Wood Workshop with Chester!

(Step 2)

Many days later, the workshop is looking less cluttered, and everything for once seems to have a place instead of being piled upon one another. You are there, working beside Chester as he uses a metal leaf to burn shapes into a detailed pattern into the paneling of a bedroom table. Once more, Maple sidles into the room carrying a tray with cool, refreshing glasses of water upon a tray and a smile that somehow brightens the room. After a moment of looking around the room and nodding her appreciation, she addresses the two of you.

Maple: Ohohoho, looks like you all have made quite the dent in the backlog! Honey, you should give our wonderful new helper a chance to get their magic on.

Chester: *Glares* No, they still--

Maple: *smiles with a hint of violence* Surely they have proved themselves capable with your chisels and sandpaper by now~

Chester: *Sighs, and turns to you* Alright, now’s your chance to impress me. Don’t break anything. And no magicking just to show off.

Maple: Maybe a liiiiitle showing off~

Chester:  No one likes a show-off.

Rules for Questing:

Rewards: Upgrade: Woodland Ears




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