Quest: Seeking The Staff


Karmik Tree Branch

Fuzzy Folded Ears

Age Requirement:  Adult

Other RequirementsThe wyngro participating in this quest must be at least 6 months old!

Prerequisites: Your wyngro must have completed Magical Beginnings before participating this quest!

Briefing: Nymble is practicing (showing off) some wind magic, and accidentally sends Netty’s staff flying off into the woods! Do’h! Your wyngro better go see if they can find it while Nymble tries to weasel his way out of a scolding!


You see Nymble in a clearing within the Auranna Woods, twirling around Netty’s staff (and failing miserably at it) when he spots you.

Nymble: Oh hey there! Comere’ comere’! Wanna see something cool? 

Before waiting for a reply, Nymble is already turning to the staff and whipping up wind magic, his magic glands glowing a bright orange. A visible vortex of dirt and a few flower petals from the delicate plants begin swirling around and around with the staff.

Nymble: Pretty neat huh? But I can make it spin even faster, too! Check it!

The staff is already moving with alarming speed. Or so you think. Impossibly, Nymble makes good on his word: the staff spinning faster and faster and faster, until suddenly—!!

Mrs. Netty: NYMBLE!

Nymble: OH CHII--!

The wind magic is suddenly unfocused. Spiraling out of control, Nymble loses his grip on it from the distraction, and it goes careening through the sky. You hold a hand up towards your forehead as you look up into the high sky, watching the staff disappear into the high branches in the distance. 

Nymble: ... Welp. It's gone.

Mrs. Netty: ... Nymble.

Nymble: Yes, Mrs. Netty?

Mrs. Netty: What magic were you supposed to be practicing?

Nymble: *Mumbles*

Mrs. Netty: Nymble.

Nymble: *avoiding eye contact* …..Talking to the… plants… *Nymble briefly mimes throwing up as a sign for how bored he is with such an ability*

Mrs. Netty: *Sighs long and hard, before turning to you* 
If it’s not too much trouble, I’d be very grateful if you could get my staff back while Nymble and I have a long talk on the importance of not treating magic like a game.

Nymble: Great! I’ll go with them! 

Mrs. Netty: *catches his bandana with her hand as he passes by* No you won’t. 

Nymble: .........No I won't.

You shake your head at the scene before you and go marching off into the woods to find Ms. Netty’s staff. What kind of adventures befall you in your search? Are there spites in the woods? A troubled wyngro in need? Poisonous plants? Be creative!

Rules for Questing:


Karmik Tree Branch



Fuzzy Folded Ears



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