Quest: Magical Beginnings


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Netty and Zagor give your wyngro the rundown on magic, and how your wyngro can figure out which magic may fit them best (if they’re looking to learn)!


You walk into the schoolhouse just as a few students seem to be leaving, Netty and Zagor tidying up the classroom as you walk in. Before you can get the teacher’s attention, a wyngling corners you.

Thistle: TARDY! Minus fiffy gold stas!! 

Zagor: Buhaha! Looks like you’re caught red-pawed bucko--huh? You aren’t one of our students.

Mrs. Netty: *gives both husband and daughter a stern look* 

Mrs. Netty:  Welcome to our school! How can I help you? We’re not taking registration sign-ups for our next class yet, and it’s too late to join in our current class, if you’re looking for an official lesson. 

You explain that you’re not exactly looking to join a class right now, and that you’re really just looking for some help on figuring out what type of magic is the best kind to learn. Or the best for you, anyway.


Netty’s eyes light up, and Zagor chuckles knowingly in the background.

Zagor: Here we go ...

Thistle: *Giggles*

Mrs. Netty: Oh, there’s so much to learn! But I have a few books to help you get started, no worries! There’s so many magics and wonders, and so much to learn about them all!! 

This book is great for getting to know the basics, and even has a small personality quiz in the first chapter to help you figure out which elements may fit you best! Oh, and this book has some particularly good passages on wind magic, most texts can end up being far too vague or glossing on the subject.

Zagor: And don’t forget a detailed map of the area around Wynsiph, so you don’t get lost if you go into the woods to get more in touch with you “inner Earth mage”. The quiet of nature can be a great place to get some solitude and quiet for magic practice! You can also use fire magic to warm yourself up out there so--

Mrs. Netty: While we’re on the topic, you might want to take “Basic Fire Magic Safety”. Before you just start building fires out in the woods. *side eyes Zagor*

Zagor: Ehehe ... *sweats*

Soon enough, you have a large bundle of informative books in your arms that’ll give you plenty to read over for at least a week.

Mrs. Netty: Don’t be shy! We’re always available for little tips and advice if you need it.

Zagor: Though if ya want to know everything, you’ll have to take a class! We do have a family to feed, after all.

Thistle: Yea! Daddy eats tha mostest!

Zagor: YOU BET I DO!

Thistle: FAT DADDY!

Zagor: ...

Mrs. Netty: There’s no stopping them … You best find someplace a bit, quieter, to read your new books.

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