES of ANTOVA

Primary Sex: Male (stud)


Sadly, Ark has passed away and no longer available as a stud.


Name: "Château" (or "Chat")

Full registered name: KPE's CHÂTEAU des ÉTOILES

Primary Sex: Female (Dam)


Kalypso: Chat is my best breeding female! She's getting a little older now, but you can still use her if you'd like! Although her litters used to be quite large, they've been yielding less than 5 these days. 


Name: "Favor"

Full registered name: KPE's Fantastic Favorinus of Flame

Primary Sex: Male (Stud)



Kalypso: Favor is my new stud boo, and boy does he love Charberries! I've found my stores emptied out with this crafty little guy-- what a stinker! But he's very obedient as long as he's kept busy. He'll likely produce very pretty litters with personalities that are great for working homes!

Name: "Fizzy" 
Primary Sex: Male (Tramp)


Kalypso: WHAT?! This Runeboo isn't mine! Ugh, shoo, shoo! 

Sorry, that was what the townsfolk call "Fizzy". He's just a stray boo that lives off scraps and likes to breed with whoever he can. He's a stinker. Watch out for him. 


Runeboo Breeding Information

General Information:

Runeboos can change their sexes as needed. So while they are usually noted as male or female, this can change depending on the mates they choose. Kalypso can tell which sex your Runeboo currently is, and although they tend to stay the sex over their lifetime, it can be changed depending on their situation. This is a survival tactic to help them flourish in the wild. 
(So essentially, any Runeboo can breed with each other. You can choose which sex each one is at the time if you'd like.)

Q: What if I end up not liking any of the designs? Can I get my money back?
A: Afraid not! The cheaper price reflects the risk of getting a design you may or may not like! But remember we have a trading post where you can trade your Runeboo if you want! 

Q: What are the differences in anatomy between baby and adult Runeboos?
A: Good question! Runebabes have very small heart scales around their eyes and the hard shell around their bodies is very tight around them, to have less exposed soft skin for survival. As they grow, the heart scales will grow large and the hard shell of the body will begin to open up more. Ears and tails are also skinnier/smaller when first born. 

Q: How do Runeboos Breed? And are they live births or eggs?

A: Runeboo genitals are hidden under a flap of skin towards the middle/lower end of their belly. Usually its hard to tell what sex your runbeoo is until an expert takes a look for you. (You can always ask Kalypso!)

When mating, they basically look like they are giving each other a hug and rolling around. (So the next time you hear a wyngling pointing and saying, "Mommy look! Those boos are hugging!" you know why!)

Runeboos have live births. They are born quite small the their shells covering most of their bodies. Their 'heart scales' are quite tiny when born. 

Q: What will the litter look like?
It depends! Some of the litter might look a bit like one of the parents, while some of them might look like a mix of both. The litter will be drawn by staff on a base. No one knows for certain what they will look like. That is part of the surprise!

The breeding between #13 and #15, ended up producing this large litter. Here you can see some that look more like #13 and some that look more like #15, and some that look like a mix.


Runebabs are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!


How to grow your Baby Boo up!


How ​do you breed a "Bred Runeboo": Grow them up!

In order to breed a Runeboo that is categorized as "Bred" (Meaning it came from a litter) You need to get it grown up! 

Just follow the steps below! 

  • Make sure the Runeboo in question is at least 3 months old!

  • Have them transferred to an adult base on the Runeboo MasterList!

How do I transfer my baby boo to an adult base?

  • Adult Base Transfers cost $20. You can request a pet transfer by commenting on the PET SHOP with your e-mail so we can invoice you. 

  • $10 Pledgers of our Patreon can request an Adult Base Transfer once a month for FREE by using the #adult_bred_boos channel in our Patreon server! 

Do I have to transfer my baby boo to an adult base before I can breed them? 

Yes, they need to appear as an adult on the masterlist before being bred through Kalypso's breeding program. 

Can I buy a Runeboo Adult transfer for a friend? 

  • You can buy one for a friend at any time through the pet shop for $20. Just click HERE to visit the Pet Shop
    and link the baby boo you'd like transferred! (Please provide your email address if you'd like to pay through Paypal)


  • However, if you are pledging on Patreon, this free transfer is only for runeboos that YOU own! (Please don't trade boos back and forth to abuse this system please! Encourage your friends to join our Patreon instead!) 

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