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Wood Workshop with Chester!

(Step 1)

Rewards: Upgrade: Woodland Ears


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: Wyngro you use for this quest must have a certificate in Earth magic. (Basic or Intermediate)

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Your wyngro finds a flier offering a chance to work with Wynsiph’s local carpenter, Earth Magic required! This is a great chance to make some coin and learn some useful woodworking tips and tricks from the local master: Chester!

Steps: 2



A small, tinny jingle echoes throughout a crowded, cluttered workshop. Dust motes float through the air and the smell of freshly hewn logs, sawdust, and burned wood rush past in the gasp of fresh air. Somewhere amid the half-constructed pillars of furniture, papers flutter. A couple of moments of looking later brings you before a tall marigold wyngro bent over one of the many counter-tops. The sound of scraping fills your ears as you get closer.


Chester: If you’re here for custom furniture, get in line. Backlog’s all the way into next month. 

You proceed to explain you’re here and ready to work. You even know Earth Magic—!


Chester: Magic? Magic?? Puh, you think a little magic will get you anywhere? Real woodwork requires sweat and grit, not sparkles, and asking a log how it’s feeling. An’ what gives you the gall ta come waltzing in here expecting me to give you the time of day just because you know magic?

You hesitantly explain that the job-advertisement flier in town square said. That’s why you’d brought your magic certificate along, after all, the flier had specified proof of magic ability.


Chester: Flier? What fl—

Maple sweeps into the room, expertly weaving around the maze of furniture pieces and brings with her a complete change of atmosphere. She’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to Chester’s grumpy thundery energy. She gives you a large smile.


Maple: Oh, someone already! I wasn’t expecting my ad to work so quickly!


Chester: AD?! Now see here wench—


Maple: *ignoring him* You even have a bonafide magic certificate, that’s perfect honey!


Chester:  I don’t need no nobody that doesn’t know the difference between a chisel and a hammer to babysit in my shop—


Maple: You’ve been complaining ever since the Cranny opened that you’re overworked with little “twiddly widdly beginner stuff”! Furniture construction, repair, and alterations enough for an army of apprentice woodworkers. Well, Dear, I’m getting you that sexy army. And guess what?

Maple flourishes your Certificate like it’s a proclamation from the King himself.


Maple: This one’s Nettle-approved!


Chester: *crosses his arms. So? All that means is they know magic, not woodworking.


Maple: *gasps dramatically.* Chester! Are you saying you don’t want to support our daughter’s students in further learning?


Chester: Wha- NO! Of course I want to support our daughter, what are you talking about?!


Maple: Then you’ll accept help from this lovely student of hers after all? Wonderful! Especially since I already told our dear Nettle that I put up the ad, and you know she would be so disappointed to hear you didn’t accept the help. I can hear her now: “Daddy, you know how important it is for you to take it easy, you know what Dr. F said about your ba--”


Chester: FINE! Fine, yeesh. Alright kid, come ‘ere. I hope you’re ready for a crash course because I ain’t gonna go easy on you. You’re going to learn things the right way first, no fancy-schmancy magic until you know what you’re doing with a chisel. You’re going to be sanding and polishing til the rattle cattle come home!

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!

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